Arthritis & Bone on Bone Knee Pain Solutions

It starts with degenerative changes, then arthritis, and ultimately bone on bone knee pain. Next thing you know you’re having that conversation with your doctor about being a “perfect candidate for a knee replacement surgery.” This is how the story goes as baby boomers get older, these are the conversations happening by the thousands on a daily basis. What the doctors don’t tell you is that once you have a knee replacement surgery you still have lots of work to do, now it just with the bones in your legs cut off and replaced with plastic and metal. The good thing is there are other better solutions to be had. A natural holistic solutions that doesn’t involve drugs, shots or surgery. A solution that is much easier that you could ever imagine in some ways and more difficult than you could ever imagine in others.

Dehydrated Knee Treatment Options

If you have been diagnosed with arthritis or bone on bone, you may have heard the physician use the term “dehydrated knee.” What this means is that the knee joint has tensed up, stopping the flow of water to the joint. When there is no water in the joint, there is no more lubrication, which can lead to a fairly painful situation.

Many times when you have been diagnosed with a dehydrated joint it is because, whether you have arthritis, degenerative issues, or a bone on bone situation, a tension pattern has emerged and you may be directed to Synvisc as a short-term resolution.

A Synvisc injection is a shot of lubricant into the knee using a long, thick needle that goes all the way into the back of the knee to rehydrate the joint. This procedure can be expensive, painful, and is not always successful. At least not long term.

My approach is a bit more holistic and, in the long run, can be a lot more beneficial to your knee and your health. If you start by bringing your knee to a place of comfort, relaxing the tension in the knee joint, the nerves relax and the pain shifts.

Getting your knee in the comfort zone, creates more space in the joint for the nerves to relax and the pain to stop.

When this happens, all that is left to do is drink water. When you drink water, the first place water goes is your vital organs to provide hydration and lubrication. If you drink enough water, then there is plenty available to allocate some to your joints, which will in turn rehydrate your knee.

If you’ve been in pain a long time, or have that diagnosis of arthritis, this may seem a bit unbelievable. You think you are doomed to a life of knee pain. But really if you release the tension in the joint and release the pressure on the nerves in there, the pain goes away.

And it’s almost immediate. So you should review the 11 stretches I recommend, you can get them in the Comfort Zone Video Stretches. And drink more water. It’s good for your knees.

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