The Top 5 Knee Strengthening Exercises

The Top 5 Knee Strengthening Exercises might just surprise you or it might not. If the goal is to strengthen the knee joint to get the knee out of pain then we must look at the knee in context of the structures which must be strengthened to get it out of pain. Conventional physical therapy […]

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ON INSTANT FIXES… For Healing Knee Pain

Here’s a question from Dan regarding pain in the back of his knee / healing knee pain: ========== Pain in Back of Knee : Need Help   I am 33 years old. I use to be very athletic few years back. I have gained some fat in last few years due to lack of workout […]

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Treatment For Knee Pain Doesn’t Have To Hurt

Treatment for knee pain doesn’t have to hurt. It is much easier than you think with no need for exercises, therapy, or surgery for your knees.

I had an opportunity to work One-on-One with Denai and results were very cool. See what she has to share about the experience. Getting rid of knee pain is much less complicated than it needs to be…

Listen to what Dena has to say about it.

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