How can I determine which product is best for me?

If you’re NOT sure or a little hesitant to begin, the best place to start is with a 15 Minute Complimentary Consultation where you can share what you’re struggling with and figure out if one of our Private (One-on-one) or Group Coaching (Knee Club) Programs would be a fit for your knee situation.

Do I need a diagnosis first?

Ideally, yes! A diagnosis of your knee by a qualified doctor or healthcare professional will let us know if something in the knee needs attention from the conventional Western medical model to support your healing process.

However, sometimes due to certain financial factors getting a diagnosis may not be feasible and it may be possible the Knee Club Program can improve how the knee feels and performs. If something is broken or torn in the knee then the relief felt in the knee will only improve so much.

Can your program help with my knee pain?

The short answer is YES! There are no contraindications for creating comfort in the knee joint. However, teaching your body to relieve knee pain will vary depending on your willingness to apply the Knee Club Program when your knees hurt. It’s NO SECRET; when you get the pressure off the nerves in your knee causing the pain, you’ll start feeling better.

What if I don’t feel pain in my knee(s)?

This is a great question and points to a deeper understanding of how your nervous system expresses through your body. Some people feel pain in their knees. Your body may experience sensations like tension, tightness, weakness, stiffness, aches, soreness, quick fatigue, or reduced flexibility particularly in your knees. The Knee Club program is designed to address these symptoms and assist in improving your specific condition.

What if I need knee surgery?

In optimal situations, a surgeon would repair anything broken or torn. Then, you can utilize the Knee Club Program as a supplementary tool to enhance your body’s healing process post surgery.

What types of products do you offer?

Please click this link to review the programs available for Private (One-on-one) and Group (Knee Club) support for your knee(s). The packages are subscription based and can be canceled at any time. These packages have been designed to remotely support your body’s ability to heal your knee based on either time or financial constraints and get you back to your normal, healthy active lifestyle.

Who purchases your products?

Our products are purchased by a diverse range of clients who have benefited from our effective 3-Step approach to knee pain relief.

  3. Preventing SET BACKS by challenging outdated beliefs about healing

Our clientele includes professional and Olympic-level athletes who have undergone multiple surgeries, grandparents aiming to circumvent knee replacement surgery, and everyone in between.

Do you offer customer service support?

Yes, we provide ongoing customer support to members and non-members alike. Nonmembers can submit a question on the Contact Us tab on our website. Members, on the other hand, have the advantage of signing in using their login details and submitting their questions, and will be address in the next Knee Club call.

What if my knee isn’t responding to the “Knee Club” program?

If at any time you are not getting the results with the knee you’d like, Contact Us immediately or make sure to follow up on the next “Knee Club” call. Most of the time there’s just a MIS-Interpretation of the signals your body is giving off or an adjustment needed to customize your homework further. By communicating where you’re at on the next coaching call, we can “right the ship” and get you back on track.

I did not receive my order, what should I do?

If you purchased one of our packages, you may access it here using your login credentials. Alternatively, you may request your USERNAME or PASSWORD to be sent to the email you used when signing up for the account.

I forgot my login information, what should I do?

Your membership username and password can be retrieved through our automated system by clicking the following link.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Each membership is on a subscription basis that renews monthly. You can cancel the recurring billing at any time and leave the program. Once you cancel, you will continue to have access to your Knee Club Program until the end of that billing cycle. No refunds are offered at this time. If you wish to cancel, email us.

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