Pain Elimination Products

Self Study

knee pain elimination videos

  • “The Comfort Zone” 11 unconventional stretches for knee pain
  • Focus on the most common areas the knee that hurt
  • All the tools you need to relieve knee pain immediately
  • Includes Monthly 1-hour LIVE Group Training Calls

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Group Coaching

  • 2 Facebook LIVE Video Trainings per Week
  • LIFETIME access to Private Facebook Group
  • Access to All the Videos to Relieve Pain in the Knees, Hips, Lower Back, Ankles, and Feet (The Entire Body)
  • Includes Education, Training, and Support on Hydration, Nutrition, Breathing, Supplementation, Mobility, Strengthening, Stretching, and Mindset

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Live Event

  • “Knee Club” (Included)
  • Knee Relief support from the moment you sign up
  • 1 Day of Knee Pain Elimination training in Asheville, NC

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