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Spend less time figuring out the cause of the pain, more time getting relief. You can enjoy hiking, golfing and working out like you want to again.

This letter is going to show you how to eliminate your knee pain and save thousands of dollars and a lot of heart ache while doing it!

Bill Parravano Knee Pain Specialist
Bill Parravano
(The Knee Pain Guru)

Hi, I’m Bill (The Knee Pain Guru) and I used to suffer from chronic knee pain.

Over the past 26 years, I’ve learned how to quickly relieve knee pain and continue working out as if nothing ever happened. I did this in less time than most doctors and physical therapists take to diagnose knee pain and kept practicing Martial Arts 4 times a week.

I’ve traveled the globe studying martial arts, movement, Ortho-Bionomy, nutrition, breathing, supplementation, hydration, and the body’s psychological/emotional connection to pain.

As I was traveling I was able to put together all the pieces of the “knee pain” puzzle and then distill down each concept I learned into a very precise and specific healing technique.

Therefore, the pain elimination coaching program I now offer deals directly with the source of the pain and eliminates it in the comfort of your own home…all without prescription drugs, pain-killing shots, or unnecessary surgeries.

Dear Friend,

I want you to stop masking your pain with drugs, shots, and surgery.

I want to remove the embarrassment, frustration, and the burden of knee pain from your life

I want to show you how to live without vice-grip pain within 16 weeks…but first, let me tell you my “why”:

My name is Bill Parravano and about 19 years ago I had a stiff, swollen, achy, painful left knee with a 6” surgery scar. My knee was constantly in pain and the abuse the rest of my body took was enormous. I spent weeks depressed sitting on the couch wishing I could get my “normal” life back. I tried all the exercises they gave me at physical therapy only to be left with my knee hurting worse than before.

I felt crippled, stuck, and helpless in a perpetual loop of pain.

But you know the worst part?

The harder I tried to feel better…


I was so alone and isolated consumed by all the pain.

Long story short:

A friend told me about a Bodywork Workshop she thought I might be interested in which was based on martial arts principles.

After learning the neuro-muscular re-education techniques during this workshop, I started replicating these same concepts on a daily basis.

The result?

Taking the pressure off the nerves, got me more relief than all the painful leg strengthening exercises physical therapy subjected me to.

Everything I learned and was practicing went completely against what my surgeon and physical therapist taught me YET it worked faster than anything I have ever seen.

But that’s not all…

I started to feel freer in my hips and lower back. Then, I started to move better and my limp became less noticeable. Getting in and out of my car became a non-issue.

I had to wonder.

Had I been focusing on all the wrong things?

Did all those leg lifts, leg curls, and leg extensions actually make my knee pain worse?


Was this just some kind of “fluke” that only worked for my knee?

So, I immediately tested this formula with all the other parts of my body that were sore and painful too.

And guess what?

Not only did I get more relief faster than I thought possible, but

I started moving better and feeling younger than I did before my knee injury!

After that, it was like the floodgates had opened!

Getting rid of pain, tension, and discomfort in my body became incredibly easy to “let go” of.

My formula freed up time to work on other parts of my life that were too mentally occupied by pain before.


What I really wanted to do was to teach others this proven formula so they could get themselves out of pain.

My “method” is based on 3 steps:

1.) Physical

The only reason the knee hurts is due to the tiny little nerves (the width of an eyelash) in the knee being squeezed and sending a signal of pain.

It makes sense that by getting the pressure on these nerves (using the martial arts principles of pain relief) the joint to relaxes and the tension disappears. This sets up the conditions for the knee to heal faster especially when the pain is significantly reduced.

2.) Diet

Bloating contributes to the pressure on the nerves causing knee pain. There’s also bloating both in the knee and in the body. If we reduce the level of inflammation (aka bloating) both in the knee and in the body, the body’s overall healing resources are freed up and can now begin to heal the knee much more quickly.

3.) Mindset

Getting out of knee pain is NOT consistent, there are always good days and bad days. On the bad days, it’s important to go back to Diet & Mindset to help shorten the duration of the bad days. On the good days, it’s important to remember the knee is just out of pain, IT’S NOT HEALED YET and you still need to avoid activities that will cause the body to go right back into pain again.

The result…

A 3-step process to eliminate knee pain fast.

In fact, some people I have shown it to have accused my method of being “too simple”!

What I do know is my program has worked for hundreds of coaching clients from Professional and Olympic Level Athletes up to the Great Grandmother of 6 who received the excruciating diagnosis of grinding bone on bone knee pain.

The best part of this program is you don’t have to travel to meet me, we can work together in the comfort of your own home.

Clients from all four corners of the world have completed my one and one program and simply raved about the life-changing results.

Check it out:

“My knee is as pain free as it has ever been. When ever the discomfort begins to return I focus on doing three things every day that you taught me. I actually golfed today for the first time since October and had a great day on the course!”


“After 30 seconds, I could feel heat in my knee and a relief that I hadn’t felt for 30 years.”


“Bill spent 20 minutes on my knee and it hasn’t felt this good in years.”


Did you ever think about how much your knee pain is costing you?

Sure there are lots of different ways to look “cost”

    • Doctor expenses…
    • Missed work…
    • Loss of job…
    • Opportunity costs (missing birthdays, holidays, vacations and traveling all because you’re afraid what your knees might do)

Let’s just look at the cost of physical therapy, for now, a quick Google search brings up the following on WebPT:

Initial assessment $150 for a physical therapist to evaluate your knee injury and design a treatment plan for best results which would include the following:

    • electronic stimulation
    • functional training
    • manual therapy
    • therapeutic exercise

All costing between $75 and $135 per 15 minutes.  Let’s go on the conservative end of the spectrum and go with $75 per 15 min treatment and you have 1 of those therapies each week. That’s $300/wk plus the initial assessment of $150 and at the end of the first month, we’re at $1350.

You may be screaming right now, “But Bill! I have insurance so I don’t pay that much.”

Ok, fine…Web PT also indicates the out-of-pocket costs of insurance exceed $700/month

That still adds up month after month and when you consider the average length of knee pain for someone who has tendonitis is 6 weeks. We are still at $1050 and that’s ONLY tendonitis.

  • What if you’re suffering from severe arthritis or bone on bone for years?
  • What if you still have knee pain AFTER the surgery which was supposed to fix it?
  • What about a baker’s cyst that hangs around for months at a time?

And the real kicker! If by some miracle your knee pain does get better and you stop PT…you pay it all over again if the pain comes back! You end up wasting that money all over again on someone who still doesn’t know your body as well as you do.

  • What if you knew how to get your own knee out of pain?
  • What if you knew what to do at the first sign of knee pain?
  • What if you had the tools, literally at your own fingertips, to relieve the pain in your knee the moment you felt a twinge?
  • How much time, energy, effort, and money would that save you?

The frustration, confusion, and hopelessness…ALL GONE because you now know the steps to take and literally have the relief you’re seeking the moment you felt a twinge.

Work with me today and:

    • Eliminate that embarrassing limp. Take ten minutes after waking to work with the knee and feel fabulous before your feet hit the floor.
    • Stop wondering if it’s the right time to exercise. Get expert guidance during our one on one coaching calls and enjoy the results when you play with your kids.
    • Stop struggling to get pain relief. Use the simple stretching techniques to feel the pain drain from your leg and feel fantastic meeting your friends out for dinner.
    • Stop wrecking your kidneys with prescription drugs. Learn the scoop on supplementation so you can get a great night’s sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning.
    • Remove the mind confusion pain creates. The Knee Pain Guru one on one coaching program delivers a customized pain relief the moment we get on our first call.
    • Stop wishing your knees were different. Learn how to understand different types of knee pain and discover the specific tool to get rid of each as they occur.
    • Quit wasting gas traveling to painful PT appointments. Receive easy to understand directions in the comfort of your own home and feel relief before our session ends.
    • No more waiting weeks to feel better. Give your knee immediate relief with the simple to follow “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” stretching techniques and get back to the gym tomorrow.
    • End the embarrassment of being immobile. Start getting relief right after our first call and feel confident making your upcoming travel plans.
    • No more feeling old and decrepit. Watch the years fall off your body and start squatting like you did when you were young.
    • No more setbacks. Learn how to test your knee intelligently and make constant forward progress so you can get back to your normal active life
    • No more questions about strong legs. Learn how to build strength in the knee joint where there are no muscles and “cut” on the field like the pros
    • Remove the mystery behind “Why my knees hurt?”. With the comprehensive “Knee Pain Guru” tools to get out of, and stay out of pain.

Space is limited and so is time…

First come first served.

Payment only guarantees your spot.

There are no refunds, all sales are final

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Start Experiencing Relief in Your Knee Today!


Bill Parravano

(The Knee Pain Guru)

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