Episode 18 – Knee Pain Weekly Podcast

In Episode 18 of my teleseminar series I answer your knee pain questions.  In this episode I will cover topics like:

-I have knee pain and other joint pain(ankles, toes, fingers, wrists) with popping and little movement.  The scans don’t show anything wrong.    How can this be treated naturally?

-Are there any specific exercises for using stairs and running that will help my knees?

-The outside of my calf gives away when I squat, any suggestions?

-What can I do to be able to sit all the way down on the top of my knees?

-The wearing down of cartilage in my knees, what can I do to stem the deterioration?

-I have severe back pain, any remedy for back pain?

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Patricia Milam

Back pain, gives me lots pain in my legs, knees. Please help

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