ON INSTANT FIXES… For Healing Knee Pain

Here’s a question from Dan regarding pain in the back of his knee / healing knee pain: ========== Pain in Back of Knee : Need Help   I am 33 years old. I use to be very athletic few years back. I have gained some fat in last few years due to lack of workout […]

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Stretching the Knee: Active and Passive

When you think of stretching, your mind may think about arm circles and shoulder stretches that Olympic swimmers do right before they jump in the water. This is actually just one type of stretching: active stretching. While this type of stretching is great for athletes and others that are typically pain free, it may not […]

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The Knee Pain Guru on How To Break Down Knee Scar Tissue

This video demonstrates how to break down scar tissue in your knee cap tendon (Patella Tendon) to achieve strong, flexible pain free knees. This video developed from a question received about the exercise, “Knee Walk” in my e-book, “Stop Your Knee Pain Now!” This is absolutely the fastest way to break down scar tissue from surgery in your knees and what I use to this day to build up thick, strong, pain free tendons in my knees…

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All Knee Pain Is Not Created Equal

All Knee Pain Is NOT Created Equal… That’s right every situation is unique yet there are common principles that must be applied in order for knee pain to resolve itself… Learn if The Knee Pain Guru can help your knees or not…

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Knee Pain Case Study w/ Zach…Another Knee Success Story!

Zach is out of knee pain…

That is correct! After only 3 weeks and 4 sessions he says he doesn’t even think about his knee anymore! This news is very exciting and brings lots of hope for lots of knee pain sufferers. You see Zach has had 4 knee surgeries over the past 4 years…

If Zach has been able to get out of knee pain then just about anyone should be able to too!

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