Knee Pain Case Study w/ Zach…Another Knee Success Story!

Zach is out of knee pain…

That is correct! After only 3 weeks and 4 sessions he says he doesn’t even think about his knee anymore! This news is very exciting and brings lots of hope for lots of knee pain sufferers. You see Zach has had 4 knee surgeries over the past 4 years…

If Zach has been able to get out of knee pain then just about anyone should be able to too!

See what he has to say in the video…

Until next time,

Bill (The Knee Pain Guru)

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Four knee surgeries can leave a strong memory of trauma to the knee. It’s great that Zach was able to overcome this past trauma with your help. The best way to show the benefits of prehab and rehab for knee pain is through sharing a success story. Hopefully, others will feel inspired to take action and reduce their knee pain too. – Dr. Marc Robinson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

Karen Giblin

My knee was crushed in an car accident in 1978. At this time, pain has become bad and my right knee is 6 times larger in size and is diagnosed as “bone-on-bone”.
I have some days where I can exercise and stand on my feet for 12 hours at work.
Are you saying these exercises that eliminate a SURGERY?
My surgery is scheduled for 9/2/15. I would like to know your opinion
Karen Giblin

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