The Knee Pain Guru on How To Break Down Knee Scar Tissue

This video demonstrates how to break down scar tissue in your knee cap tendon (Patella Tendon) to achieve strong, flexible pain free knees…This video developed from a question received about the exercise, “Knee Walk” in my e-book, “Stop Your Knee Pain Now!”

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My husband has had ongoing knee problems,bseveral repairs,several removing debri and finally 2 complete ( including knee cap) replacements on same leg. Manipulation under anaesthetic x 2 He is never without pain and doctors say nothing else they can do use take painkillers. They say causican race are most likely to have this problem on a larger scale.
Any advice to reduce pain and maybe a little more movement.

Chuck henke

Hello. I’m glad to find a site like yours. I am 12 weeks out from bi lateral total knees. I know that each case is individual but it would be nice to know some normal parameters to see if I’m healing well or experiencing a deficit. I go to physical therapy 1-3 x a week and cannot fully extend my knees or flex them beyond 90 degrees. I walk with a cane and some independent gait. I wish I knew what was normal. Thank you


Hi! I have chronic pattelar tendinosis from 1 year and a half. Is it going to be more difficult to break scar tissue after all this time? Do i still have hope to break it now without operation?
Thank you!


I have pain under the knee and also on the top of it. Also a lot of times it is stiff and i have to squat and it will pop and i restore my range of motion. I got it from heavy squats to frequently if this helps.


Thanks a lot!
So basicly i should work on hip mobility and on releasing the tension upstream and downstream the knee.

Binay Satpathy

I had a arthroscopic surgery in right knee for ACL reconstruction with patellar tendon graft on 24th August 2016. Now 1 month has gone. Pain is less. Walking with less support on crutches. But knee bending is maximum 40 degree after 7 days of physiotherapy. I thought scar tissue is developing on patella. Apart from this exercise can I use warm water therapy for loosening of scar tissue and muscle

Dave Shaffer

How frequently should this be performed and how long. With 90* or lest on my bend, it’s difficult for me to do this exercise. I have to get on all four. I’m 16 weeks past TKR. I assume it is the scar tissue hindering me from flexion.



I’m 10 weeks post op after an open lateral release, and have pain from scar tissue would walking on knees help this


I am 11 months out from a ruptured patellar tendon. Have nerve damage on side of knee/scar tissue. Suggest knee walk?


I have a question I was in a race (cycling ) I hit my knee hard I just got my results from My MRI & have a scar tissue on my knee any suggestions I should do & how long til i get back on my bike:/


would rolling a tennis ball be an alternative?


Hello. So I had knee surgery only my ACL LCL and meniscus. I’m 6 months post op and I have built up a great amount of scar tissue. I need ways yo break it down because physical therapy isn’t working. I go back to school in 2 months and really do not want to miss another semester to have surgery to take the scar tissue out.

Please help me.

Knee Pain Support Team

Hello Olivia!

Thank you for reaching out to us. Have you tried The Comfort Zone Stretches yet? These are really good exercises to break up scar tissue and will help you create comfort in the knee joint (only the knee) by systematically working with the tiny movements in the knee that squeeze on the nerves the width of an eyelash letting you know you have knee pain. It’s a great place to start to get a feel for the program. I’ve provided the link below.


Had knee replacement 9 weeks ago, my knee measurement is Down to 12, keeps popping back up, to 23 or so. My insurance won’t pay for any more therapy.
Dr. Said if I can’t get knee straight by 6/ 12 months, he can go in and manipulate it, breaking the
Scar tissue!! Then I start all over, with therapy.
What do you suggest?
Thanks Brenda

Hello, just wanted to tell you, I loved this article.
It was practical. Keep on posting!

Philip Chew

Hi, I am 16 weeks from a ruptured quad tendon operation. Would you suggest knee walking?
How else can I strengthen my quad tendon?
Thanks – Phil


Hello Knee Pain Guru! I have the same problem as Phillip; I ruptured my quadriceps tendon in my right leg 10 weeks ago. Had surgery 9 weeks ago. I’m having a difficult time with ROM. It doesn’t look like in your reply to him that there was a link to any information. I would be very interested to know what you have to say about breaking up scar tissue in the knee after quad tendon repair surgery.


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