Paleo Journey Volume 1 Issue 1

My paleo [1] journey began on New Year’s Eve, a mere 30-days ago.  A dear friend, Bill Parravano, came over to visit and cooked me my very first paleo meal.  It was my introduction into a new world that would later transform my relationship with the food I feed my family.  The initial conversation centered […]

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Freedom from Knee Pain without Drugs, Shots, or Surgery…

This was a “killer” interview with my friend Danyell Demchok, Nutritionist about how to eliminate knee pain from your body and your life. I really got a chance to go into so many details about my approach to eliminating chronic knee pain from your body as well as a template that will carry to every joint in the body…

This is definitely an interview you don’t want to miss…

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More Ground Turkey Recipes

As a former vegetarian, I’m finding it an enjoyable challenge to adopt a mostly Paleo way of eating and  incorporate meat back into my diet.  I like foods with lots of flavor, and I’ve found that ground turkey is not only nutritious, reasonably priced. and very versatile, but  also it’s so easy to make it very tasty.  Today, […]

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