Freedom from Knee Pain without Drugs, Shots, or Surgery…

This was a “killer” interview with my friend Danyelle Demchock, Nutritionist about how to eliminate knee pain from your body and your life. I really got a chance to go into so many details about my approach to eliminating chronic knee pain from your body as well as a template that will carry to every joint in the body…

This is definitely an interview you don’t want to miss…

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Are there any supplements you do recommend taking for knee and joint health? There seems to be a lot of suggestions but it would be nice to know from an expert such as yourself which cocktail of supplements are actually effective.

Anthony Lewis

Hi Bill – 2 things

1. You often talk about creating space in the knee. Please remind me what this means.

2. I have been taking Flexeze Fortify for 3 months , contains Collagen Hydrolysate. Too early to say whether this will help me but I don’t think the knee is getting worse and I am still playing a little tennis. Do you have any views on this. Thanks Tony in London

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