Got Sore Knees After Hiking?

Knee pain tends to be a common occurrence during and after hiking, especially where there is no trail and/or on rugged terrain. The steps you take are rarely ever the same. You may find yourself jumping from boulder to boulder or walking on very loose gravel while going up or down hill. You may trip or get your foot caught on a bush or maybe even have…

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Knee Pain Questions….Bring It!

This podcast covered 6 questions on knee pain (I have been getting so many questions lately I it would have taken me a month of Sundays to get to them all) The topics I cover in this podcast include:

– A question from a physical therapist how to help her patient with osteoarthritis
– What exercises to focus on for “knock knees.?”
– How to deal with “non specific” joint pain all over the body including the knees?
– A strategy for dealing with acute pain forcing Bala into a wheelchair.
– How a 31 year old fencing coach can begin to reverse meniscus degeneration
– Which exercise is better for knee pain, swimming or a stationary bicycle?

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Golfing With Knee Pain & Using Knee Braces?

Do you golf and then suffer with knee pain days later? Are you scared NOT to wear your knee braces because of how much pain you are in? Are you looking for simple solutions without prescription drugs, shots or surgery? Well then you want to listen to the following podcast addressing Graeme’s questions… He’s 66 […]

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