Torn Meniscus + Basketball + Muscle Imbalance = Knee Surgery?

First of all, it is important to understand how badly torn your meniscus is. Depending on the grade of tear in the meniscus can be a determining factor for whether it is appropriate to go forward with the knee surgery.

If the tear is small there is a chance your body can heal it on its own. If the tear is large then surgery

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Knee Treatment For A Torn Meniscus

Got a great question here from Ann… In episode 28 Ann’s is indecisive as to what type of knee treatment she needs for the torn meniscus in her right knee… The answer is not what your thinking… Click on the play button below to hear the podcast…

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What Comes After Knee Surgery?

Knee surgery is in one respect like having kids – both teach you that patience is a virtue.

Arthroscopic knee surgery, what I had a month ago on my left knee, provides a faster recovery than traditional open surgery. That is a fact. However, as my surgeon cautioned, arthroscopic or not, surgery is…

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Knee Pain Questions Answered – Week 7

This week a football player had a severe knee injury where he tore his ACL, meniscus, and medial condyle. He has had several surgeries to clean up his knee however he still has pain in the knee and the doctor is proposing another surgery to deal with it…

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