Natural Knee Pain Relief – Comfort Zone. Do your knees hurt?

Natural Knee Pain Relief – Comfort Zone… Has the pain been so bad you couldn’t even think? Like an oncoming train couldn’t even get your attention? Your total focus in on your knee pain AND nothing else? Losing your mind when the pain is so bad it’s actually pretty common! The other day my daughter […]

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Is that my LUNG ON THE GROUND over there?

Last week my daughter came home with the flu… I held off until Friday being “healthy” Then the fever, chills and night sweats started. Sunday “the crud” moved into my lungs. Most of this week has been spent in bed trying to rest between pushing my eyeballs back in my head from coughing so much. […]

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Meniscus Tear Treatment Options

Meniscus tears are often the very painful result of certain sports injuries. You may have read about how just last March, Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks was out for six weeks after a minor tear to his meniscus. While you have probably heard of this type of knee pain as a result of basketball, football or even skiing injuries, a torn meniscus can be the result of…

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The “I Ain’t Got Time For Knee Pain” Podcast – Episode 38

Knee Pain Questions that I cover in this podcast:
1.) Gertie is dealing with a Baker’s Cyst, No Cartilidge, and Osteoarthritis…What should she do?

2.) Vivian has a question how to help her husband who is having pain in his knee cap…

3.) Bruce has a torn meniscus, loose cartilidge, and a cyst on the ligament in his knee looking at surgery. We go over his strategy for knee pain elimination…

4.) Barbara is looking at a situation with Rheumatoid Arthritis getting coritzone shots and her knee drained every 6 months…

5.) In the last question covers what to do with a spinal stemosis that is causing pain in the right knee radiating down from the lower back…

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