The “I Ain’t Got Time For Knee Pain” Podcast – Episode 38

The beginning of this podcast covers a common attitude I see working with people with chronic knee pain that makes their situation with knee pain worse. I use the example of the Jessie Ventura quote from the movie Predator…

Here is the link to that quote:

I also share a couple of stories from the successes of the clients that I have been working with lately…

Knee Pain Questions that I cover in this podcast:
1.) Gertie is dealing with a Baker’s Cyst, No Cartilidge, and Osteoarthritis…What should she do?

2.) Vivian has a question how to help her husband who is having pain in his knee cap…

3.) Bruce has a torn meniscus, loose cartilidge, and a cyst on the ligament in his knee looking at surgery. We go over his strategy for knee pain elimination…

4.) Barbara is looking at a situation with Rheumatoid Arthritis getting coritzone shots and her knee drained every 6 months…

5.) In the last question covers what to do with a spinal stemosis that is causing pain in the right knee radiating down from the lower back…

I end with a quote that I heard this past weekend in a movie called “Coach Carter” by Maryann Williamson…I was extremely inspiring for me and I hope it is for you to begin taking those steps so you take control of your chronic knee pain…

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