What Comes After Knee Surgery?

By Jill Ross, HealthAtoZ contributing writer

Knee surgery is in one respect like having kids – both teach you that patience is a virtue.

Arthroscopic knee surgery, what I had a month ago on my left knee, provides a faster recovery than traditional open surgery. But arthroscopic or open knee, neither solution grants you any certainty that the pain will go away. So if you prefer to consider “no surgery”, that option is also available now through Say No To Knee Replacement, a completely holistic approach to eliminate pain without the uncertainty of knee surgery.

However, as my surgeon cautioned, surgery is surgery. You can’t rush recovery. If you try to do too much too soon, you make actually slow recovery. “No pain, no gain” should NOT be your motto after knee surgery.

“Healing is very individual,” my surgeon, Michael Jolley, tells me during my post-operative visit. Jolley is an orthopedic specialist with Princeton Orthopaedic Associates in Princeton, N.J.

This encouraging news was overshadowed, however, by what he proceeded to say next about a 70-year-old patient who was up walking the second day after her knee surgery. I am 46, and in contrast, I spent my second day icing my very swollen knee, taking prescription painkillers and groaning.

Average recovery after knee surgery: four to six weeks

By the week’s end, I was back to work, relying on one crutch. At my first checkup, a full 10 days after surgery, my knee was still the size of a cantaloupe. “We can do one of two things,” my doctor advises me. “We can wait for the swelling to go down on its own, or we can drain it.”

Drain it, I say. Six vials of watery fluid later, followed by a shot of Novacain® and cortisone, I finally feel relief. Still, a full five weeks later, I wonder what they mean by “average recovery time six to eight weeks.” My knee is lumpy, stiff and doesn’t have the best range of motion. A mistress of impatience, I wonder if it will ever be the same.

More than 1.5 million knee arthroscopies are performed in this country each year, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). As it turned out, I am in good company. The type of knee arthroscopy I had for a torn meniscus (cartilage) is very common among pro-athletes, who take a hit to the knee or twist it. As people age, all it takes is a fairly minor injury, such as squatting, to cause a meniscus tear. Torn ligaments like an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) are other common reasons for arthroscopic surgery.

A dance floor mishap caused my injury. One step forward, one twist to the left and there was this audible crunch.

Most torn meniscus are repaired by arthroscopic knee surgery. Usually the torn segment has to be removed because it does not have any blood supply and therefore cannot heal back to the rest of the meniscus. In knee arthroscopy, a small fiber optic camera is used to look inside the knee and small instruments are inserted to either remove the torn portion of the meniscus or, if possible, to repair it.

The minimally invasive procedure requires three tiny incisions – instead of a big slash in your knee – and can be done in less than an hour of operating time. There is very little scarring and, yes, a short recovery.

Experts say most people after knee arthroscopy are able to return to desk jobs within a week and to more strenuous activities within a month. I was back at my desk job at the end of the first week, back to slow dancing at the end of two weeks, back to heels after three weeks, and back to light horseback riding and country western line dancing (the cause of my knee’s demise) at the end of a month. When I ride and dance, I avoid putting a lot of weight on my left leg. Some people wear a brace to further protect the knee when doing “risky” activities that stress the knee.

Still, I am discouraged. Sometimes after activities my knee is swollen, and it is difficult to straighten after sitting for long periods. The AAOS cautions that the outcome of surgery is often determined by the degree of injury or damage found in your knee. Generally, the older the patient, the longer the recovery time. In my case, I had an average tear. I am just pushing recovery.

Getting better

Regular exercise to restore your knee mobility and strength is necessary, doctors say, and physical therapy, performed under the guidance of a professional therapist, may also add something to your final result. I did not have therapy, although I received a list of exercises to do on my own. The time spent on rehabilitation will be worth it in the end. Make sure you do your exercises.

AAOS gives this advice about what to do after knee surgery:

  • A return to intense physical activity should only be done under the direction of your surgeon.
  • It is reasonable to expect that by six to eight weeks, you should be able to engage in most of your former physical activities as long as they do not involve significant weight-bearing impact.
  • Twisting maneuvers may have to be avoided for a longer time. (Not good news for country western line dancers).
  • If your job involves heavy work, such as a construction laborer, you may require more time to return to your job than if you have a sedentary job.
  • If your knee swells or hurts after a particular exercise activity, you should lessen or stop the activity until you feel better. You should rest, ice, compress (with an elastic bandage) and elevate your knee (R.I.C.E.) Contact your surgeon if symptoms persist.

Several dangers have telltale signs to watch for in the first few weeks after knee surgery:

  • Infection: The knee may become more hot and red, drain pus, or you may develop a fever or chills.
  • A blood clot in the leg or lung: The lower leg (especially the calf area) may become very swollen or painful or you may develop chest pain with breathing or shortness of breath.

If you develop any of these signs, call your doctor right away.

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366 comments on “What Comes After Knee Surgery?

    • I had total knee replacement because I was bone on bone a month ago. I feel i am in worse pain now then before i had surgery. My pain is all over all day everyday. What can i do. I feel as if I am going to go crazy because of the pain i am in.

      • Lgena
        I’m sorry there nothing I can really help you with at this point. You’ll have to speak with your doctor or physical therapist to figure out how to manage the pain. I would have liked to show you how well my program worked before you chose to have a knee replacement surgery.


        • I had knee replacement surgery 6 Weeks ago,and the very pinching pain pain I had before the surgery on the inside of my left knee is still there but worst in hurts to walk putting any pressure on the knee and I seem to be healing according to the doctors standards I have to say at this point I’m sorry I had it done.

  1. I had that surgery 3 years ago on my left knee and last week on my right knee (2nd surgery on my right knee in the past 6 month), on the first surgery nothing helped me to fully recover until I started Bikram Yoga and within 1 month I felt great, I am waiting for a motnh or so and I am on to yoga again, this is like magic for your knee.

      • From experience, if your rehab isn’t going as you think it should, go with your instincts and do what your body is telling you to do. It never hurts to have a second opinionI, too had a torn meniscus and had surgery for it, and I was very discouraged with the result and the physical therapy, which I took seriously and worked at. I kept telling my therapist that I felt like my knee was getting worse instead of better, but both therapists I had kept encouraging me to continue and work at it. When my therapy had been extended as many times as was allowed, it was apparent to even them that I WAS having problems and they suggested I return to my ortho to have it rechecked. I went to another ortho at that point and found out that the surgery destroyed the tissue, which left me walking bone on bone. That lead to my knee replacement which has had a much better outcome than was the surgery for the torn meniscus.

        Now, for my question – After two or three years, ( I’ve lost count) suddenly I’m finding that my lower leg on the side of the replacement has been swelling during the day, right down to my ankles. The other leg is not swelling, only the one below the replacement. Has anyone else had this problem?

        • I had surgery 33 days ago. I am struggling so much. I was so active and lifted weights, ran, everything. I can bend my knee. I wonder if I have tissue damage? I had to switch doctor’s because the doctor that did the surgery didn’t want to give too much information to my husband and walked out on our conversation. Since I have an active job, I am unable to return to work. I am so upset. I try and tell myself that I am getting better. I am not. I did see another Dr. in their practice and said it would take maybe another 10 weeks. I am so afraid I will never be the same. Has anyone had my problem?

          • Kim – so sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. Please be encouraged – there is so much you can do to regain control of your healing process! I totally relate to how you are feeling – I have been there! Please make an appointment with me here (it’s a free consult): or you can begin working on your own to start by reading anything and everything on my website and working on stopping your knee pain now with the “Comfort Zone” – please keep in touch – I wish you well – Bill

          • I had surgery on my left knee a yr ago for torn meniscus and 4 or 5 other things…..pain was getting worse..did PT still pain getting worse….sent me to pain management and all they do is give pain meds…went for a 2nd and 3rd opinion and was told that this is just how it is going to be….you are in the “gray” area meaning your knee is not good and your knee is not bad enough for replacement…..so I am to suffer with this….they refused to rescope to see if there was anything wrong….why???? I keep asking myself why they wouldnt rescope just to make sure that something else is wrong that cant be seen on xray/MRI……so I am done with Dr’ (Orthopedics) as of now….bad bedside manner I have found…work on my feet 8 hrs a day and have to spend my days off in bed recooping and trying to lessen the pain…..at a loss of what to do????? I am 57 in good health but this has made my life miserable and I suffer daily and have to take pain meds which is not what I want to do……any suggestions?????

          • Thanks for the info. I too had a torn meniscus and had surgery on July 10, 2013. Ten days late I had the stiches removed and three days later I had a staph infection. Went for surgery on July 26, to clean out infection and stayed in the hospital for three days. Was sent on with a pic line for antibiotics. Been back to the the doctor five times to have the fluid drained from my knee. Today he said he does not know what to do. Go figure.

          • Hi I’m Jeanne and I had surgery 3 weeks ago. He found a small meniscious tear but mostly filled with arthritis. I’m 54 and over weight. My knee has been a nightmare. My knee and calf are very stiff, sometimes I feel like I have weights on my leg when I walk . My knee does not bend well, and after sitting for any period of time my knee is very stiff and feels immobile. When I start to walk I’m actually afraid of loosing my balance . I have taken 2 pain killers at night to relieve the stress but my son feels I should be off any pain med’s at this point and he questions the doctors ability. I hurt now do much more than I did before. Can anyone help me??

          • I have had three surgeries prior to L knee partial replacement with an excellent surgeon and feels great. However, after my husband passed a couple of years ago, I developed a bulging disk, depression and stomach issues. One ailment led to another and was not able to be real active as normal. I gained about 15 lbs and when going through pain management and multiple appointments for physical therapy which did not help. I decided to try physical therapy on my own and when playing tennis with my children and grandchild, I twisted the wrong way and now have had knee surgery on my R knee. Has been 5 mths out and is more swollen and painful daily and after being on pain meds (prescribed by my Dr., all of a sudden they have denied this. I inquire with the Dr. to see why and what i need to do to be out of pain and right when he gets on the ph to talk to me, he says, we’re going to need a “Come to Jesus talk”?? Almost accusing me of being an addict because of this low-dosage pain med, I was flabbergasted!! He has set up an appt with another pain managment Dr. and I am returning to physical therapy. Because of those abusing pain meds, I am treated as if I am abusing them because of a surgery that this Dr. performed on me and am worse off than I was before? The bad part about it is my “good” Dr. is within the same organization and apparently they do not like “stepping on each other’s toe’s”! Any suggestions?
            Clearly Aggravated and wrongly accused!!

          • Hi Sindy,

            Thank you for reaching out to us. I can definitely understand what you are going through and I want to help! I’m going to look into this for you and follow up via email. Again, thank you for reaching out and I will follow up with you soon.


            Customer Support

          • Hi there, I know what you also are going through, but let me say that my injuries is from when I got wounded in Vietnam. And yes they had to operate on my left knee a total of 5 times. sharpnal removing from left knee that left me limping., then in three more surgerys around the knee, and two knee replacements. Today I’m total disable cause of these surgerys, and I can’t even bend my left knee, and to go with that,I can not straighten out my knee nor walk for five minute, cause thats how much pain i still encounter. Yes I’ve been to so many therapy that they have send me to so many surgeons on my left knee. That all of them tells me that I cant have anymore surgerys cause my bones are weak. And now ths coming Tuesday they the ball for me to come in again for evluate my knees again. This the West Palm Beach Medical Center.

          • I had meniscus surgery in August and two months later my pain is worst than ever and my knee is always swollen. I wish I had never had it done.

          • I have had 2 scopes, it’s been almost a year and I still walk with limp and want too cut my knee off most of the time. Therapy hurts but still going. All. I can say is it SUCKS…….

          • I had total knee replacement, 11 days ago going through phsical therpay it’s really hard on me. Knee still red and very swollen, beginning to wonder will I get better.Bend still not where they want it, knee very stiff.I feel like their pushing me too hard!!!

      • Hi Shannon can you guive me The info for The yoga i. Did have meniscuss surgery 9 months ago And my leg knee down is always swell And on Pain thanks in advance

    • Het Sharon, i was wandering can you send me any information you have for the yoga, beacuse i have had 2 surgeries in the last past 2 years and nothing seems to help the dull pain i feel in my left knee. I am currently working 7 (12) hour shifts (overnights) in a row and its killing my knee….please help if you can! (Kenneshia)

      • I had knee surgery four years ago and my knee has never been the same it recovered wonderfuly several months after I did my PT started trail running then I was hit in the thigh and it was never the same again. I still have trouble with it and I play sports and it gives me allot of trouble. It’s very frustrating some times it feels like it’s going to explode.

        • I am 30 years old and since I was 23 have had 12 knee surgeries. I can’t even keep up with my two year old because of the pain 30 years old and move like a 80 year old

          • I like Eddie have had 9 acl reconstructions on my right knee, and 2 within 12 weeks of each other with allografts because I had nothing left to harvest of my own tissue. The first allograft failed didn’t take, Dr. Said it was like mush, then 11 days ago had an Achilles tendon allograft. The first week wasn’t to to bad but now it is killing me!!! I’m still non weight bearing, and no therapy yet, but I’ve never had the pain happen like this before. Its backwards. Usually excruciating the first week more than the second. I had my first surgery when I was 17, and throughout the years just repeat injuries. I’m now 48. Why?!

          • Holly – You’re body doesn’t feel safe so its tensing up to protect itself. More tension = more pain. It’s pretty simple however the effects can pretty much drive you out of your mind…The question is are you ready to change all of this. It will be difficult but not how you think. If so then click on the following link for more info: http://thekneepainguru.com/lp/knee-recovery-program/ Looking forward to speaking with you…Bill

    • I 100% agree about Bikram. I had a meniscal transplant, ACL & PCL reconstruction almost 6 months ago. Rehab was hard – 3 times a week. I was progressing but slower than I would like and I was still in knee pain and, more so, muscular pain around my knee – calf, quad, IT band was a mess. I started Bikram and it feels SO SO SO GOOD! SUCH GREAT REHAB FOR ME!!!

      • Stephanie – Bikram is great stuff! Something about that heat can really make a difference in how the joints feel afterwards. Glad you had such a great experience! Keep me posted as to to how your rehab continues to go…Bill

        • Hey I recently had arthroscopic knee surgery May 2012 on left and Dec 2012 on right I found the bikram yoga exercises but was wondering what were you talking about with the heat? If you could email me back I would appreciate it Thanks Jenny

      • I also had meniscus repair and PCL and MCL in November of 2011. I did PT for 3 days a week for a year. I wore the Dynasplint for over 3 months because my knee would not go back straight.I recently started to walk for exercise and after 2 miles my entire left leg including my knee ached and was really swollen. I’ve tried bike riding and it was a little better but my left leg hurts all the way down to my ankles. I should probably try Yoga cuz this pain is dibilitating. I’m debating if I should go bacak to my knee specialist.

        • Hi Tracy,
          Thanks for informing about this. What I suggest is that you first see your doctor and update me with that, than we will figure out strategy for you. Please keep me posted on what your doctor says.

          Adam On behalf of Bill

    • Hi this is Raghavendra last 2weeks back my acl knee surgery was done.
      can u send some yoga tips n exercises . can u send details to my mail id.
      bellow mentioned id is my personal mail id. Raghavendra.1988@gmail.com.
      kindly help me to get faster recovery.

    • Can you send me an email and tell me more about the Bikram yoga. I had surgery for a menicous tear 2 months ago and would love for my knee to be feeling better again. It is stiff and achy and hard to bend despite 6 weeks in PT. My email is dmunch@wi.rr..com

    • Yes, yoga is the best for recovery. I had arthroscopic surgery in Oct and started yoga in Jan. Feels much better tho I do need to avoid the frog pose.

    • Hi Sharon, could you also sent me the yoga info at lfmccollum41@gmail.com? Had meniscus surgery three weeks ago this coming Friday and would like to improve my range of motion. Also be able to walk without pain and tightness at suture sight. Thanks Sharon and God bless you for sharing.

      • Hi Madu!

        Thank you for contacting us!

        Bikram Yoga’s twenty-six posture exercises systematically move fresh, oxygenated blood to one hundred percent of your body, to each organ and fiber, restoring all systems to healthy working order, just as Nature intended. Proper weight, muscle tone, vibrant good health, and a sense of well being will automatically follow.

        I found this link:: http://www.bikramyoga.com/BikramYoga/TwentySixPostures.php

        I hope this is what you are looking for. Feel free to reach out to us at customerservice@thekneepainguru.com


        Customer Support

    • I agree that yoga helps speed recovery! as long as you are still patient with your body yoga helped me recover much quicker than expected!

    • I have had meniscus surgery (scope) several years ago. It has remained a little swollen and on the verge of swelling more, I feel. I want to start running to get in shape for a new job, but it feels like it’s getting worse from a little bit of running. I’m afraid I might not be able to get through the pt test for police dept. I’m 42 and want to know if there’s any hope. I’ve drained it many times before I had the surgery and since its a little swollen, I’m thinking about going to get my needles and doing it again to see if it stays better. I know I shouldn’t do that myself but I’m stubborn. Any hope for me to run?

    • I felt the pain. It is really the doctors makes unrealistic assessment on the recovery. I survived 4 months of PT, im 30 years old and had partial meniscal tear removed. One thing is for sure you improved your body’s collagen production, move, stretch and exercise. Move but keep in mind that you have to respect the pain, heat helps circulates the blood and makes your healing process very well, lose weight, the safest sports is swimming, never loose faith, dedicate your self in stretching, strengthening leg muscles and mainting your weight and proper walking phase and good posture. This a lifetime commitment.

  2. I had arthroscopic knee surgery to cleanup a meniscus tear six weeks ago. The procedure appeared to go well. I was able to drive after a week and walk fairly normally in two. However, like Jill I am a dancer and dancing was my primary motivation for having the surgery. At the six week mark I’m clearly not ready yet. I believe the doctor gave me unrealistic expectations saying that I would be able to dance after 3-4 weeks, which led to some discouragement and concern that maybe I wasn’t getting better. Research suggests though that 8 weeks is a more realistic minimum for getting back to impact sports like dance, so I’m worrying less about it now. I do yoga to keep my leg muscles limber and strengthening exercises that the physical therapist prescribed. The rest is time and patience. I originally thought knee surgery would just fix everything, but I understand better now that it has its limitations. Hopefully the long term outcome will be better than if I had left it alone 🙂

    • I had the same procedure (medial mesniscus) done 5 weeks ago today. My Doctor told me I could start a run/walk routine after about 3 weeks. Since my first time running I have noticed some discomfort in the last couple of weeks. I seem to have no trouble walking or bending my knee, but it can’t seem to take the impact from running. I tried to run some yesterday and I noticed some discomfort in the area around the kneecap. Not in the same place that my pain was before the surgery. I seem to have a little pain shooting through my knee today. Last week My PT told me that my bursa may still be inflamed or irritated. Maybe 8 weeks is more realistic?

      • Hi Drew,
        Don’t do it don’t run just yet… God I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way. 2 years ago I had a scope done on my right knee due to meniscus tear and I recovered beautifully!!! Last year 2014 i tore my left knee and had a scope again grrrr so angry so me being a bit too anxious started running 8 weeks after interval sprints etc and I’ve suffered ever since Jan 21015 and found out last week through an MRI scan I have another tear in the left knee medial meniscus on the inner cleavage 🙁 I’m so guttered I can’t believe this… I’m so afraid to have another scope but at the same time I can’t live with the locking and aching pain I get with every step I take. I really don’t know what to do, a tear is a tear right? Physio won’t help me I really don’t want another surgery 🙁 I’m a sporty id*ot !

      • I felt the pain. It is really the doctors makes unrealistic assessment on the recovery. I survived 4 months of PT, im 30 years old and had partial meniscal tear removed. One thing is for sure you improved your body’s collagen production, move, stretch and exercise. Move but keep in mind that you have to respect the pain, heat helps circulates the blood and makes your healing process very well, lose weight, the safest sports is swimming, never loose faith, dedicate your self in stretching, strengthening leg muscles and mainting your weight and proper walking phase and good posture. This a lifetime commitment.

  3. Today is day number 6 after having a total knee done. I really dont think it looks swollen at all. The pain is kinda minor. But the thing that is really bothering me is that I am very T~I~R~E~D! I Feel like I have been sleeping well at night. But I just find it hard to nap or sleep longer in the morning. All and all things are good I am just so tired!
    I am 52 years old, have Rhuematoid arthritis and could loose some weight. Other than that I guess I am glad that I am pretty good just really tired!! ♥☺

  4. I had knee surgery for torn miniscus 9 weeks ago and still have pain.the more i try to do the worse it gets.i have put on weight as i cant do physical excercise or work,If i try the excercises it hurts even the next day .My surgeon said in 5 to 6 weeks you will be but nothing has changed .I dont have swelling .Gett ing out of the car with my right leg requires a small twist that hurts .I have been on omega3 tablets,but avoid pain killers.As of april I had a sore right hip & knee ,but now the hip pain has is a lot less ,maybe because of no activity .
    Thank you ,jim ver ginis 16 th august .

    • I felt the pain. It is really the doctors makes unrealistic assessment on the recovery. I survived 4 months of PT, im 30 years old and had partial meniscal tear removed. One thing is for sure you improved your body’s collagen production, move, stretch and exercise. Move but keep in mind that you have to respect the pain, heat helps circulates the blood and makes your healing process very well, lose weight, the safest sports is swimming, never loose faith, dedicate your self in stretching, strengthening leg muscles and mainting your weight and proper walking phase and good posture. This a lifetime commitment.

  5. I had total knee replacement five months ago. My pain is mostly at night. I am unable to sleep at night. I get thru the day with minimal pain but at night the knee is very irritating and I cannot get comfortable. I have tried all sleep aids with no results. Also different medications perscribed by doctor with no results.

  6. I had Right knee Miniscus repair back on July 2010, I actually had more pain after the surgery than I did before it….my knee never recovered enough for me to go back to work as a Paramedic, I have had pain constantly since the surgery…daily 5-6/10 and with hard use of the knee I will be at a 10/10 by the end of the day.

    I have had alot of problems with the knee…it pops and snaps daily with increase in pain…and then it will just go out and I can not stand on my knee and I am usually hitting the floor because my knee can not support me.

    My Dr. says there is noting physically wrong with my knee and can not tell me why it is doing this….any suggestions?

    • I had the same promblem it is either scare tussie or another tear a MRI will tell you this i had tried pt, meds, and injections finally got a MRI to find out mine was another tear or the doc didnt remove enough if your doc doesnt think another MRI is needed then id look for another doc

    • Sean, your story sounds like a mirror image of mine, all the same things except that I got a Staff infection at the hospital and ended up going back in for 9 days and had 6 surgery’s and at about the third one they ended up opening my knee completely which I did not even know about until a few days later when I saw it during a dressing change. I am currently on IV antibiotics that I give myself through a PICC Line and I am doing everything as I should, and I have not had a positive infection or blood culture since before I left the hospital. But I am almost in constant pain, starting in the morning at about a six and by mid-afternoon I am at 10 and can barely stand the throbbing burning pain. I take Aleve until about 3pm when I can no longer stand the pain and then start the Lortabs. My knee is about the size of a grapefruit, severely deformed looking and when I run my hand over it, it feels lumpy like a sack of big rocks, and is hot all the time. My Ortho has been taking off fluid every 2-3 days with a big needle and this has been going on for about 3 weeks. I am a business owner and can not work so this is a big problem for me; I feel like I am treading water because it seems to be getting worse. I need to call my GP and insurance and get approved to get a second opinion because I am losing the battle and now the Ortho Dr wants to do another “clean out” surgery. When I asked for another MRI before doing surgery he refused and did not give me a reason why. I am getting really discouraged as I am sure you must be after two years! Good luck & I hope things get better soon for you.

      • Hi Terry I have to have a compete knee replacement and have been putting it off since 1991 due to having a child with disabilities which wouldn’t allow me any healing time so I just had an arthro clean up where he ‘again’ emphasised the importance of getting it done ASAP. What I wanted to say is know all about severe chronic knee pain with my knee dislocating hundreds of times over my lifetime. The main point of my msg to you was to tell you my heart goes out to you. I really feel for you after hearing your story. I’m from ‘Down Under’ Australia and just wanted to let you and the others on here that I sympathise with you and ill be sending you all positive vibes! Ivy Rose

    • I am having the exact same problem….left knee surgery July 2012 and pain is worse now than before the surgery….had a 2nd opinion and made me feel like an idiot or liar…..at a loss now…..the pain is affecting my daily life and I work 8 hrs on my feet which doesnt help….I have a high tolerance for pain but this is just too much when it is constant….I feel for you…I wish I never would have had the surgery……

      • Hi
        That’s the way I feel when u go to your consultant he makes you feel as if you are lying.so I can understand how you feel.
        I had my knee replacement in oct 12 and am in so much pain I regret getting it done am 46.

        • Kate
          I sympathize with where you are at. I’d like you to help me get the word out to more people why it’s important to do everything you can now to avoid a knee replacement surgery. Have you taken a look at this? http://www.saynotokneereplacement.com I believe you would benefit from it greatly even though you’ve already had a knee replacement surgery…Bill

    • Hi had knee op 8 wk ago still in massive pain limping every were had knee injection 48 hours ago surgeon says get on with normal day life easy for him to say says injection will start to work the morning after yes it does I’m in more pain than be for well fed up with it 🙁

  7. I had knee surgery at the end of December 2012 (Bucket Tear) and the swelling afterwards persisted. In april I had a cortozone shot which helped for several months but now it swells up every day and there is a lot of pressure. Curious why it has regressed to this point?

  8. I had Arthro knee surgery to repair a large meniscus tear back in May 23 2012.
    I was doing pretty well when I went to the 3 week post surgery visit with my Surgeon , however since then it has went downhill I’m in pain constantly waling any distance is painful and miserable climbing stairs is hell the pain is not where the pain was prior to the surgery it now is lateral .
    I finally went back to work and it’s terrible can’t do a full 8 hour shift most I can do is 4 and im in excruciating pain at that completion of those ,I limp as bad as before the fix and it swells .
    I take pain meds I wrap and brace it when at work and after I do the RICE ….REST ICE COMPRESS ELEVATE …none of which give me much relief at all Im so tired of this anyone have any suggestions …PLEASE …so depressed with the pain and having to cut hours due to the pain Im at the end my rope .

    • Hi KATE ,understand what you are going through.I had an arthroscopy 2 years ago and was in more pain after op and could,nt build up muscle.They gave me a scan but said they could,nt find anything.I finally went over to Estonia as i had lived there for years and found them to be more knowledgeable about medical matters than here.I paid for a scan only 200 euros which was put to the highest setting and under scan for 30 mins and got result next day which showed a cold infection picked up from surgery which i will have to live with but i can get this to manageable level if i am in a hot country.I was very fit before and try and stay fit with swimming now as cant walk far in this damp climate.I would.I would get a scan done but would trust them outside UK.I,ve had to take an easier job also and can sit more.Good luck.

    • I can sooo relate to your situation. I had left knee, torn meniscus surgery in September. It went very well. Didn’t even need pain meds afterwards. But then a@ my followo-up, my surgeon gave me the good & BAD news. My meniscus is good, however, my arthritis has eaten away the cartilage in the middle of my inner knee joint! He wants to hold out as long as possible to do knee replacement surgery. So I am weaaring a brace to do any walking outside. I just went today for a knee draining.. I have been very blessed with having an incredibly sensitive, well knowleged doctor. My appointments are always 1-2 hour wait time, I need to remember it is well worth it!! My suggestion is: Pray that God gives you the ability to chose a worthy orthopeodic surgeon, and the guidance to insist on an MRI done with a high powered machine. I don’t know where you live, but my doctor is in Plano, TX , Dr. M Taba. God Bless you and I will say a prayer too for you.

      • I had full knee replacement Oct 2013.I have more pain now than before . it that bad I get get out of car after doing a 8 hour shift. Am in tears all the tribe with the pain. I wish I never got it done

        • Hello Elizabeth,

          Thank you for reaching out to us! I suggest booking a free 30 min consultation/knee evaluation with Bill to discuss what your experiencing. Bill will be able to provide great advice and recommendations/solutions for whats going on. If your interested, please click on the link below to complete the consultation form and schedule a date and time that is best for you. Feel free to reach out to me for further assistance.


          Kind regards,

          Mimi | Customer Service

    • Hi Michelle,

      I would suggest you fill out a short questionnaire through this link


      This is for Bill to better understand the history and present condition of your knee pain. Soon as you’ve submitted the form, don’t forget to set up an appointment for a free consultation with The Knee Pain Guru Bill via phone call. By then, he’ll be more ready to assist you with options tailor fit to your knee pain.

      We’d be looking forward to talking to you soon.


    • Did you have a blood clot? I just had surgery on for a torn meniscus on may 2nd and have a clot in my calf. The pain is really bad 8/10 for the most part. I would like some advice from someone who has had this issue in the past. Thank you… Juan

  9. I was hit by a car while ridding my motorcycle in Feb. I had surgery for 2 meniscus tears in June. I had 24 PT appointments and the pain never went away in fact it got worse. I went to the doctor and had another MRI. The doctor read the MRI and told me I needed another surgery but also said the MRI was blurry. I told the doctor I wanted another MRI that wasn’t blurry to make sure before I had another surgery. He granted the MRI which I’ve had done and am waiting for the doctor to read it but he has postponed my appointment twice. I have an appointment tomorrow and am sure I’ll need surgery as I’m still in pain. I’m starting to get worried. If I need a second surgery how long will my recovery time be, approximately. I need to return to work but my job requires I can run and jump. I’m 46 and am at the point where I average about 3 to 4 hours of sleep nightly do to worry.

    Thank you in advance

    • Steve,

      I can only imagine your frustration of having to still deal with knee pain after surgery. Have you seen my post here?


      I can go ahead and discuss this with you more, if you can please find time filling out a short questionnaire HERE, or you can copy and paste this link to your browser:


      Soon as you’ve submitted the form, don’t forget to set up an appointment for a free consultation with myself via phone call. By then, we can discuss more the history of your knee and its present condition, and come up with the right program for your knee.


      • Bill thank you for your responce. I went to the doctor today and found out I need another surgery. I had an MRI where they shot dye into my knee so I guess it shows more then other mri’s. when my doctor read the MRI he told me I still have some rough spots in the meniscus, a hole in the cartilage behind the kneecap and a bruised bone. All this 9 months after the accident and one surgery.

          • No date has been set as I’m waiting for approval. I expect it will be done at the end of the month or in December.

            Thank you

          • Hi,
            I’m at my wits end.. I had a arthroscopy in dec last year for a horn tear with in 6 weeks me knee was back to 2 inch’s bigger than the left knee, 6 months later I have had another arthroscopy and same thing with in 6 weeks in back to pain all the time and the knee is huge again. I have tried steroids and cortisone shots but with no relief. my last report was effusion +++ patella-compartment grade 3 on over the trochlea, synovitis ++,medial compartment grade 3 on femur? I’m 39 years old. The surgeon really has not said what the next step should be?? Should I get a second option???

  10. Hi

    I had a partial knee replacement in April. Back to work as a catering manager 8 weeks later.

    Here I am 7 months later and I am still in considerable pain. Taking Meloxicam, paracetomol tablets to protect my stomach and cyclizine as when the pain is just too much to bear i am taking tramodol which makes me throw up and I daren’t take them when I am driving.
    My knee is painful to touch on the opposite side to my replacement knee.

    After being on my feet a lot – I can hardly walk on it towards the end of the day. I have plantar fasciaitis in my other heel which means I am walking really wierdly. I think I am walking so badly as shoes that have previously been ‘life savers’ due to comfort value are now gving me blisters that bleed.
    I am just so depressed with the pian, taking all these tablets and not being able to have a life outside work as all I want to do is rest my knee on my day off. Am I just being impatient with it?????

  11. I had my knee arthoscopy June 7, 2012. The Dr. removed bone fragments.
    The surgery went amazingly great and felt really good so I went on a vacation
    5 weeks later. I was walking upstairs to a restaurant and my knee hurt really badly,
    The next day my calf was very painful. I spent the rest of the vacation icing it. When I came back home my Dr. drained it, and gave me a cortizone shot. Since then I have been
    trying every remedy known to man. It is still somewhat swollen and painful, mostly
    on the medial side of my knee. I can not walk for more than 10 min. without pain.
    I have had 12 weekof physical therapy. The physical therapists say the only thing I can do is strengthen my hamstrings and gluts, so I can take pressure off my knee
    when I walk. It is now 5 months after arthroscopy. Any suggestions?

  12. J.,
    I know how difficult it can be to have that lingering knee pain even after having the surgery that was supposed to heal you. The inflammation is causing the pain and it’s no wonder that it gets worse when you’re using it (walking). I’ve helped people in your position before. Please fill out the questionnaire to give me some more background and I can set you up with a free 30 min consultation. From there we can decide what the best course of action would be to get you out of pain.

    Here’s the link:

  13. Man this is such a drag reading all these comments…but I need to hear this…makes me realize I am not alone. I had arthoscopic on my left knee 8 days ago and I have the worst calf pain. Been to PT twice and they tell me this is normal. My god is it normal?? It’s hard to walk across the room. I saw my doc for the post op visit today and he told me I have an abnormal amount of arthritis for somebody my age, 39, and that I might have to stop climbing. That news is like he end of the world for me. I also have the stiffness after sitting still…I mean that’s why I had this surgery in the first place. Oh yeah the doc said he cut the hanging meniscus tear and tried to smooth out the something-er-other under my kneecap where the arthritis is bad. I hope it gets better.

    • Mark,

      Sorry to hear about your pain. I had left knee arthroscopic surgery 12 days ago. The knee joint is fine but I have had a sharp pain in my calf almost since day one. I returned to my surgeon last week for a sonogram (to rule out a blood clot). Luckily I have a job that is not physical in nature but can barely get around. There was no apparent blood clot but the swelling and the sharp pain persist. I can only make it through the day with painkillers and I realize this is dangerous for me. I have used RICE treatment religously but when I arise after heat (on the underside of the calf) and ice (on the top of the knee) I still feel the same sharp pain. I am not knee to surgery (2 total hip replacement and 2 Carpal Tunnel surgeries).

      I am thinking about getting a second opinion (my surgeon said that there was a lot done to the knee during the procedure and that my symptoms are “normal”.

      I am in pain, sad, and frustrated.

  14. Its now 11 months since I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee for a meniscus tear. I am 52 and reasonably fit. I am quite slim and played a lot of tennis and was in top shape during surgery. The surgeon looked at my MRIs and X-rays before surgery and said I had absolutely no signs of arthritis or any other problems and I should be back on the tennis courts in 6-8 weeks tops. A year later, I am not even close to that. Truth is, I think I may never be able to play tennis again. I suspect surgeons are over-optimistic about meniscus surgeries esply the arthroscopic sort. If I could only turn the clock back a year, I would have focused on P/T and strengthening my core and letting my torn meniscus heal as much as it could on its own. That surgery was probably the biggest mistake I’ve made so far. Surgery is great for the surgeons – but for us patients, it should be a last resort, if used at all, for such injuries.

    • Exactly the same here. I’m 8 months now after this surgery on my right knee. I did everything I was told to and waited 6 months before I went back to my passion which is ice skating. I was told it would be ok to go back but I did wonder as like everyone else the sin has never really gone completely although has been better than before surgery. Mi find however that after I’ve skated I have to put it on ice and are painkillers. The knee swells but I’m puzzled by a very tight pulling pain that I’m getting in the back of the knee that I never had before. I’m not going back to them but just keep ploughing on hoping it will improve I’m 58.

    • Eskay – Have you considered working with me? I’ve had lots of success working with similar knee issues. We can get you back to playing tennis in the short term. I’m my best testimonial! 😉 Bill

    • This is my second surgery and never did find out truthfully about the first one about my results and why except if you have a second surgery you will be up the creek says my doctor, well i had another sugery done by a different doctor and he said all went well but after two months i’m hurting worser than the first one and more swelling, said that i had a meniscus tear the second time and showed me what he done and said that the instrutments could have bruised inside coming out, but the first surgeon said it was a large tissue that he saw and got but was not cancer and i was thankful to hear that but still not better, do they even believe us on this note i really wish a doctor that has gone through this same surgery could help us with our facts to doctors that really just won’t us to go away.

      • DEbNPain
        I hear you and unfortunately you are not alone. I speak to several dozen people a week in similar situations. Each of them in different stages of what you are going through. I can definitely help you out. I’m working with Ben right now who has been through 4 knee surgeries each “cleaning up” from the last one. We’ve made tremendous progress. If help is something you’re looking for then fill out the following application so we can talk and figure out the best strategy to get you out of pain. Here’s the link: http://thekneepainguru.com/lp/knee-recovery-program/free-introductory-session/questionnaire/ Regards, Bill

  15. I am a 47 year old female ex dancer, who had anthroscopic surgery on my left knee, 21Nov 2012(Perth, Western Australia.)I Never had an MRI because the sounds from any knee movement or manipulation indicated that the knee was very damaged and the surgeon suggested I save the $600 and spend it on the surgery instead. I was told after surgery that there was extensive damage and that my cartilage was almost completely shredded, multiple spurs and tears and ‘alot of work’ was done around the joint. I had been living in pain, wearing a knee brace for support when it ‘played up’ and avoided the surgery for about 18 months. At the slightest abnormal movement (eg simply diving into a pool) my knee could be in agony and feel tender for weeks!). I’m sure you all agree that this condition is mentally challenging for people that are accustomed to being physical, very active and used to just ‘doing things’ without thought or worry about repercussions.
    Went home 2 hours after surgery and proceeded to clean the kitchen, cook dinner and start doing housework. (The pain killers from surgery seemed to give me a strong inital, but false sense that all was well.) I was walking straight away going shopping and walking around the house but now, day 9 after surgery the top half of my knee is very swollen and sore. I haven’t had much pain ( 2 neurofen in total during the week)-but the swelling above my knee is quite pronounced with only a 10 degree range of movement.(From reading other post operative posts-I’m thinking it might need to be drained??). I Am yet to attend my post operative appointment with my surgeon. But really hope my knee allows me the freedom to exercise and get back to doing all the things I want without pain.
    I need to lose about 10-15 kilos and I feel that managing weight must be a significant factor in helping to put the knee under less strain and pressure.


  16. Oh my…after reading all of your comments I no longer feel alone. I had my arthroscopy only 9 days ago but am so surprised that I am in more pain now than before. My left knee is stiffer, gives way much more than before and is more uncomfortable. People I know were telling me that friends and neighbours etc were back on there feet within days which makes me feel worse. The constant pain and reduced activity levels is really depressing I have had knee problems for about a year now and am so fed up, to top it off my follow up appointment is not for another 5 weeks, aaarrrggghhh.

    • This is exactly how I feel! My knee doctor seems to have LITERALLY given up, I feel like he thinks I am lying about the pain. I’ve had 3 surgeries on my ACL since 2009. I’m 22 and the doctor’s said I needed to have the surgery if I lived an active lifestyle. I was an avid hiker, I played all sports and was always up. Now, I have done gained 15 pounds and cannot even lay down at night without that horrible pain. Surgery was probably the worst decision I’ve ever made…

  17. I think most of the comments on this page show that the recovery expectations are much too optimistic! I was also convinced I could go back to all my activities within 6-8 weeks. Arthroscopic or not, it is still surgery and you have to give your body a chance to heal without trying to conform to a preset schedule. I am 47 and had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee (meniscus tear) on March 12 this year. I walked out of the OR, was back at work within a week and started physio 2-3 weeks later. Pretty typical. I was back wearing heels within 6 weeks and by early June was dancing again, using cardio machines, golfing and cycling. All was well and progressing nicely. However, it is now December and my knee aches when I lie on the couch at night and sometimes when I am just sitting around, relaxing. I still can’t fully sit on my knees without feeling a pull (like in child’s pose) and it hurts for days after wearing high heels. I am now at the point where I think my expectations have to be managed–I think I might not be able to wear heels the way I used to (I.e., every day) and I wonder if this is not due to doing too much too soon. I will definitely have my knee checked out, but I have to consider I may not be able to do all the things I did before. Please, people, take it easy post-surgery, listen to your body and consider that your lifestyle may need to be different after the surgery. It is a sobering thought, I know, but as we age things will never be the same in any case. I’d rather be able to walk in my old age than run a marathon before 50 (running is totally out of the question now). Good luck everyone.

  18. Sarah,

    I feel your pain! I just had a partial menisectomy on December 19 and am also stiff and in pain. I also read that others were back to normal few days after without the use of crutches. I am still using them, although trying to bear weight as not to put my quads into atrophy, although it is not working. I am doing straight leg raises as well as heel slides ( the best I can). I am still so stiff, about only a 60 degree ROM. I’m hoping to get steadily better but am discouraged from what I’ve been reading 🙁

  19. On the 20th August 2012 I had both knees operated on. I had the Oxford half knee replacments fitted as this is less invasive than total knee. The hospital used a rapid recovery system loadind the joint’s with a cocktail of drugs making it almost pain free after sugery. Two days after the operation I was discharded and encouraged to walk right away.
    About a week after the operation I started finding it difficult to sleep as the leggs seem to have a life of their own, great for walking on, but murder to sleep with, they have pins and needls pricking, spasm’s and ache at night. I now need sleeping tablets and pain killers every night. My surgeon say’s rub hand cream in three times a day but its not improving. Any ideas

  20. I had ACL surgery in 2009, went through therapy and all that. Well, after doctor said I was “completely healed, ready for work”, I was STILL having pain. He advised Motrin. Nothing at all helped the pain, and my knee always locked up and gave out. Almost 2 years later, when pain got unbearable and it gave out constantly, I saw a new doctor. ACL was retorn and I had ACL cadaver replacement surgery in Feb. 2012. After therapy was done and I was released, I STILL occasionally experienced severe, stabbing, debilitating knee pain and still constantly had my constant, painful throbbing pain. He then said the hardware (screws) in my knee needed to be removed, that is what caused pain, went through that surgery in July 2012. It is now Jan. 2012, and I still have severe pain. Doctor has no idea why, and he has basically stopped trying to find out (I’m afraid he thinks I’m lying, I have no idea, or he’s just given up). I am sick and tired of this pain, and recently it has been locking up on me, once again. Ever since I have torn it, I have been in pain. As of now, I cannot get a job, because the pain is so severe. I am only 22 and I am sick of not being able to do any activity, as in grocery shop, clean the house, or work, let alone exercise or play sports (and I was extremely active before). Is there anyone out there that has same problems, or can recommend an idea of what is going on. I am at a loss, and cannot fathom what’s going on. A friend said to go to a neurological doctor, but I don’t know if that would help.

  21. 11 days post op menisectomy, prior to surgery all classic symptoms in addition to swelling just above the knee so that it gave the knee cap a hooded look. Doc said it was from the tear. They tried to drain fluid, no luck nothing there so I had surgery. Today I drove to the grocery store and walked with a cart for some exercise and to get me out of the house. Tonight it is so swollen (again like a turtle over the knee) I am sitting here with ice on it wondering if it will ever look normal again.

  22. I had a unicompartmental op fourteen months ago and am suffering from chronic pain which gets worse as the day goes on and is worse when I walk. It is more painful now than it was at four months. My knee is slightly swollen on one side and I cannot sit easily without propping up my leg on a stool. When it heats up as in bed it becomes bright pink and the scar livid. When I go out into cold air it returns to a normal colour though is still painful. I can walk only a very short distance and put ice packs on and off all day. I have had a second opinion from a surgeon who shows me the x-ray ofvmy knee and tells me there is nothing wrong with it. A pain management consultant diagnosed nerve pain and is treating me with amitriptilene, which so far is doing nothing except giving me a dry mouth and constipation. I worry about infection – none is showing in a blood test and they are not keen to do an arthroplasty as it is invasive and therefore carries the possible risk of introducing an infection.
    Is there anything else I can do and is there any hope of improvement after so long? Are my symptoms consistent with nerve pain?

    • Hi Joan

      If something hurts than the nerves are being affected. Of course there is lots we can do to get your knee comfortable…

      I’d suggest our first step would be to have a conversation so I can get a better idea of how I can help.

      Click on the following link and fill out the survey so we can get that call setup.

      Looking forward to speaking with you.


    • Joan – From a child like view of the body if it hurts then the nerves are being affected. A big part of what is going on is your body’s tensing up to protect itself from the pain that is feels (which makes it feel worse!) The object is to begin to teach the knee how to feel comfortable again. There’s some crazy stuff that can happen after a surgery like you were sharing about your knee scar. Mine was the only part of my body that sweat! Crazy right? Anyhow there are a few things we could do to help you out. One would be to get into my program “The Comfort Zone” and try it out for a couple of weeks to see how that changes things in your knee. If it does great, if not then let’s get on a call at that point and dig in a little deeper as to what is going on and a strategy we could figure out for you. So here’s your next step. Go here and get the comfort zone: http://thekneepainguru.com/lp/comfort-zone-stretches/ and then let me know how its going in a few weeks…Bill

  23. I had my knee arthroscopy on the 1st of October, 2011 for a torn ACL.
    I hurt myself while playing basketball and thought that the surgery would just fix everything in a swish.
    15 months have passed since then and I still cant start with my basketball again. It depresses me too much, I cab run but am not permitted to jump by my surgeon yet.
    There is still a bit of swelling though its much straighter and can bend quite alot. The only things which drive mad is the pain I feel if I walk around alot and that I cannot jump.
    What should I do to make my knee stronger to get back to my game again?

    • Zoya – There are a couple of things going on with your knee that affect your ability to play basketball. One is the pain and the other is the weakness in your knee. Although they are tied together you can’t necessarily deal with them both at the same time so my belief is you need a 2 step approach. First get your knee out of pain and then second work on strengthening your knee. Do them in the right order and your back on the court quickly. Do them in the wrong order and you’ll be in pain the rest of your life. My suggestion would be to check out my program “The Comfort Zone” and start getting your knee out of pain today. Here’s a link for more information – http://thekneepainguru.com/lp/comfort-zone-stretches/

      Keep me posted as to how this goes for you…

  24. I had a meniscal tear repaired on December 31,2012. No crutches, Dr had me walking out of the hospital that day, and from then on. Iced it every 2 hours for 20 minutes, and took pain meds PRN. My knee feels great except for where he put the probes in. But my problem is, I have 1 little hole that seems to heal over for several days and then it just pops open, and out pour this thick sticky dark blood, followed by toms of blood tinged fluid. This lasts for days. I sometime have to change the bandage every 2 hours. Whats up!!!

  25. Charles
    Sounds like its a sign that your body is trying to heal itself. I had experiences like this after my ACL surgery and the itching can get pretty intense. This may take some time and I’d just continue doing what you are doing.

    • Interesting GURU I now remember the Itching you’re talking about when I had my right knee done. So glad I found this site… says the fairly “former” 52 year old athlete. ha

        • what am I going backwards or what?? Go up a few stairs and bingo.. back to the pain and aggravation…. it’s crazy!! I can deal with the tear healing.. medial meniscus but I’m very confused at the MCL sprain and the bruised bone…. the pain I get is deep in my knee front and center… it wakes me at night Ice doesn’t help that’s when I know i”m in trouble….. I was getting better then visited a friend who had steps… are you telling me going up the steps put me back to square one? geeze as I sit with my leg on a balance ball with ICE…. I must say it hurts behind my knee too.. I find that icing it back there helps a great deal………..this is getting old.. very old

          • Sophia – I totally understand your frustration – I’ve been there! Check out my website – there is hoppe – read and research and shift your thinking to tackle this head on. Here’s my work on how to get out of knee pain now! – there is so much more! Keep reading and keep in touch. You can do this. – Bill

  26. about 2 yrs or so ago i tore my meniscus really bad and NO doctor wanted to touch me because of the surgery being really risky on me because im on bloodthinners and i am now 31 yrs old. they thought i was going to die and none wanted to touch me so after ayr of pain and swelling and not being able to walk without a cane and basically climbing up my stairs and slidding down on my butt i finally found a doctor willing to take a risk.. needless to say i ended up tearing it again before surgery and because it took SO long to find someone to do the surgery it healed and tore twice as bad well almost a yr into recovery and i have non stop pain. my knee swells and whenever i sleep and i extend my leg and sleep that way i wake up because i cannot bend my leg and the pain is horrible i had a lot of fluid in y knee before surgery and idk i didnt think id be in this much pain i needed and wanted the surgery but even walking i have problems i cant climb up stairs i have to use my other leg to step and basically follow up with the bad leg… is there any hope i can lookforward too?? am i going to have to have surgery again?? what do i have to look forward to in 5 yrs?? can i rehurt it???

  27. I had ACLR surgery in Dec. 2012, and still can’t straighten or bend my right knee completely. I also have buckling and a catch in my knee, exactly as before surgery. I am still in pt and he has no idea what’s going on. The knee is still swollen and I am at 130 degree bend, any suggestions?

  28. At least I don’t feel alone! Had a tear repaired & debris “cleaned” from my left knee. My knee cap was also malaligned. That was Dec. 20, 2012 – I’ve been “released” by my doctor & the PT stopped, with instructions to stretch & do some basic exercises. I haven’t had a pain free day, and every step holds a surprise. Recently swelling starts above my knee, feels heavy & looks like a “roll” – Usually it clears up over night. Haven’t done anything wild, other than walking when suddenly felt a tug & catch toward the front of the left shin. Shoot me now! I ice & elevate, but doesn’t help. Keep thinking something else is wrong, but maybe it’s just me. Not doing anything stronger than Aleve, and what makes it extra special is I now don’t have medical insurance. Thanks – I felt the need to whine!

  29. I had arthroscopic surgery to clean up a torn meniscus and ACL on Dec 16th on my left knee. My knee is still very swollen, painful, and cannot be straightened fully. When standing, my knee is on an angle compared to my right knee. I am unable to walk normally still and my knee snaps and still feels like its going to collapse pretty frequently. I’m seeing the surgeon for a 2nd follow up this week and am not sure what to ask him. I am beginning to wonder if my knee will ever recover.

    • I am on week 5 from artho-surgery for two torn meniscus in the left knee, scraped arthritis from knee cap and removal of lose cartilage. Injury occured late fall, so no activity since Thanksgiving. I so badly want to get back to the gym, spinning classes, walking the dog…and would LOVE to not have this limp! I was sure by now I would be back to normal. Dr. said 4-6 weeks. I had very muscular legs, not so much now. Spring is approaching and I just want to ride my bike. Why is the recovery so long??? Everything I read from others in this post is similar to my experiences. To high of expectations? Oh, is this what turning 50 means? OUT OF PATIENCE! 🙁

  30. Had my medial miniscus repaired 10 weeks ago and my pain level is almost as high as it was pre surgery. I went back to work at 5 weeks. I think I just overuse the knee. I eat pain pills in the evening.

  31. Hi… email me about your yoga therapy too.. I had laterial and medial done on right knee april 2012… feels good now.. however in Nov of 2012 I had a sharp pain while getting ready to walk a few miles and my left leg TWISTED pigeon toed…. I tore my medial dislocated my knee cap sprained my mcl and bruised a bone. Sounds worse than it actually is… surgeon said rehab had been done cortosone done he is very conservative and NEVER would operate unless necessary.( chief of staff at ivy league hospital ) other surgeon for right knee retired. Anywho had surgery on left it was three weeks yesterday. First day walked on cane and everything has been going smoothly, excercises at home surgeon said you know the drill. However I notice that the last few days it has been aching like a you know what. Still a lil swollen 15% he said when I was last there and he wants it to go down on it’s own I see him first week in april. I guess I wonder why it’s bothering me a lil bit more than it has. of course increased walking lil by lil but I’m always throwing it up on a huge excercise ball and icing it. Anyway the yoga I am very interested in…. thanks again. PS in addition I have noticed I’ve had to use a pain pill in the middle of the night sometimes. not always but sometimes and that hasn’t happened since I first had surgery. I tried a few time to NOT take one however the last couple nights the leg woke me a few times so I took it and it pulled the pain right away. I had a blood clot prior to my first surgery on my right knee which they caught before surgery, I never had it warm or swollen or red it was just an ache… I have it similar now but honestly I’ve been doing the leg stretches to check on my own and fully believe it’s my imagination. I used lovenox for the first two weeks after surgery… .. Yoga please thanks newsgrl@aol.com thank you!!

  32. Hi, I had my second torn meniscus repaired on September21,2012. The first few months it was great, the last 3 months, swelling, drained, cortisone shot and less than a month later all swollen up again, stiff, popping especially going down stairs like I never had it corrected. Majority of swelling is on outer part of knee and right under my knee cap. Ortho doc recommended Supratz injections, not sure what to do next, any suggestions?

  33. Hi, I had my second torn meniscus repaired on September21,2012. The first few months it was great, the last 3 months, swelling, drained, cortisone shot and less than a month later all swollen up again, stiff, popping especially going down stairs like I never had it corrected. Majority of swelling is on outer part of knee and right under my knee cap. Ortho doc recommended Supratz injections, not sure what to do next, any suggestions? I can be reached at stevemaryrose@comcast.net

  34. hey guys..I’m 26 and had my first cartlidge op a year ago..since then I’ve had another athroscopy but this time on my Meniscus both on my right leg. I currently own a salon and apart from most of the rehab work and icing etc its been 6months since my last op and my knee is stil so sore and everytime im standin cutting hair or long walking I feel these sudden cracks in the affected area that don’t always hurt but when they do god damn!
    Unless i wear this neoprene brace i cant even leave the house. I havnt been playing sports since last year now and just feel like I’m giving up more and more everyday on this constant demoralising frustrating scenario. Reading through I can see you guys have had the same issues i hope you guys can help this 26yr old find his mojo lol!! My email is hbk166@hotmail.com. if anyone has any advice please feel free to drop it in my inbox. I currently take glucosamine n vitamin c and d tablets. Thaank you!!

  35. Tore my acl about a year ago doc said i should do a cleanup instead of gettin a replacement
    Because i was not athletic well a year later my knee feels like its on fire, swollen and hurting really bad considering having it recontructed by a different surgeon what do you think

    • Hi I found out i had ruptured my acl 9 years ago skiing when the surgeon came and gave me the good news – no damage to the cartiledge bad news -I had ruptured my acl.
      I was early forties & no longer doing competitive sport so got a knee brace & continued with life
      Skiing, tennis, cycling,swimming! Then pushed it too far & tore my meniscus. Had a consultation with my surgeon (who i had seen 9 yrs earlier). My thoughts were that I had “managed” my knee all this time & now wanted to be able to just “do” . had acl reconstruction 4-months ago Knew it would be a year recovery before I could ski again ( my motivation) but I’m Doing great – walking & swimming without pain so go for it but remember that you have to be realistic & take your time to recover.

  36. I had surgery on January 8, 2013 for a my dr’s words, ” a severe torn medial meniscus tear” and found in surgery was a degenerative lateral tear along with some “shaving” of the knee cap. I torn my medial meniscus a year ago on April 2, 2012 but because it was a workmens comp. issue took very long to get everything in place including a second opinion for the surgery. I’m a teacher of young elementary school children so I had some restrictions at work but not enough to make the initial tear even worse over the months. NOW, almost 12 weeks ( 3 months) later I still have extream pain and a limp with every step! The limp is due to pain because if I’m on meds I don’t limp but pay the price when the meds wear off. I have been doing PT religiously all along but it’s been slow at times due to too much pain. I use to do yoga so I’m flexible and can flex my knee fairly well now and have worked on my quads and they are stronger. However, I can’t believe I’m still in this much pain after 3 months. I am in fairly good shape , not overweight and I’m 58 years in age. Icing and ibuprophen do virtually noting to qull the pain. I can’t walk more then 1-2 blocks without severe pain and can’t return to teaching even under restrictions because my dr thinks I should only return when it’s completely healed. After reading all these posts I don’t know if that day will ever come. The PAIN is WORSE then before my surgery like others have stated. The inside of my knee ( medial) is the main location of the pain both Pre and post op surgery- only worse! I am running out of patients and full of fear that I will never be able to return to the job I love! I need whatever advice and support anyone can offer. Everyone ( all professionals involved) seem to say the same thing. “Work harded, your right where you should be, don’t use the cane to walk, you will get there!” I’m not so sure! This much pain should not be happening 3 months out!

    • Hey Leslie, sorry to hear about your severe tear and subsequent surgery. I know surgery is necessary sometimes and the good thing is that you can recover and have strong knees again after! It can and will happen. Go to my site and review as much information as you possibly can. If you feel you need to set an appointment with me – please go here: – also I have a product page that will give you other options. Most of the information on my site is free and it will help you tremendously! Here’s my program on how to get out of knee pain NOW! – Please keep in touch and don’t hesitate to reach out again – this is exactly why I am here – I want to help! Wishing you well – Bill

  37. I have just gone through hell with my thigh following an arthroscope on my knee. The pain started on me three weeks after the op. My thigh is collapsed it looks like the top muscle is dead. I would feel hot and cramps on the thigh and lose nights of good sleep with this pain. My thigh has become incompatible to the knee and this is only my fifth week after the op but the knee has gone fine with some minor pains occassionally that i often treat with ice. Is there any promise on my thigh?

    • Musa – so sorry to hear that you have been through hell and back! You are in complete power to do everything you need to help your healing process. I want to encourage you to research more and learn just how to do it. It’s exactly what I had to do. Go here to learn how to get out of knee pain now: – keep in touch – Bill

  38. Now I’m getting out the big guns…. arnica montana… arnica ointment.. and boswellia. Like I said I had the two tears in the right knee fixed and did rehab but never full finished then with that spring in my step out the back door and bingo…….sharp right knee pain left leg goes inward and here I am screwed again……………geeze

  39. i had my acl reconstruction and meniscal repair 25 days ago. i started walking without brace and crutches after 18 days. everything was going fine until the day i ent for a long walk and climb up and down stairs. since then there has been a squeaking sound from my joint and i was so scared. i went to see my doctor and asked him if i had retorn my acl. he did the anterior drawer and lachman and he said it is fine. the joint didnt make any noise while i was there. but it creaks like a door everytime i walk.. very scared. there s no pain or extra swelling. in fact i ve nt been taking pain killers at all since last 7 days. really worried.

  40. Hello,

    I had knee arthroscopic surgery one and a half years ago on my right knee due to irregular tracking of the patella. Recovery was very slow at first and i started to get my normal range of movement again; but even after one and a half years my right knee hasn’t been the same. It feels very weak, especially where they removed the bone spur to avoid the tracking and inflammation it caused me. The scar is very sensitive and i avoid contact sports because of the scar area and my right knee not having enough strength.

    My left knee patella track irregularly aswell and it causes me some discomfort especially sitting down or after activity. It feels stronger than my right knee which is why im hesitant in getting the left operated on.

    Ocean water swimming/ hydrotherapy seems to be the most effective types of recovery i can do to reduce overall joint/ligament pain around lateral collateral ligaments, meniscus and the tibia. What is the best way to get the right knee back to full strength ? Because pain is developing in the lateral collateral ligaments and meniscus due to its weakness from operation. Secondly with the left knee, how should I go about reversing its tracking. Should i tape it regularly ?

    Its been difficult mentally and physically for me the last 1 and a half years. Anyone advice would be much appreciated.

    Regards, Sam

    • Hey Sam, Sorry to hear about your pain… That’s awesome that ocean water swimming works well for you. I totally understand your pain re:) the mental and physical struggle this sort of thing brings on! It’s not easy but it does not have to be this hard either. Go to my web site – yes there are things you can do to heal your own knees. Search in the search box by issue and trouble you are having – then go from there. After working with the information and techniques – see how you feel. You can also check out my product page – it will give you further approaches. I want to help in any way I can – but most of all I want to encourage you! You can turn this thing completely around – I know! I did! And so have many others! I wish you well – Bill

  41. Many of these knee surgeries do not end well. I had a torn meniscus and he found Plica issue and of course I never had a plica problem they removed it. So now I am 4 months post op still having issues. I can do the bike or elliptical but it hurts afterwards. I was just getting into some weights extensions, presses, and it became inflamed. I cannot run around with my 4 year old son. In my case I should have left it alone i would have been better off as the outcome is worse than before. They never tell you this when you go in for a consult its always you will be ok after you can do what you want after. This whole thing is unethical as they get paid to do your surgery so they have a bias. If the surgery doesn’t help the patient much then what is the point. They should not get paid unless the patient is satisfied.

    • Hey Paul, I could not relate to you more! I’m real sorry to hear about your post operative discomfort and let me tell you – being able to run around with your son is top priority – kids are the best. Reading what you wrote only encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing. This push for surgery is so upsetting. Yes there are times and places when surgery is needed and greatly appreciated, but it’s not every day. Things would turn out a whole different way – no – the whole medical model would be turned upside down if doctors only got paid if the patient was satisfied with the healing result! Please keep in touch and make sure to use my methods for the point that you are at right now. The best idea is to go on my website and search by symptom in the search box – just to get more familiar with my methods and gain helpful knowledge. The strategies and tools are what you need to focus on for healing. After working with this information and practicing for a couple of weeks – please get back in touch and let me know how things are going. I wish you all the best and talk to you soon Paul… Bill

    • I feel somewhat the same way about them telling you that you’ll be ok and my doc said don’t baby it, i’m like all this pain and swelling and bad as i want to be healed from this second surgery that was suppose to help and now you lookig at me like it’s not that bad and it’s all in your head, hey get paid real good from your insurance company then they whole attitude change once you let them know that you’re still hurting not fair to patiience at all. blood pressure be up from pain and inflammation and we’re the one’s have to deal with the results seems to me like your own your own now i’ve been paid, and i understand that you need to paid but where is the loyalty to your patience anymore, i will continue to pray to god for my healing i wish now i would have seen these post first before i had the second one.

  42. 4 weeks after my surgery for a radial tear in my meniscus. After having the meniscus removed and a bunch of lose bodies of cartilage sucked out of my knee, most of my pain comes from the lower leg near the shin. I can tell the knee is slowly improving while this area continues to inhibit pain when I try to walk. Considering this part of my leg was in pain when I tore my meniscus what can I do to try and alleviate this pain?

  43. Had meniscus surgery in December today I jumped a hurdle and when I landed my knee buckled it felt just like it did when it tore. Does this mean it tore again?

  44. Had meniscus repair in December today I tried to jump a hurdle but when I landed my knee buckled is this a sign that it is torn again?

  45. Hello.I had arthroscopic knee surgery for part.torn meniscus Fri.April 2013.Four very painful days past and had my follow up with the doctor today.When he unwrapped my knee not only there was major swelling,it was full of blood.He told me there had to be a twitch? of a vain during
    the surgery last fri. resulting in bleeding and significant swelling.(don’t know what to make of that).Told me this was an unfortunate setback.Suggested to drain it asap.Came back with a huge syringe,rubbed some iodine and told me I’m going to feel a pinch.The next 30 seconds was the most painful experience I have ever been through.I couldn’t help but to start crying from pain.No numbness,no anesthetic,no nothing.(was that normal?).When he was finally done draining my knee he said he will be back in a few minutes to give me time to re-coup.As I sat up I could see my knee was still swollen (obviously not like before).Not to mention the syringe was just laying there on his counter and the sink full of blood.(Did I really need to see this after what I just went through?)
    Not comforting at all.Don’t know what to make of all this.Is this all normal procedure ? A few minutes later the doctor returned and told me to try and stand on it to see how it feels.(are you kidding me).I told him I’d rather not put 190 pounds on this knee at this very moment.As you wish he told me .Recommended 2-3 days rest and I should start to see some improvement .Personally,I hope no one goes through what I experienced today.Any advice,comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated….Michael.

    • Michael,
      I wouldn’t be able to speak on what is normal procedure however it doesn’t sound like anything I would wish on anyone. Hopefully what the doctor did addressed the “unfortunate setback” and now your body will be able to heal what is going on. Before I go into more on your knee it would be important to know did the syringe draining of your knee address the issue? Depending on the answer to this question I have two completely different paths you would need to take. Look forward to your response. Bill

    • WOW! i do understand you 110% i had the same thing done to me 3 times over a course of 2 weeks after surgery i had Jan 2013 and I am still suffering my knee is still swollen and i am being told this is normal i am still trying to find WHY!! is my knee still this inframed!! I hope you have a speedy recovery keep your head up!

  46. Hey everyone…. I just had a TTT (Tibial Tubercle Transfer) with an OATS procedure to help my right knee. It was tough in the first few weeks, and I’m actually loving my PT. I’m just now getting to 67% flexion and I’m at -7 extension, so still have some work to do. My question is, has anyone out there had this type of surgery, and if so, have you had any infection? I just noticed the last few days I’ve had pus coming out of the incision and it always feels like its on fire or kind of prickling. Also some pain in my calf. I have called the doctor, and am supposed to go to see him soon, but I’m a little nervous about what they may have to do. Any suggestions?

    • Stephanie, With any surgery there is always a risk of an infection. That is why so many people only choose surgery as a last resort. Definitely talk with your doctor and see what they have to say…Bill

  47. Hi I had arthroscopy surgery for miniscal tears on my right knee 9 weeks ago. Cannot straighten my leg so my knee sticks out and can only bend it 30degrees. Feels like I have a metal plate in my knee when I walk on it. I am still limping. Nighttime is hard as cannot get comfortable. Been having PT for over 6 weeks with no improvement. If I sit on floor with legs out straightish I cannot lift right leg off he floor. Wondering if I need 2nd opinion?

    • Debbie,
      Odds are your knee is still protecting itself from the injury and subsequent surgery. We need to create some comfort in your knee so it feels safe supported and listened to. This way it will begin to let go of the tension so you can begin getting movement in your knee and your leg. You will probably find some tremendous value in my program, “The Comfort Zone” — Here’s a link with more information: http://thekneepainguru.com/lp/comfort-zone-stretches/ Keep me posted as to how it goes…Bill

  48. I am about 100 pounds overweight, so I started watching what I ate and started exercising. Lost 25 pounds so far but in the process have injured my left knee. Went to an orthopedic doctor and had an MRI done. The results show I have a complex tear of the meniscus, two tears actually. I guess that’s what they mean by complex. He says I have some arthritis but not bad. I am scheduled to have meniscus surgery in 3 weeks but after reading all these comments I am afraid its going to do more harm then good, especially considering my age, 42, and weight. Luckily I have a desk job so I should be able to go back to work with no problems. I don’t really have a lot of pain now, more aches, and I cant straighten my knee when I walk. Its more annoying than anything. I’m wondering if surgery is really my best option or will this heal on its own if I do strengthening exercise in my legs over the next several months? My knee cap is also misaligned in this same leg, but the doctor doesn’t seem to concerned about that.

    • Hi Tricia,

      Thank you for your question. Sometimes surgery is an option especially if you are looking at a complex tear however you would still want to address underline issue in your knee regardless if you chose for the surgery or not. Strengthening exercise is not necessarily going to heal what’s going in your meniscus or as far as misaligned in the leg. You may want to consider working with my program comfort zone.

      Adam on behalf of Bill

  49. Hello,
    It is a week today since I had surgery for a medial tear of the meniscus in my left knee along with the removal of a cyst in the knee. I will return to see the Otho next week for a followup appointment. As of yesterday my knee is very hot although not red or oozing. Is this just a part of the recovery? It is also swollen, stiff and uncomfortable when I try to ‘hobble’ around the house. The feeling is as if it is full of something inside and through to the back of my knee…fluid I’m guessing.
    Any suggestions as to help myself more would be appreciated. I have been sitting with my leg elevated with ice packs.

  50. Hey Dr. Knee Pain Guru.

    Was browsing and searching any site with info that could help me, and this seemed to be a good place to ask a question.

    I am 25, I tore my meniscus on May 22, and had surgery to repair it on the 29th. (I want to add that I had very minor tears about once a month for the half year before the meniscus tear. Not sure if they were “minor tears”, but they always popped out and in within a few seconds, and I was at least 90%, still able to run and play sports.) My OS said my repair required 6-7 stitches.

    The one week after surgery is coming up. And my knee refuses to be straightened. It goes as far is 145-150 degrees, but it wont ever go the full 180. It hurts when I try to do it. Should I be worried about this, or is this a common thing post-op?

  51. I am having a very hard time with recovery I took a fall on some stairs in Dec 2011. I had meniscus tear on the medial and lateral they were repaired on 1-10-13 along with bone shaving and some other stuff he did inside my knee it felt better the first few days after surgery well when i went to have my stitches removed on 1-15-13 my knee was so swollen that i could not even pick my leg up 2 inches! and was very painful when i got to the doctors office they put me in a room and the nurse asked me why i could not get on the table I told her i was in too much pain and my leg would not bend.she tried to bend it and i screamed! so she went and got the doc he looked at it and told me i had blood on my knee so he stuck me with a very large needle and pulled out 6oz of blood&fluid! it felt better by late night but it swelled up again a week later i went back and doc drained it again but this time i got no relief it swelled again a few days later i went back in and was then admitted to the hospital my doctor came and took culture samples that night and went back into the knee the next morning to clean it ont i was on very strong IV anti-biotics for my 10 day stay in the hospital they could not find what caused the infection at all so I was released and went home with PICC line in my are to continue IV anti-biotics for another 8 days well my knee is still very inflamed i am in PT but my ROM is very limited i have had this surgery done on this knee in 2007 and 2008 and was down only 3 months i still can’t straighten my leg out or bend it past a 90 degree angle i am in a lot of pain taking morphine and percs i use ketoflex 2x a day i have PT 2x a week I also am in the gym another 3x a week including a heated salt water pool
    but nobody seem to know why i am not healing like I should it is very depressing i feel like i have no life and i am doing everything they ask me to do and then some but no one seem to think that this is a problem but me i just don’t know what to do or where to turn for help

  52. Hi my name is Sergio, I am 19 years old and had arthoscropic knee surgery done about 2 weeks ago. I currently began playing basketball again ( cause of the injury) and I play with minor pain to no pain at times. Is it a good idea to begin playing again already? I do not meet with my doctor until a month from now. As of now he has cleared me for work which I lift boxes up all day, and some light jogging. What are the dangers of playing already?

  53. Hi,

    I’m 15 years old and I injured my knee on May 7, 2013. I had surgery for a micro fracture (not really sure where, the only thing I know is that the doctor said it was not a meniscus tear). It is currently June 25 and I am not able to lift my left leg (leg with injury) and I have to walk backwards still. When do you typically start Physical Therapy because I imagine you start it soon but my surgeon hasn’t even stated when exactly (I’ll probably be starting by early July). Do you have any tips for me and the reason why I am not physically able to lift my left leg even though it has been over a month. P.S, I am in a knee brace that is locked because my surgeon said I am not able to bend it for awhile. The next time I see him is July 2 and I think that is when he determines if I bend it.

    Thanks, and any information would be helpful

  54. Hi I’m Matthew, I was wondering what type of exercises.. Can you do after arthroscopic knee surgery?? I had surgery 7 days ago to repair my ACL And Meniscus with minor cartilage damage…but I feel pretty fine just a little discomfort in the knee… Not much swelling just a little in the knee and ankles. Is black and blue around the incisions normal and around your calf??and how long until they go away??? I stop using the crutches after 3 days and each day I find to be getting around a little better than the day before.. Just going crazy trying to find something to do and not be bored!!! Thanks

  55. I’ve recently had an operation on my right knee. All is well. I’ve been going to the gym and working in a active job. But recently the knee I’ve had the opp on has nbeen clicking and my other knee feels strained and painfull . Any info on how I can solve this or why it’s happening would be in great benefit.

  56. i have had arthroscopy now week 3 sore pain at night cant walk without limp stairs hard work so pain full when will it stop said i have arthrightis and will one day need a new knee but some people say they are worse of with new knee dont feel as if i can work long hours at work so depressed ,, holiday in 4 weeks to spain scared its going to be a pain full holiday so fed up ….

  57. Good evening,

    Just over three weeks ago I had an arthroscopy and micro fracture done on my left knee. I shattered my knee cap over ten years ago and doctors predicted I would have issues in my late 20’s, low and behold I did.

    I’m wondering if there different recovery periods to microfractures as prior to going into the surgery a health consultant told me I would be up and walking the next day and the microfracture sounds a lot severe than it actually was! This was quite a surprise considering feedback I’d found on the internet tends to suggest months to recover.

    After the surgery my Physio told me the exercises I’d need to do and that I need to leave the brace on for 6 weeks, I had my second appointment with the Physio two weeks after the surgery and he was very happy with my progress, I can fully put all weight on my knee, I can walk fine and nearly fully bend my knee now. My thigh muscle has deteriorated so he gave me exercises to build that up, I’m just wondering what the knee brace is needed for now and also every other experience this surgery people haven’t been able to walk for a while etc? I never even feel pain despite all the pills I was given to combat it.

    My knee feels fine for normal activity, walking, standing, bending, it sometimes feels sore but doesn’t stop me doing anything. Of course I have stayed away from running etc



  58. I tore my miniscus on my left knee last year after I fell down a couple of stairs at work, I did physical therapy after X-rays showed no breaks. Pain was there then and subsided some and then return slightly at first and just got worst and worst until taking my dog for a 30 min walk or taking 1 flight of stairs became painful. I went back to PT and that was not helping, because this is a WC issue I had to undergo a Ttl of 6 more PT visits along with doctor visits until they approved an MRI. The MRI revealed a lateral tear of my miniscus on my left knee. (In April of this year). Doctor said I neened surgery to repair it and shave off some cartilage too. I finally had surgery today, I was given an ice machine I’m to use 30 min on and 30 min off, keep my foot elevetated for the next 48 hours, I don’t see my doctor again till next week when lt will be assigned again.
    Any tips that can help with the recovery, maybe since I just had my surgery done i can get some good tips on what else I should do? Should I continue to ice night n day 30 min on 30 min off ? For the first few days and completely rest it so the swelling goes down before I try walking on it? Any tips

  59. Heya just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think
    its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

    • Hi Brandi,
      Thanks for the note & informing us with this. Can you please specify which images are not loading so that we can fix that as soon as possible. Please write to us if you have any questions.

      Adam on Behalf of Bill

  60. pushed and fell on knee july 2011 .arthroscopic surgery revealed osteoarthritis had destroyed knee . total knee replacement sept 2012. 10 months out still have constant Charlie horse pain in calf, pain that doesn’t let me walk, I hobble with cane, I cant sleep at night without pain meds. I am always a blink away from crying. depression is my life. still in physical therapy, all tests are negative for infection, rips and tares. my surgeon thinks I am faking, my family doctor thinks I have nerve damage and physical therapy doesn’t know what to do. I am SICK of the constant pain

  61. I had repair to meniscus, lateral and medial, as well as ACL with cadaver on Right knee on June 18, 2013. Seems like My doctor has terrible bedside manners. I have better luck with my PT. He relays the message. I have severe pain from knee to ankle. The pain meds don’t work and neither do OTC. Some days are better than others. Today is not one. That’s why I’m still up at 4 a.m. My PT says that im doing great. 10* less ROM than left knee. I’ve been active all of my life. My knee has given out on me a few times and I’ve had to catch myself from falling. My 8,9&10 y.o. boys want me to play with them. They are used to me coaching them in every sport. I’ve always led every drill or exercise by example. I’m actually scheduled to go back to work in 16 days. Can’t see that happening. Knee still swollen especially after a few hours of being on My feet. Took the boys bowling, laser tag and arcade a few days ago. My knee was in severe pain the rest of the evening. Mind you all I did was watch. Please help.

  62. Hi, I had orthroscopic knee surgery in 1991 after an hyper extended ACL accident playing soccer, I then moved into less invasive sports but also produced wear, running and triathlons, up to marathons and half iron man. then last year I began to have pain and went to several doctor who said the gap between bones due to lack of ligament pull had to be mended with a reconstruction of ACL, so I did in November, 9 months after I have not ran yet, but it seems pain has not gone, I am wondering if it is part of recup or I will experience pain for the rest of my life, specially climbing stairs. any advice?

  63. I had knee surgery 4 weeks ago and I am amazed at how well I feel. At ten days, started rehab and my therapist was very gentle the first session. Each visit, he would have me do a little more and there were times when my knee hurt for a couple of days afterward. He would ask me where it hurt, I would show him and he would adjust my exercises or lessen the number of reps. At this time, the only time I have any pain at all, is when I first get up from sitting down. I will feel some pain with my first two or three steps and then it goes away. I am 73 years old, so am pretty proud of healing this quickly.

  64. Looking for answers, please help! I am 28yr old female in good health. I have been complaining about my right knee hurting since I was about 17. After seeing many doctors,one finally found the problem. I have TONS of tiny tears in my meniscus and it wasn’t shaped normally. I had a arthroscopy to repair and reshape the meniscus. During my first visit the doc told me exactly what he had done during surgery and told me that a muscle(not sure which, but located on the outside and towards back of knee) is completely stretched out from years of ignoring this issue. Well, it has been almost 3 months since surgery and I’m miserable. I hurt all the time and click and pop and just recently my knee has started giving out without warning. I almost fell down some stairs when it gave it. I have done 2 months of therapy but nothing is helping. I told me doctor about this and he said “well at least you didn’t break your neck!” but offered no help to fix the issue. My issues are pain all the time mainly in the joint area and to the outside, cracking, popping, extreme weakness walking up and down stairs and now it giving out. Does anyone have any idea if this is just extremely super slow healing or if I may have done something else to it? I want to go for a second opinion but because it has not been 90 days since my surgery no doctor will see me.

  65. I had my knee replaced over 2 years and over the
    Past 6 month, it has been itching just below the knee
    Cap. It won’t stop itching in the one spot! I have used
    Anti itch cream, lavender oil, and kept it moisturized but with
    No relief. Any suggestions???

  66. I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus 4 weeks ago. they also dis some scraping out for some arthritis. before the surgery I had pain behind my knee and down the back of my leg. I was also told I had a cyst behind my knee too. apparently the Dr did not take out the cyst because he said once the meniscus was fixed it would take care of it. now I still have the pain behind my knee and down my leg. an ultra sound was done to confirm it was a bakers cyst. how long do I have to wait for the cyst to go away? is there anything that can be done? very frustrated!

  67. Hi, I got ACL reconstructed, medial menisectomy and microfractures in my leg on June 20 of 2013 and still on crutches with partial weightbearing mainly because of standard protocol for microfractures. While doing exercises, I use to have clicking sounds in my knee and very numb at the tibial bone, able to fully flex and extend, putting partial weight on it, but dnt have a perception that my leg is able to bear weight fully as I feel leg going to buckle, but dnt give it a try and very cautious about it….Can u tell me how long it will take to b out of crutches and full weightbearing……I m just following PT instructions well and avoiding any jerky movements…..

  68. I am 2 weeks post op cadaver ACL reconstructive surgery. Doc and PT say most important thing is to get my knee/leg straight. I can’t. The pain in my incision below my knee where they drilled through the bone is extremely painful. I cannot get my knee straight by applying pressure or laying on my stomach and letting my legs hang off bed. The pain in that incision site brings me to tears it is so bad. There is a knot/lump at that site but they say it isn’t abnormal. How do I get my leg/knee straight if I can’t stomach the pain. (p.s. I can’t do it while on pain killers either as I cannot take pain killers – my stomach rejects them)

    • Tracy – I feel your pain! I couldn’t handle the pain killers either. Made me do the same thing. Your body is in a lot of pain and the pain causes fear. From the surgery as well as the initial injury. We need to get your body to begin to recover quicker by getting it more comfortable. I suggest we setup a time to talk and figure out a strategy for you. Here’s a link to setup a time on my online calendar: http://thekneepainguru.com/lp/knee-recovery-program/ Talk soon, Bill

  69. I am 29 and had a meniscus tear repaired on 9/11/13. I was told by my Dr. that I cannot bend my knee for 3 weeks so I am miserable in a brace. I can’t go up steps, walk far, or drive. I have a lot of pain that just seems to be getting worse. I have this problem though that I don’t know if it could be a big deal but every since the day I had my surgery, even though I’m on a lot of pain meds I have had this dark green almost black diarrhea. I am sort of embarrassed to talk about it but it is making me miserable and I don’t know if this could have anything to do with my surgery ?

    • Stacie – Yes, that would be very concerning for me too! Have you spoken with your doctor about it? At the very least call their office and let them know. You may also look at what you’ve been eating lately, has it changed? There are lots of factors that could go into what you are experiencing. Keep me posted…Bill

  70. I tore my acl and had a slight tear in my meniscus two years ago. In from time to time I get sudden pains where I tore my meniscus. When that occurs my knee doesn’t feel stable without knee strap, it hurts to bend. Could I get some insight on this matter?

  71. I had left knee orthopedic surgery to repair a torn meniscus and remove a plica back in April. I went to PT for about 6 weeks. Everything seemed fine through PT and I waited about 3 months to try any real activity. Now 5 months later I have tried running a mile or two here and there or boot camp every now and then, and I have much worse pain in my left knee then I did before. Mainly the pain is when I am lunging or squatting or when I step down during a run. The pain could last a day or a week and mainly hurts when I use the stairs. Seems more like knee cap pain, but this never happened until after the surgery. Pilates and Yoga don’t seem to bother my knee so I am just doing that but I want to get back to running…

  72. Hello,
    I had a torn meniscus and on 24 august 2013 they removed part of the torn meniscus in an athroscopic surgery. Now on 30 september I am still experiencing a lot of pain — a lot more than before the operation. I am still on crutches because it is still to painful to go without and being honest it seems to get worse by each day. I am losing the bendability of my knee and it’s very hard for me to sleep, walk and go up stairs. They said i was only really supposed to use crutches for about two weeks but here i am five weeks on. Do you have any advice if this is normal?

  73. I did my knee arthoscopy 2months ago,but still i have pain in my knee. So What can i do to recover my knee pain?

  74. I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee to remove a plica, smooth the articular cartilage and a lateral release 12 weeks ago and I walked out the same day with no crutches. I am a very active 18 year old and I just love to run, play tennis and football. I had a lot of physiotherapy before my surgery so really built up the muscles. I can run now but I feel the pain coming back even when I am lying in bed. Climbing the stairs is getting difficult, going down the stairs has not been possible since the surgery. But now I get this severe pulling sensation at the back of the knee when I bend it past 90, the pain is so intense and it sends pain all around the knee cap and I cannot weight bear at all until it subsides. Should I go back and see my surgeon or wait to see if it gets better/worse?

  75. I had scope surgery to my right knee this past march. They found the cartlidge inside was very swollen. So teu injected some type of foam. To relieve the swelling in my cartlidge. I did therapy for 4months after my surgery. Therapy helped greatly, but I still felt great stiffness. In my knee when I would fully bend it. Best way to describe it, feels like the pressure before. You crack your knuckle, without the pop. Feels like I have to crack my knee, but it won’t bend all the way. And is very painful when I do so. My good knee I can bend to wear it’s touching my butt. My bad knee I can not do this at all. Nor can I kneel or crawl on it. The doctor said it may get better, or it may be permanently damaged. Where I will no longer be able to bend it all the way anymore. Help I’m only 27

    • Tiffany – I was 2 years older when I messed up my knee and now I have more strength and flexibility in my knees and body then when I was in my 20’s…This is the program I’ve developed and continue to work with to this day and I believe it would be the best thing for you as well…http://www.SayNoToKneeReplacement.com – Let me know if you have any further questions…Bill

  76. I’m 56 year old female that is 40 lbs over weight. I will be having open knee surgery in about 4 weeks to repair a medial meniscus tear and separation, and patella realignment by cutting the lateral ligament and reattaching it to the patella ligament. ( I think that is correct). I was just wondering what to expect after surgery. I realize that the rehab is going to be extremely painful and I’m not looking forward to it but I will do everything I need to do to get back to being able to work out and loose this blasted weight.

    • Carol – It’s going to hurt…A LOT! You’re having a lot done to your knee. Make sure you drink plenty of water and cut out grains, dairy and processed foods. That is what I would do if I was looking at the surgery you are. Lots and lots of sleep, cut out stress and we should probably have a conversation about a strategy after your surgery…Click on the following link to set that up: http://thekneepainguru.com/lp/knee-recovery-program/ Bill

    • Tony,

      If your speaking of Bikram…Bikram Yoga is a system of yoga that Bikram Choudhury synthesized from traditional hatha yoga techniques and popularized beginning in the early 1970s. All Bikram Yoga classes run for 90 minutes and consist of the same series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises

      Kind Regards,

      Customer Support

  77. In 2010 I had a total knee replacement. I was in severe pain and complain to my dr. On numerous occasions, however, he refuse to do anything and accuse me of being a drug addict seeking pain medication. However, I am not a drug addict and eventually I had an infection in my knee which was red and my leg looked like it weighed 300 lbs. I was in severe pain and had a terrible odor, I was so sick and my pop ordered blood test and had me admitted into the hospital. My family was called in around 1am because I went septic and almost died. I was in ICU for a week and had to have the knee remove and have a antibiotic spacer put in and stay in a nursing home for 8 weeks and then have another knee replacement. I switch doctors and my life was miserable. I have a 11 year old daughter and husband and I was in a nursing home for a total of 8 months due to the first doctors stupidity. I have had a total of 7 operations on my leg and have MRSA and a severe Staph Infection. I have to see a infectious disease doctor because of this and will be on antibiotics for the rest of my life. I can not bend my knee and can not have any more surgeries because I can possibly lose my leg or die. I am 51 years old and my life has been turn upside down. I went to an attorney and he took my case and right when the statue of limitation was up he drop my case because he stated that his firm was using the doctor In another case as a witness. I could not believe this and no one would take my case because the statute of limitation has expire. I just want to be able to walk normal again and live a normal life. I was going to a pain specialist and I refuse to take all of the medications he prescribe to me because they were dangerous like morphine, opana and exalgo. If I was a drug addict I would have taken them, however, I am not. I am in severe pain an I take Omega XL and Tylenol. I also have lymodemia and go to the lymodemia clinic and use a pump. I just got my taste buds back after 3 years and have went from a size 14 to a size 7-8. Is there anything you can do to help me. I was told by one doctor to go to the Cleveland Clinic. I would greatly appreciate your help. I thank you for your time and efforts concerning this matter.

  78. I had a meniscus repair 7 months ago. Dr told me i’d be back in 6 weeks. Still have some pain in the front where he went in, but that’s getting better slowly. The part that keeps me awake at night(due to stress, not pain) is the new pain that’s developed in the back of my knee. hurts as push at about a 80 degree angle(hurts other times that’s just what makes it hurt the worst.) Dr did another MRI, said there’s post surgical changes and to give it more time. what does that even mean? My original pain(which is still there) was on the right side of the knee but i’m convinced now that all it is/was is IT band syndrome. Nobody told that might be the problem, but they saw a tear and went for it. Suggestions anyone?

  79. I had surgery for a torn meniscus in June. The horn was torn thru the root and have arthritis. I know the knee will never be the same since the root was torn. I was getting better, was having a lot less issues with it. However a month ago I fell in my garage, landing on my knees. Now I am in some sort of pain all the time. Whether its aching, burning or feeling like a spike is being driven through it. It’s not the same pain as before surgery. I don’t have the range of motion that I regained after surgery. I am scare about seeing someone for it. When I found out I had to have surgery I freaked out thinking i was never going to walk the same again, turns out I won’t. But now I am scared that if I go in they will find something more wrong. Should I go in or wait it out? If I do go should I see the surgeon or my primary?

    • Missy,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. To better assist you with your concerns, I have contacted you directly via email at the email address provided. Again, thank you for contacting us and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Kind regards,

      Mimi | Customer Support

  80. I too have same issue like Missy…I had my meniscus and acl surgery in June and fell on my knee last week from lat step in a shopping mall.People had to carry me tht day but next day I slowly started walking on my own.However now I am having severe pain and my left leg is swollen just above the knee portion and it is hurting badly…but still can walk.pls advice.

    • Seema,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. I see that you booked a Free 30 minute consultation which is great! I look forward to speaking to you about what your experiencing.

      Kind regards,

      Mimi |On behalf of Bill P.

  81. I have multiple issues. First I had a C5-C6 decompression and fusion done on Nov 12th. Two weeks later I bent down to play with my 4 year old grandson and my left knee experienced a “bucket” tear of the lateral meniscus. I had to have it emergency scoped. I am a week in to my leg recovery and my knee continues to be hot and swollen. Walking on one crutch is all I can bear with my neck surgery. I fear that the extra strain is inhibiting my neck recovery. I am now addicted to my cryo-pump and unable to sleep due to pain in my knee. Any suggestions?

    • Lynda,

      Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your discomfort. I have reached out to you directly via email to better assist you.

      Kind regards,

      Mimi|Customer Support
      Ph: 502 638 2567

  82. Hello I’m a 28 year old 6’8 250lb ex basketball player. I’m having issues after two lateral meniscus surgeries one on each of my knees. The first surgery was about a year and a half ago and the second a little over six months. Right now any explosive or sudden movement really hurts the lower outside part of my knees (especially jumping and lateral motion).I’ve done PT and they told me I need to get my quads bigger. I’m a gym rat who trains my legs three days a week vigorously, but the pain isn’t getting any better. Went back to my doctor and he said it might be itbs so I ivested in a foam roller and adopted a stretching routine. Still no luck. Any suggestions

    • Hi James,

      Thank you for reaching out to us! We definitely have some great suggestions for you. to better assist you, I have contacted you directly via email. Again, thank you for reaching out and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

      Kind regards,

      Mimi |Customer Support

  83. Torn meniscus surgery on left knee December 16, 2013. Pain is tremendous since the surgery. Doctor says I’m loaded with arthritis and I’m bone on bone. He didn’t say this before the surgery. Need relief. Any help appreciated.

    • Hi Denise!

      Thank you for reaching out to us. To better assist you, I have contacted you directly via email to provide you with some options to relieve your discomfort. I look forward to speaking with you!

      Kind regards,

      Mimi |Customer Support

  84. I have had problems with my right knee since I dislocated it as a teenager, I had it pinned when I was 16 and it was ok for 20 years. Then a couple of years ago I dislocated my knee again and struggled to recover, although I got full mobility back I totally lost all strength and it took my six weeks of PT before I could do a straight leg lift. Frustratingly I then dislocated it again and started the whole process once more, this time after a couple of months of unsuccessful PT I had a lateral release, again this didn’t seem to improve my condition, I still couldn’t do a straight leg lift, extend my leg from the knee without using my hands or climb stairs. All this time I had been using one crutch when walking. I managed to get a referral to a different consultant who felt the only way forward for me was a PKR which I had at the end of Jan 2014. I am now nearly seven weeks post op and still walking with two crutches. I do PT twice a week and exercise everyday at home, as before flexibility is not a problem and I think I can feel my quad muscles for the first time in a years but in the past week the pain has really increased at a time when I thought it would be getting better. I had stopped pain meds but I am now taking pills three times a day and it still hurts. The pain is on the inside of my knee and at the bottom of my knee, has anyone else experienced this type of pain seven weeks post op? Also has anyone got experience of trying to walk without crutches after years of reliance on them, I’m finding it mentally really hard to find the courage needed.

  85. I just had surgery today for two tears in my meniscus. I have been working with a fabulous acupuncturist for chronic back trouble for years. I will be seeing her for my knee during the healing process.

    Yoga is a wonderful way to help your back and knee. I would also suggest to everyone that acupuncture is also terrific. If you don’t have a positive first experience, look around. Acupuncturists are different and some are a better fit for you than others. Mine has a Masters degree in acupuncture and is also a Naturopath. I’ve been working with her for 9 years for chronic pain–I am sure some short-term work on my knee will help, especially with muscle spasm.

    Best wishes.

  86. Hello,
    I went to the doctor after putting up with pain running for a few months. I could not feel anything unless I went for a long run (only felt pain about 4 km’s into it) and toward the end of my football matches. The doctor told me I had a medial meniscus tear that needed to be removed so I went in for the opp. He told me I’d be back playing football in 4 to 6 weeks. After 2 and a half weeks the dr told me I could go back to work and my physio wanted me to try a bit of jogging around the same time. Obviously I have overdone it because after one day at work all the pain that was there before the opp was back but worse. 7 weeks in now and I can’t even do 10 minutes on the bike without getting a burning pain on the inside of my knee.
    Is it common for people to get the same symptons they had prior to the opp or does this possibly been that I have re torn my meniscus?

    • Hi Craig!

      Thank you for your message! to better assist you, I have emailed you directly to ask you a few additional questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

      Mimi L
      Customer Support

  87. I had patellar tendon debridement in November of 2013. I still have severe tightness where they did surgery. It feels like someone has put a rubber band around my knee (in the tendon area.) It isn’t always present. I don’t note it when I am sitting or lying down. It develops after I stand for a while. I did a second round of PT earlier this month, not only because of the tightness but because the area above my knee and on the edge of the knee cap had gotten involved, making it difficult to cycle and very painful to swim. I stopped exercising for a while at the request of my PT. I started to ride again, mixed results, although yesterday after I rode I felt as good as I have for a while. Didn’t last though. Today it’s back. I get some swelling about the knee. There’s a heaviness to that area, esp when I wake in the morning and am coming down the steps. The heaviness is accompanied by a major crepitus when I go down the first step

    • Hi Bill!

      Thank you for your message! To better assist you with your questions and concerns I have reached out to you via email to learn more about what your experiencing.

      Kind regards,

      Customer Support

  88. About 4 years ago I had a tibial plateau fracture from an accident. I imidiately had surgery and ended up with a plate, 8 screws and graft to replace the shattered part of my tibia. A year later I had all the hardware removed. I had been fine since then, I’m not an athlete so I don’t really put any extra stress on my knee. I’m a fast walker, I jog ocasionally and you can catch me jumping up and down at a game. I had occasional pain, since I lost most of the carlige on my knee I expected that and handled it with alieve. Lately, at night, the pain has been unbearable to the point that I can’t sleep and it has been this way every night. I’m only 31 years old and hate to think I’ll be living like this the rest of my life. I don’t know what to do at this point and am very frustrated.

    • Hello Wandely!

      Thank you for reaching out to us! I suggest booking a free 30 min consultation/knee evaluation with Bill to discuss what your experiencing. Bill will be able to provide great advice and recommendations/solutions for whats going on. If your interested, please click on the link below to complete the consultation form and schedule a date and time that is best for you. Feel free to reach out to me for further assistance.


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      Mimi | Customer Service

  89. I sustained an ACL rupture and grade 2 MCL tear on the 12th of Apr while playing badminton as I landed from a jump awkwardly on my left leg. I had my ACL reconstructed (Hamstring graft) on the 17th of Apr and the recovery has been fine till date except for the below problem; I was asked not to weight bear till week 4 post op because of the MCL tear.
    After my second post op checkup @ week 4 I was cleared to weight bear; soon after I started to weight bear the swelling around the knee started to drain to the shin area and I find fluid around the knee cap and in the knee joint. I reached out to my surgeon and explained that I have this swelling which is never reducing and he told that it is normal and the fluid will eventually get absorbed by the body give it some more time.
    Now its end of week 8 and the upper part Knee still remains swollen as how it was from Week 3; just that if I keep it elevated, extended and iced the swelling around the shin area comes down but the fluid around the knee cap still remains and pressurizes the knee when I flex it or walk on it. I do not have any swelling or pain in the knee joint.
    I have been given an appointment on the 16th of June for an Aspiration to drain the fluid from the Knee.
    My question is this normal that surgeons wait till this long to aspirate the knee and drain fluid or he should have drained it 1 week post op checkup when I complained about the swelling, stiffness while flexing?
    Also while the swelling settle down soon after the aspiration procedure is complete?

    • Hi there Santhosh!

      Thank you for reaching out to us. To better assist you I have contacted you via email.

      Kind regards,


  90. Hi, I am glad I came across this webpage. I had my right knee scoped 4 weeks ago due to meniscus tear. I had a bakers cyst as well.( primary doctor and orthopedic surgeon said they weren’t concerned about it though). I dont understand what’s wrong because im still in alot of pain. I have sharp pains running down the front and the outside of my knee and pain shooting down my calf. My knee also has a lot of swelling. I’m an LPN and I’m unable to work due to the pain and swelling, by the time I’m into 3 hours of my 8 hours shift I’m almost in tears. Does anyone know what might be going on?

  91. I just had ACL reconstruction and a meniscus repair yesterday and after only this short time my pain killers are doing nothing for my burning hot fiery pain in my leg and a pulsing thigh I had a nerve blocker with ultrasound to decrease my amount of narcotics needed before and after the surgery and I now have percacets <- (not sure about spelling) and had felt the same pain a few months ago during my MRI after keeping it straight for so long when I bent it it felt better immediately with small lingering pain and now without the ability or option to bend my knee with this cast on I do not know of a way to relieve this pain please reply if you know it could be possible I should call my surgeon after this short period of time I am in great pain even with my prescription pain killing medication

    • Hi there!

      Thank you for reaching out to us. Please reach out to your doctor for questions or concerns.

      Kind regards,

      Customer Support

  92. I had surgery to clean up my meniscus tear 3 wks ago. Is it normal to feel throbbing/burning when standing? It is also very painful to the touch on the medial side. Its my 4th surgery and I dont recall the previous ones feeling so bad at 3 wks. It is still swollen too. Any advice would be great on if this is normal or not.

  93. Hi im 29 years old just had surgey on my left knee 6 weeks ago. I have three big scares I had 2 screws an my bone an cartilage screwed in. But on the outside my knee is tingling an hurting like a shocking pain. What s going on. This is so different the the knee surgery I had 10 years ago on my right knee that was orthoscopic. Yhis was not orthoscopic.

    • Hello Amanda,

      Thank you for reaching out to us! I suggest booking a free 30 min consultation/knee evaluation with Bill to discuss what your experiencing. Bill will be able to provide great advice and recommendations/solutions for whats going on. If your interested, please click on the link below to complete the consultation form and schedule a date and time that is best for you. Feel free to reach out to me for further assistance.


      Kind regards,

      Mimi | Customer Service

  94. i had acl and mcl surgary about 7 months ago and i recoverd quick like 3 months early and now i have aching im my knee is it bad to have that becuse i play football basetball and baseball so i dont wanna miss another year of highschool sports should i go get another mri

    • Hello,

      Thank you for reaching out to us! I suggest booking a free 30 min consultation/knee evaluation with Bill to discuss what your experiencing. Bill will be able to provide great advice and recommendations/solutions for whats going on. If your interested, please click on the link below to complete the consultation form and schedule a date and time that is best for you. Feel free to reach out to me for further assistance.


      Kind regards,

      Mimi | Customer Service

  95. Had my right knee acl and meniscus arthroscopy in October 2008 n undergone the same in my left leg in august 2014. Kindly mail me for best rehab program, the link for best exercises and especially I heard about the bikram yoga kindly if someone mail me urgently.
    Gulshan B

    My mail I’d is gulshan0709@gmail.com

    • Hello Gulshan,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your interest in The knee Pain Guru’s programs. To better assist you, we will reach out to you via email as requested.


      Customer Support

  96. I play basketball and I’ve had fluid drained off 3 times already and sat out two weeks to let my knee get rest and came back and it’s still the same .. What do I do?

    • Hello Darryl,

      Thank you for reaching out to us! I suggest booking a free 30 min consultation/knee evaluation with Bill to discuss what your experiencing. Bill will be able to provide great advice and recommendations/solutions for whats going on. If your interested, please click on the link below to complete the consultation form and schedule a date and time that is best for you. Feel free to reach out to me for further assistance.


      Kind regards,
      Mimi|Customer Support

  97. Hi

    Had a total knee replacement January 13th 2014 osteo arthritis went to physical therapy completed therapy knee is still stiff and sore went to a rhuematologist she put me on doxy
    cycline to make sure no infection leg is still swollen she made a statement I had the wrong parts in my leg how could that be? My orthopedic doctor discharged me in June and stated recuperation could be anywhere from 6 months to one year. Wish
    I never had procedure done.

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m going to forward your question/situation over to Bill to address in in next live call. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have additional questions or concerns at customerservice@thekneepainguru.com

      Kind regards,

      Customer Support

  98. I had a meniscal repair 4.5 years ago on my right knee. Just in the last 6 months since I have started going to the gym, it has started hurting extremely bad every single day. About a month ago, I was taking out the trash and it caught and popped while I was walking. So I went to an orthopedic surgeon who gave me a cortisone shot in my knee. He said if it didn’t work within two weeks that I could come back in and discuss having arthroscopic surgery again to see if I have another year or inflammation of tissue that he can also take out. I’m so nervous about having another surgery, but having a dull, aching pain that feels like it goes straight through my bones is awful to try to live with. I’m constantly in pain and it puts me in a bad mood most of the time. I don’t feel like I’m able to be a sufficient mom or wife feeling like I do all the time.. I don’t know what to do! Surgery or no surgery? Oh also, I’m only 27. I don’t want the rest of my life to be like this… Trying to cope with chronic knee pain.. 🙁

  99. Hello my name is Evelyn.
    I had a total knee replacement on 20 August. I was given a T-scope leg immobiliser due to problems with the ligaments in my knee. I am 84 years old and am unsure of the correct usage of the brace whilst doing my physio therapy/sleeping/walking etc.
    Has anybody else been using the brace since surgery and could you give me some feedback on your experience.
    Thank you for any response.

  100. I had knee arthroscopy 34 days ago, torn meniscus. I am 36, 6’1″ 190 lbs. Regular runner prior to the injury. I felt like I was healing quickly and well early on, and my ortho prescribed me zero therapy. He said I shouldn’t need it based on my age and health. I have full range of motion at this point but there is still some fluid in my knee. It’s enough that it’s uncomfortable, but I can’t squat down to the floor without sharp pain. I have also been unable to return to running as a result. Am I also succumbing to the impatience? It’s been 5 weeks, he said I could return to running after 4 to 6, but the fluid I have doesn’t seem to have subsided at all in the last couple of weeks. How long does it really take, and is it possible to develop MORE fluid?

    I feel like this is a very minor complaint based on the experiences some have had. As you ALL know though, it’s quite stressful when it is restricting you from what you love. Not only that but I have a baby coming in 5 weeks and if I can’t squat down, I’m in real trouble. Anyone have any experience with this?

  101. Hello, I slipped and fell straight down on my knees in October of 2013. January 15th, 2014 I had my first anthroscopy, after months of swelling and severe pain.I had a slight tear in the meniscus and a lot of arthritis. I am active, in pretty good shape and eat a healthy diet. I followed all the instructions the doctor gave me and things were ok for a little while then started up again, the swelling was severe, heat in the leg and pain. Went for a second operation on May 20th, different doctor, he said he would have me walking and feeling well. I was going to PT 3 times a week for several weeks and then it started to swell again and I was taken off PT. Now it is September and I am back again with the swelling and pain and another MRI in two days. I am also seeing a rheumatologist and have fibromyalgia, both doctors are stumped as to why I am having this whole scenario again. When the dr. has tried to drain it to release any fluid there is none! The doctors seem frustrated, as am I, is this something that can be fixed or is my compromised immune system just going to keep interfering with the healing process? I can’t believe how it has changed me, I want the old me back, the depression from this entire this is horrible. I am taking Rheumatrex, Plaquenil, Folic Acid and Robaxin and I do take percocet 5mg. as needed but try to stick with over the counter for pain. Thank you and I hope you might have some answers.

    • Hi Kim,

      Thank you for sharing this information! I have contacted you via email to discuss this a bit further.


      Customer Support

  102. Hello my fiancé had meniscus surgery on his right knee on may 9 2014. It has been 4 months since his surgery and he is still in constant pain numbness here and there and a constant burning sensation in his knee. He still has the popping in it that they said would go away after surgery and has not. When it pops it you can literally see his knee cap pop. He has complained to me that it hurts worse now then before the surgery. He also had to have his knee plate grinded down as it had become jagged which caused the tearing of his cartledge and tearing we went back to his Dr after his 4 week check up and explained everything they gave him a cortisol shot in knee and wanted to give him more pain meds but he refused those because he has a high tolerance for meds and they weren’t helping with the pain at all. They just told him to keep doing his knee exercises to strengthen muscles and 4 months later nothings helping him. He’s still in constant pain and I don’t know what to do to help him any advice would be great. Email is countrybaby078@yahoo.com thanks Dee

    • Hi Dorothia,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      I have contacted you via email regarding your concerns. I look forward to chatting with you!


      Customer Support

  103. Hi, I had arthroscopic surgery just 11 days ago. I’m 54 yrs old, in fairly good shape. I’m an American working in the middle east. My Dr. is a British trained Dr. Mine left meniscus popped while going up the stairs. I drove myself to the hospital and drove myself back after a few hours of recovery. I could walk on it and I did, so as to avoid stiffness. I had the same surgery on the same knee about 8 yrs back and I did the same thing, but all of a sudden my leg is in pain and feels heavy and the pain is behind my leg. It’s so painful I just wanna….but I can’t. I don’t remember having this much pain from my prior surgery 8 yrs back… any suggestions as to why this is happening. I hate taking conventional meds., but I just cant take the pain, so I’m on panadol 1330mg 3 time a day…

  104. i had meniscus repair in 2012 and I still have lots of burning, throbbing pain in my left knee and pain shoots up to my back. The doctor gave me 4 injections already and I’m exercising religiously; despite all that no improvement. What can it be, that hurts so much…

  105. I had my scope 5 days ago and the lai. In my calf is now almost unbearable! Its stiff and sore like a Charlie horse. Is this normal?? I figured my knee would hurt but not my calf.

    • Hi Alicia,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.
      Arthroscopic knee surgery, provides a faster recovery than traditional open surgery. However, arthroscopic or open knee, neither solution grants you any certainty that the pain will go away. For information on what you are experiencing please take a look at the link below. If that does not address your questions, please reach out to us at customerservice@thekneepainguru.com



      Customer Support

    • Hi Helene,

      Thank you for your message.

      I am going to contact you via email to discuss what you are experiencing.


      Customer Support

  106. Hi,
    I am writing on behalf of my father, aged 58, who recently had knee hole surgeries in both knees. Now 2 weeks have passed after the surgery, and still a yellowish fluid oozes out of the left knee. The right knee is fine though. The oozing out is more when walking or moving the knees. When consulted the doctor who performed the surgery, the doctor informed that it would heal gradually. But still the fluid keeps out oozing out and Dad is bit tensed of the situation. Just want to know if this is perfectly normal or I should have to do something to close the cut.

    Awaiting your response.

  107. I originally injured my right knee by falling off a ladder. 7 Mionths later I had surgery for two tears in meniscus. Pain never did go away, and during the summer is got worse. Dr finally did another MRI and found another tear. So end of Sept I had another surgery. It is now end of October and still have pain. Dr has told my it wont get much better as I know have arthritus in my knee. I still have trouble doing stairs and kneeling. I am only 46 years old. I do Maintenance so I do alot of climbing and kneeling durning the day. Am i just stuck with having pain the rest of my life? I was told I would end up with knee replacement in time. Not what I was hoping for…

    • Hi Joe!

      Thank you for contacting the Knee Pain Guru!

      We appreciate your message and we welcome your questions! After reading your message, I feel that this will benefit many other subscribers in Bill’s Inner Circle by sending this over to him. I have submitted your question to Bill and he will address your concerns on the next live call. Your submission number is :: 12216.

      For more information and call schedules, please click on the link below.

      Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.


      Customer Support

  108. Hello, I ruptured my ACL and torn meniscus at the very end of last year.
    I did my surgery through ACC (support from government) in June. It’s been 5 month already and I still have pain on my knee. I told my surgeon and physio about the pain every visit and they said it will go away later but I still have them with me. I am doing rehab exercises such as cycling and leg exercises at the gym but have difficulty in running because of pain. The pain comes when I stretch my leg. Still my right knee cannot straighten fully.

  109. it has been 3 days since my ACL surgery diet wise everything is back to normal but i cannot poop for last three days is this a normal issue after ACL operation ? please recommend the solution please

  110. Hi this is Raghuram i have gone through Knee Open surgery on my left leg & 3 loose bodies were removed, it has done almost 5 years back but still i have a lot of pain, i cant sit for long time,cant walk, kindly help me out with some excise so that i get some what of pain relief. Please help me out.

  111. I had surgery on my left knee about a week ago to remove some torn meniscus. The problem I’m having is swelling above the knee and the quad muscles are so tight I can barely move my leg. I believe the quad muscle are so tight because of limping on that leg. Any suggestions? Is that swelling normal?

    • Janice – What is your doctor saying? They are going to have a really great idea of what is to be expected right after surgery. After a month of so we’ll have a better idea of how my process would be able to help you the best.

  112. Hi I had arthroscopic surgery 3 weeks ago I had a tear on my cartilage and had knee cleaned out I am experiencing a lot of pain when I’m in bed losing a lot of sleep with pain I’m taking paracetamol and putting cold on before bed having physio I dont know what else to do I can bend leg 120 but straightening is hard Carol

    • Carol – That first month after knee surgery can be the most difficult time to get through. The best thing to do is keep a positive mindset, drink plenty of water, eat good food, be conscious of your breath as much as possible and create COMFORT in your knee when ever and where ever you can. COMFORT is the highest leverage thing you can to help you get out of pain as fast as possible and optimize your body’s ability to heal your knee.

  113. Hi I completely ruptured my ACL in July 2014 and I also tore my medial meniscus. I had an ACL reconstruction and had the meniscus repaired in November 2014. My surgeon also said my meniscus was almost not repairable (not really sure what that means), and he said it could give out again at any time. I ended up being in a brace and on crutches for 8.5 weeks. Since being out of the brace, I have not been able to straighten my leg. If I am laying down I can straighten it. I can’t straighten it completely, but I think it’s improving. When I stand though, I can not straighten my leg at all. It feels stuck. I don’t understand why it is I can straighten my leg when laying down, but can’t when I am standing up. Also, when I am laying down and do straighten my leg, I can’t have it straight for long periods of time. I usually only last a few minutes at the most.

    • Alex – We are dealing with lots of tension patterns in your body that are causing you to be able to straighten the leg when lying down and not when standing up. This is very common with knee injuries as severe as yours and all we need to do is begin getting your nervous system and knee feeling safe to begin to let this go. I’ve had lots of success with injuries like yours primarily because that is the same injury I had. If you’d like some help with this then fill out an application and we can if you’d be a fit for my program.

  114. This site has really helped me understand what to expect, however I feel I have a bit of a different situation. I had my arthroscopic surgey 2 weeks ago. I didn’t have massive intense stabbing pain until about day 3. I was not expecting that. I had massive swelling for over a week. I had a lot of chondromaslia debradiment along with a partial quad tear and adhesions. This has made my quad disengage. I have been working hard at therapy and outside of therapy, yet today was my first day not using a crutch. I haven’t been able to support myself without my knee giving out. I worry I will never regain my quad strength. Also, I have very sharp pains in places that have never hurt before, which concerns me. Is this normal? Is something wrong? I’m having pain in the medial portion of my knee (not touching the kneecap) and along the top portion of my knee cap and where the tear was (to be expected). My major concern is the pain in the medial portion of the knee. Anyone else have anything similar?

  115. […] What Comes after knee surgery? – The Knee Pain Guru – Knee surgery is in one respect like having kids – both teach you that patience is a virtue. Arthroscopic knee surgery, what I had a month ago on my left knee …… […]

  116. Hi, I am 17 and I had my first injury on my right knee two years ago while playing a basketball game with girls who didnt know how to play. I thought it wasnt a big deal, so i just let it be. during the two years of time, i have been on and off crutches because of my knee popping out constantly. well a month ago, i finally took action and got an MRI only to fint out that i tore my acl and meniscus. the doctor told me that he suspected the acl tear was probably from the first injury. However, the meniscus tear was a consequence of the lack of care from my first injury. I just have my surgery five days ago;The doctor basically’s stitched the horn meniscus back together. Now, I’m just really worried that I still can’t bear weight on my right knee, And my niece been really swollen. there is also a big bruise the size of a small palm right under my incision.I went to see the PT today and they said that i’m recovering well. Whenever I put weight on my right leg, wearing the giant xss brace as a devised it hurts so much. Is that normal?

  117. I had surgery almost 8 months ago for a torn meniscus. I can barely walk more than half hour without extreme pain in my knees. (My other knee was replaced 3 years ago). I am 64 years of age. I feel and get around worse than some 85 year olds! What can I do to relieve my knee pain?

  118. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and had an MRI. it showed a cyst, arthritic spurs and a torn meniscus horn. I was bone on bone, and hadn’t been able to walk on, straighten, or bend my right leg; not a full night’s sleep either due to pain and swellingng for about 3 months. I had to wait to get.insurance in order to see an orthopedic surgeon

  119. I’m 10 weeks post TKR on my right knee. Pre surgery, I hadn’t been able to walk on bend or straighten my leg about 3 months. I had ACL surgery 37 years ago and recently.was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. My MRI showed a torn meniscus horn, arthritic spurs, a cyst and.bone.on bone. I had to wait to see an orthopedic surgeon until I applied and qualified for Obama Care. The doctor came highly recommended and recommended aTKR. Now that I’m having such a hard recovery and wonder if I should have had physical therapy to strengthen my muscles before the surgery. My right ankle.was reconstructed 12 years ago and still has a plate aand.screws

  120. i had surgery on left knee torn miniscus 3y ago then again 12 month later where they said i had start of synovitis , , constant pain ,swollen knee, it gives way regular, they put me on morphine tablets been taking them for 2y but not all time as scared of getting addicted , iv now been refered back to ortho by my doctor as she says it needs sorting ,as strain on good leg is taking its toll, waiting for hospital appointment ,im 48y ,some days it really gets me down

  121. HELP! I’m 12 weeks post.TKR. I’ve been to three physical therapists and each one has said that they’ve never seen a knee like mine……stiff, locks up, and so much scar tissue. The explanations I’ve had for my lack of ROM, scar tissue and severe pain are : I’m a white female at menopausal age with lack of estrogen(a lubricant), I had a surgery 37 years ago on the same knee, I had a total ankle reconstruction on the same leg 15 years ago, I have osteoarthritis, had spurs, a cyst behind the knee, was bone on bone, had a tear on my meniscus horn, was unable to walk on that leg for 3 months before surgery( atrophy) and was in a lot of pain. To top it off my mother died 3 weeks after my surgery and I was very depressed. My progress was already slow, then my ROM went back to 75° from 85°. They say that due to a of.the aforementioned facts, extra pain and poor recovery is expected. I’m faithful with my exercises and frustrated because although I can gain ul to 15° after PT, my knee stiffens right back up and my range of motion decreases again. Now I’m scheduled for manipulation and possible arthroscopy( the doctor will decide whether or not to scope at the time of manipulation depending on how he feels the manipulation is going). I’m in so much pain at night the only way I can sleep is in a CPM machine.

  122. I recently had my 4th arthroscopic knee surgery with repair of meniscus tear
    Knee is still swollen and stiff . while sitting for just a couple of !minutes its hard to stretch out my knee and when I do stretch it out it pops

  123. I tore my acl a 8 years ago while recuperating i developed a massive blood clot, then had reconstructive surgery, i recently had my 4th arthroscopic knee surgery with repair of meniscus tear
    Knee is still swollen and stiff . while sitting for just a couple of !minutes im in alot of pain when i try to stretch out my knee and when I do stretch it out it pops…have only taken Advil as I don’t like the pain meds I was prescribed. I have a job that requires me to stand 4hrs a night and a job where I sit most of the day
    which one should I give up or should I wear a brace?

  124. Hi

    I had two total knee replacements in 2007. I have been pain free until this Jan(2015) when I fell in the storm. Now I have a lot of pain at the bottom of one of my kneecaps. I have been through physical therapy and I feel better . However now I am exercising on my own and I feel some movement in both kneecaps. The wierd thing is that ..I FEEL MOVEMENT IN THE OPPOSITE KNEECAP. this is not constand but for example I do a set of ten or fifteen and during that set I will feel movement in the opposite knee. Am I crazy or can that happen?

  125. I’m 34… About 5 weeks ago I had surgery to reattach my meniscus. It was completely torn off the bone and though no surgical intervention was needed, I also had a torn ACL and a fracture to the tilbial plateau. My injury was 1/29 and my surgery was 5/5, due to me being in denial. Anyway, I am at the end of my rope as far as pain. I suffer from frequent spasms and pain so bad that I literally scream. They gave me pain meds for 2 weeks and that was it. I had to fight for muscle relaxants that didn’t knock me out for 2 days. I go to PT twice a week, but the swelling and the pain are unrelenting. I was told 4-6 week recovery and while I see improvement from the beginning, it seems that the 6 week mark will come and go and I’ll still be on crutches! Will I ever get better?? Is this at all normal??

  126. My daughter is 12 and is 5 months post Patella reconstructive surgery. She has started having sharp, stinging feelings in her knee (not just on the scar, but random places on knee). What causes this? Her Patella shattered as result of a Quadricep that was weak and the timing of a dance move was perfect (or not so perfect). She has returned to restricted dancing 1x a week.

  127. On May 7th of this year I had a torn meniscus repair. I was sent home with a walker and felt fine until late that night when I got up to go to restroom I blacked out not only once but twice. The second time I was having trouble breathing and was rushed to the ER I had a Pulmonary Embolism and was in ICU from the 8th of May to the15th during that time I Coded and was on blood thinners. It has been almost seven weeks now. I know I had a week set back when I couldn’t move my leg or even get out of bed because of the blood clot but I feel like that week may have done damage to my knee not being able to move it at all. I can bend it straight and almost all the way back before it gets tight but I’m worried if now I have scar tissue sense it’s so tight to bend back. I’m thinking about finding some type of water aerobics to do for my knew and was wondering if anyone else has done water aerobics for there knee recovery. Thanks for any input.

  128. Hi, I had knee surgery 2 years ago in left leg, now its swollen in calf area, and its been swollen since last surgery, alot of swelling and it stings alot, I know I have another medial meniscus tear, but after 2 surgeries, doctor said, I shouldnt have another surgery could make leg worse, but what is causing the swelling..I also have hard time breathing at times.Also keep in mind, my back not all the greatest either.

    • Ok Frank,

      Here’s what’s going on in your leg and this will help you understand why it’s swelling the way it is and not going away…

      First we must look at your pelvis which is the pump of your entire lymphatic system. The lymphatic system you can think of as the “garbage collectors” that remove the waste from your body.

      When your body experiences trauma like an injury, meniscus tear (or three :-), surgery, etc the body tenses up to protect itself. This is a natural response to whats happened to it.

      This creates a “kink” in the garden hose so to speak that prevents your lymphatic system from cleaning itself out the way it is designed to without the swelling and pain you’re feeling in your leg.

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  131. I have had total knee replacement on both knees. Not a good experience. The one knee was done and then came loose, this was after repeated trips to the doctor and other doctors and being told nothing was wrong with my knee, it was fine. Found a doctor in Baltimore Md. (I live in PA) and went to see him. He said I had a screw hanging loose in my knee and that was causing the pain. He fixed that. Then my knee replacement had come loose and he fix it. He took out the first replacement and put a new one in and its much better.
    My other knee has had 7 surgeries on it and still hurts. Same scenario. Doctor, which was not the same one who did my first knee, kept telling there was nothing wrong with my knee. Second opinions etc. and told my knee was fine. Finally went back to doctor in Baltimore and he said the meniscus was not put in correctly or not enough was put in. He operated and after 2 months said my knee still was not bending properly so I had knee manipulation and am currently recovering from that. Still lots of pain after 2 weeks and feel like I’ll never be able to walk properly again. Any suggestions, I”m so frustrated.

    • Mary

      This was the e-mail I sent out in a recent newsletter:

      Knee replacements are touted as the be all end all solution for knee pain.

      In actuality they are nothing more than a BIG BANDAID to cover up what’s not working properly in the body.

      AND the following is what happens when that “Big Bandaid” doesn’t work! I wish I didn’t need to use examples like this but it is THE REALITY YOU ARE FACING if you don’t change the path you’re on.

      At some point you can’t suck up the pain and push through anymore. By that point it’s too late!

      Let this e-mail serve as vision of what your future could look like…

      I’ve had total knee replacement on both knees. Not a good experience. T

      he one knee was done and then came loose, this was after repeated trips to the doctor and other doctors and being told nothing was wrong with my knee, it was fine. Found a doctor in Baltimore Md. (I live in PA) and went to see him.

      He said I had a screw hanging loose in my knee and that was causing the pain. He fixed that. Then my knee replacement had come loose and he fix it. He took out the first replacement and put a new one in and its much better.

      My other knee has had 7 surgeries on it and still hurts. Same scenario. Doctor, which was not the same one who did my first knee, kept telling there was nothing wrong with my knee. Second opinions etc. and told my knee was fine. Finally went back to doctor in Baltimore and he said the meniscus was not put in correctly or not enough was put in.

      He operated and after 2 months said my knee still was not bending properly so I had knee manipulation and am currently recovering from that.

      Still lots of pain after 2 weeks and feel like I’ll never be able to walk properly again.

      Any suggestions? I”m so frustrated.


      At this point there’s not much I believe I can help with…

      I’ve been helping people online with knee pain for 8 years now and wonder what Mary was doing then when she thought her best option was a knee replacement surgery.

      So Bill, what are you going to choose?

      Are you going to wait and continue to suffer or are you going to make a change today?


      Talk soon,

      P.S. – The longer you wait to make your knees feel better the older you get and the worse your knee are going to be. You can choose to take a step and get relief today!


  132. Hi I had meniscus trim about 17 days ago. I had an infection in left stitch after 7 days for which I was given antibiotics. I’m up walking generally fine but still get pain on the area that hurt before the op. I also still have some fluid in front of knee which causes pain too sometimes if in wrong position. Is this all normal pain or does it mean that surgery has not been successful? Any help appreciated.

      • The doctor says its normal to have pain this early? But I want to know if it is? Surely in general the knee may be sore and swollen but in the same specific place? Any ideas?

        • After my surgery it hurt like hell for quite sometime but mine was open knee/ACL reconstruction. It would make sense for it to hurt in the same place because that’s where the meniscus was torn/trimmed. There may be effects of the tension pattern held in the knee/leg creating a “Pain-Tension Loop” making it more difficult for the knee to heal. Have you taken the assessment and done the “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” video at the end? If not there go here and try it. That should give you some relief and we can go from there:http://www.thekneepainguru.com/kpassessment/

  133. Hello my name is Mirash, i had surgery on my right knee before 7 months, and i felt soo good so i strated playing soccer again, till last night, while playing i felt like my knee were no longer stabile, i felt pain but i can walk and everything like before, i can do everything like before just i feel a bit of pain while walking, i need you comment what do you think, have i cut my ligaments again or its just normal ?

  134. Hi,

    I’ve had meniscus surgery 3 months ago to remove my 50% of my lateral meniscus.
    Before the operation I could not do quick changes of directions or deep squats as I felt a sharp pain in my knee.

    After I did rehab and two days ago I tried to check my knee out by doing some light basketball shooting. I felt exactly the same pain as the one I felt before when I changes directions and I feel like I might have had a setback.

    Is it possible that I might have re-teared my meniscus or it just takes more time to heel and I simply have to wait?


    • Nick!

      Here’s an email I wrote to my list that may explain more what you’re dealing with…


      Subject: Knee Surgery ≠ No Pain

      Had knee surgery? Do you still have knee pain? Wondering why?

      A common misconception about pain after knee surgery…

      Here’s a question Nick sent in about his situation.
      Hi Bill,

      I’ve had meniscus surgery 3 months ago to remove my 50% of my lateral meniscus.
      Before the operation, I could not do quick changes of directions or deep squats as I felt a sharp pain in my knee.

      After I did rehab and two days ago I tried to check my knee out by doing some light basketball shooting. I felt exactly the same pain as the one I felt before when I change directions and I feel like I might have had a setback.

      Is it possible that I might have re-teared my meniscus or it just takes more time to heal and I simply have to wait?

      I fell into this same exact category right after my left knee surgery.

      In my mind, the surgery was going to fix my problem and my knee was going to “back to normal” after physical therapy.

      My reality was something quite different…

      Just because the knee was “fixed” didn’t mean I was out of knee pain. It just meant the doctor removed what was torn in my left knee.

      Rational thinking was nowhere to be found and my brain “went for” any immediate solution to my knee problem the surgeon presented.

      The point being is…

      Just because I had knee surgery doesn’t mean was getting out of pain.

      Back to Nick’s situation…

      I’m guessing, however, most likely nothing is “wrong” with his knee. Especially if he tested it so soon after the surgery.

      Anytime there’s pain in the knee, this is pointing towards tiny little nerves the width of an eyelash being irritated sending a sign of pain.

      If he starts to get the pressure off of the nerves, Nick’s knee will start feeling immediate relief.

      Repeat this process daily and in a short period of time, the knee no longer will hurt.

      I found this out for own knee and that’s why I created, “The Comfort Zone” so those, like Nick, suffering from knee pain after surgery can get themselves out of pain.

      It’s a simple process, one you just have to be disciplined to repeat each day for a few minutes until the knee no longer hurt.

      11 simple online stretches specifically designed to get the pressure off of the nerves in the knee causing the pain.

      As a member of the “The Comfort Zone” you will:
      – Eliminate that embarrassing limp. Take ten minutes after waking to work with the knee and feel fabulous before your feet hit the floor.

      – Stop wishing your knees were different. Learn how to understand different types of knee pain and discover the specific tool to get rid of each as they occur.

      – Quit wasting gas traveling to painful PT appointments. Receive easy to understand guidance in the comfort of your own home and feel relief by the end of today.

      Click below to get instant access to “The Comfort Zone.”

      (The Knee Pain Guru)

  135. Hello,
    I had my left knee Surgery back in early 2015. I recovered in about 7-8 weeks, but hadn’t got my full range of motion. Even today Nov 2017 I have about 120 degree ROM. Recently I have started to do my lower body exercises at the Gym. Noticing that my tendon is super sensitive at times, can feel something inside, I am sure that all the wires had been removed post surgery.

    Worried because my left thigh especially quadriceps doesn’t grow at all. and also I am wondering if working out is good idea or no.

    Appreciate your help.

  136. I had surgery 10 days ago to repair cartilage damage. I thought recovery was hoping well but on day 7 my thigh began to swell and now the swelling is in the whole of the thigh causing pain and difficulty in walking. Concerned that this swelling is not normal. Limited pain in knee and most swelling has gone down.

  137. I had my knee replaced 7 weeks ago. My recivery is doing quite nicely except for one thing. Each step I take I can feel and hear. what seems like bone clicking on bone. It is not painful, but I am wondering if this will go away?

  138. I am 31 yrs old have had knee pain for over 11years. I am what they call double jointed. I have had one 18 sprained ankles all because my left knee will give out or buckle and I will fall. I have had 2 arthroscopic knee surgeries with no relief. My last one was almost 3 weeks ago. I know it takes awhile to recover. Im swelling alot in my quads and in the stitches and they are very tender. My knee buckled inward now and still outward. Lucky I have not fallen just yet. This issue has kept me from having another child. I’m scared to fall during my pregnancy or after awhile holding the baby. Can’t get a knee replacement im to young. Im on my feet for 12hrs a day 5 days a week. I risk alot. Im just looking for relief without pills.

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