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Pain After Surgery

The Pros and Cons of Arthroscopic Surgery

…urgeon makes three small incisions in your knee and then inserts the arthroscope, which is a camera the size of a pen, into your knee to visually evaluate the condition of the joint. Then repairs are made using tiny surgical instruments through the scope. In many cases, this surgery is necessary and very beneficial to the health of the knee. An arthroscopy can fix painful torn cartilage or a torn meniscus, bone spurs, or can be used to clean out a…

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What Comes After Knee Surgery?

…nough for replacement… I am to suffer with this….they refused to rescope to see if there was anything wrong….why???? I keep asking myself why they wouldnt rescope just to make sure that something else is wrong that cant be seen on xray/MRI……so I am done with Dr’ (Orthopedics) as of now….bad bedside manner I have found…work on my feet 8 hrs a day and have to spend my days off in bed recooping and trying to lessen the pain… a…


The 5 Pillars of Knee Pain Recovery – Exercise

…y knee. However the knee got better over time so I ended up not having the scope. Now all this time down the line and since I started walking more regularly and doing excerises the knee is not “happy” any longer and now the right knee also hurts in different places… in the centre and slightly on top. I will be reaccessd on 15 Feb and not too sure what to do. Can you please help with some advice. Many thanks. Regards Linda Do you think I should h…

Knee Pain Psychology

Knee Treatment 101

…4 wks I still don’t have good ROM, he would have to break or cut them with scope surgery. Can’t find any info about that. He was like it was no big deal. Knee Pain Support Team Hi Laura, Thank you for reaching out to us. I can understand how frustrated you may when you cant find answers. To better assist you, I have contacted you directly via email to obtain more information. Kind regards, Mimi|Customer Support Jaime Contreras I injured my knee ab…


Meniscus Tear Treatment Options

…ine and physiotherapy.., what is ur opinion.. Hemant One suggest for arthroscope to trim meniscus other for medicine and physiotherapy.., what is your answer.. Sue I am an active 64 female. I hike and bike and work out pretty regularly including squat so have pretty good muscles around my knee. I eat a good anti inflammatory diet. I’ve start having issues with my Right knee. It suddenly gives way with sharp pain .and then I test it for 1/2 hour an…

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How to Get Rid of Painful Scar Tissue

…2013 to further gain my range of motion. My surgeon says that they can do scope surgery to help with the scar tissue, but a doctor that I went to for a second opinion said to not do the surgery as it could create more scar tissue. I still have a “tight band” feeling on one side of my scar and it can get very painful. I still ice often and wear an elastic knee brace that helps to hide the usual tight feeling. The second opinion doctor did say to g…

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Arthritis & Bone on Bone Knee Pain Solutions

…tear.” He said, “You aren’t a candidate for a knee replacement, but we can scope it.” Well, I got it scoped 5 1/2 months ago, and the pain has gotten worse and worse and worse. I kept asking him what was going on as physical therapy and any exercise was killing me. He said, “It takes time to heal.” So, just last month I decided to try Euflexxa shots even though my insurance wouldn’t cover it. Got those; they didn’t work either. I finally went to a…

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Diagnosing knee pain

…yourself and Diagnosing knee pain by a doctor. It’s important to know the scope of what your dealing with before any treatment of the knee begins. Diagnosing knee pain             There are primarily There are essentially two approaches for diagnosing knee pain. The first is diagnosing knee pain your self. Being that trying to diagnose your knee pain yourself on the internet is not a great idea. I’m not going to suggest you do this and leave the…

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This Doctor “Gets” Knee Pain! – Interview

…approach to eliminating knee pain. The medicine of the future is broad in scope looking at the body, the mind and the emotions to address the problems the body deals with on a day to day basis. Dr. Rafael “gets” knee pain and how The Knee Pain Guru approach to eliminating knee pain has value as he moves his practice forward. It is both refreshing and hopeful for me to see young doctors like Rafael having a receptive attitude towards holistic heal…

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