Diagnosing knee pain

Diagnosing knee pain falls into 2 categories. Diagnosing knee pain yourself and Diagnosing knee pain by a doctor. It’s important to know the scope of what your dealing with before any treatment of the knee begins.

Diagnosing knee pain
Diagnosing knee pain







There are primarily There are essentially two approaches for diagnosing knee pain. 
The first is diagnosing knee pain your self. Being that trying to diagnose your knee pain yourself on the internet is not a great idea. I'm not going to suggest you do this and leave the diagnosing to a professional.
The second is diagnosing knee pain done by a doctor which is going to be the focus of this post. Now the question remains who is the best doctor to diagnose your knee pain
The best doctor to find for diagnosing your knee pain is going to be an orthopedic surgeon used by a local collegiate or professional sports organization. I've listed below some great resources for locating the closest sports organization to you by following these 3 steps:
1.) Find the organization that is closest to where you live
Here’s how you go about find the best doctor for diagnosing knee pain
Here's a list of the college athletic program in the United States:
Here's a list of all the professional sports teams in the US & Canada:
2.) Contact their athletic director and ask them which orthopedic surgeon they use for their athletes
3.) Contact that orthopedic surgeon and make an appointment for them to look at your knee.
Diagnosing knee pain doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Getting the right person for the job is your best bet to get a clear answer as to what is going on in your knee and knowing the best next steps to take to get you back living your life not thinking about your knees anymore.

Before heading to your appointment get mentally prepared for what the orthopedic surgeon might say. There might be nothing wrong with your knee and if that's the case then you'll definitely want to come back and take our complimentary 1 minute knee pain assessment. 

If there is something wrong with your knee, like you tore your meniscus or a tendon/ligament. It's not the end of the world. Just come back here and we'll talk about it. 

Make sure you get copies of the specific diagnosis at that point. We can lay out an action plan that   is either completely natural or an integrated approach that incorporates what the surgeon can bring to the table and the best my knee pain elimination program has to offer. 

Either way we'll get this handled!

It's important to remember: "If you give a kid a hammer, everything is a nail." You're going to talk to surgeon so odds are the solution a surgeon is going to give for what's going on with your knee is 
going to be surgery.

You are under no pressure or obligation to accept what the doctor says as your ultimate truth about your knee. The diagnosis he just gave you is only his professional opinion and you know what they say about opinions! ;-)
Once you get the doctor’s diagnosis make sure you come back and the support to get your knees out of pain...

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