Torn Meniscus + Basketball + Muscle Imbalance = Knee Surgery?

Hi Bill,
My name is Ashley and I’m 15. A month ago I tore my meniscus while playing basketball during a game. The doctor said that one side of my thigh muscle is weaker then the other, and I’m afraid the surgery won’t work because, I’ve heard a lot of stories that people still do have pain. Can you post a video for me to prevent the pain and tearing it again.

Please and thank you!

Look forward to hearing from you,

Dear Ashley,

Thanks for the question and please make sure you parents are kept up to speed on all of this as well…

First of all, it is important to understand how badly torn your meniscus is. Depending on the grade of tear in the meniscus can be a determining factor for whether it is appropriate to go forward with the knee surgery.

If the tear is small there is a chance your body can heal it on its own. If the tear is large then surgery may be necessary to keep you from experiencing so much pain in your knee.

If you have a large tear and surgery is required, my best advice would be to have your parents contact a local university athletic director and see which orthopedic doctor they use for their athletes. This is a good safe bet because the university is going to be looking out for the very best for their athletic program. The doctor will also be able to give you great options as to how to approach your knee for surgery, especially if you want to get back to playing basketball! A doctor of this caliber is going to know what they are doing and have a high probability of the surgery being a success.

This is the route that I took and 12 years later have no problems with my knee anymore. My doctor was great, the surgery went great, and so did the physical therapy. Dr. Ellis did say my knee wouldn’t be the same…and he was right. I believe it is better now than it was before my initial injury.

Just remember the stories that you hear about people still being in pain after a surgery has a lot to do with them.
Ask them:
– If they did all of their exercises they were supposed to do.
– If they went to all of the physical therapy they were supposed to?
– If they changed their diet and drink enough water?
– If they stretch and exercise regularly?

Odds are they aren’t doing much for themselves that leads them to have knee pain the feel today.

There was a buddy of mine that had the same type of surgery 4 years before I had mine. He scared the heck out of me with stories of the pain he was dealing with as I was going into have my knee surgery. 12 years later his situation hasn’t changed and mine is better than ever.

Your mental attitude plays a huge role in your ability to thrive after knee surgery.

There is a quote that comes to mind. I don’t remember who said it, but it went something like this. “If you say you CAN, or you say you CAN’T. Either way you are correct.”

If you believe your knees will be fine after a surgery or you believe they won’t. Either way you are correct…

Ashley, I hope this sheds some light on your situation.

Let your parents know I am here to help in any way I can.

All the best,

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Edward White

Hello my name is Edward and I’m a 17 year old high school basketball player and a month ago I tore my MCL and I also have a small tear in my left medial meniscus. I’m sure my MCL has healed by now. One orthopedic doctor suggested surgery and told me my healing time will range in between 4-6 months for my meniscus. That’s too long for me because the I’d miss over half the season and this is supposed to be my breakout year so I got a second suggestion with more experience. He told me that I could… Read more »


Hello, My 14 year old daughter who is a basketball player torn her meniscus. In August 2012 she had surgery to repair the meniscus. We did all Post-Op physical therapy as outline by the surgeon. Aftet completing PT the doctor release her in 4 months. When she returned to sports her knee swelled up we went to a orthopedic recommended by MLB training in are area. The MRI shows that the meniscus retorn. The doctor recommend surgery to repair but a second may mean to remove a portion on the meniscus if repair don’t work. What is best partial remocal… Read more »

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