Knee Pain Case Study – Zach After Week #2

Huge Improvement since last week…

Zach has been doing his part to get his knees better…Proper water, proper food, the little tips and tricks that I have been showing him and in only a weeks period of time his knee is greatly improved. He is even able to do a full squat now without pain!

Check out the video and see the results!

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More On Knee Pain & Arthritis

Hi Everyone, I just was watching the video below on You Tube regarding knee pain, arthritis, & martial arts. A Dr. Farshcian out of Miami, Florida stated in his video that “one of the main causes of Osteoarthritis is trauma” in the affected joint.  In the above mentioned video regarding knee pain and Dr. Farshchian […]

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Knee Pain With Nigel

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to write to share with you a little about a client that I have been working with over the past few weeks and some of the great successes we have had in that period of time. Nigel, came to me about 3 weeks ago with lots of knee pain. He […]

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