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Hi Everyone,

I just was watching the video below on You Tube regarding knee pain, arthritis, & martial arts.

A Dr. Farshcian out of Miami, Florida stated in his video that “one of the main causes of Osteoarthritis is trauma” in the affected joint.  In the above mentioned video regarding knee pain and Dr. Farshchian gives the example of a martial arts kick which traumatized the knee joint initially and then at a later date begins to develop into arthritis in that joint.

Dr. Batmanghelidj in his book, “You’re Not Sick You’re Thirsty!” indicated that after 20 years of studying the effects of chronic dehydration in the body.  He has treated cases of knee pain by increasing the patients water intake.  He determined that when the body is dehydrated the PH level of the body drops creating an acidic state in the body.  If this state remains in the body for a long enough period of time can develop into arthritis.

Now based on the previous two Doctors’ research.  I believe that even if a body is fully hydrated and maintains a neutral PH (recommended by Dr. B at 7.4).  If there is trauma to a certain area of the body such as a knee joint, resulting in knee pain and developing into arthritis.  The knee itself is holding a tension pattern (to protect itself from getting injured further) engaged by the sympathetic nervous system “turned on” by the trauma.  So with all this being said and established, the knee joint is still unable to “wash out” the acidic state because the knee is holding too much tension for the proper amount of water to get into the joint to adequately flush the acidic state out of the joint.

The key to getting the adequate amount of water in the joint begins with first properly hydrating the body.  The next is to resolve the tension pattern in the knee preventing the water from getting to the entire joint.

So the question is how does you resolve the tension pattern in the knee?

and the answer is – To find a position of comfort.  Because in the position of comfort the knee feels safe, supported, and listened to.  In this position of comfort, the body’s self-corrective reflexes engage and the body spontaneously lets go of the tension, pain, stress, or discomfort it is holding onto due to the initial trauma it experienced from the martial arts training.

So what does this mean in terms that the average person with knee pain resulting from arthritis can understand.

1.) Drink more water

2.) Find a position of comfort in the knee to take the tension off of the knee so the water can wash it out.  (You can think of it like un-kinking the garden hose)

Anyhow, I am going to have some videos up on this blog in the next couple of days that will begin to teach you how to find that position of comfort.  So your body can begin to let go of the tension it is holding in your knees.


Bill (The Knee Pain Guru)

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Bill Parravano (The Knee Pain Guru)

Bill Parravano is “The Knee Pain Guru” and has been called, “the best in the world at eliminating knee pain without drugs, shots or surgery.”

He brings over 26 years of martial art and bodywork experience understanding movement and tensions patterns that lead to physical pain.

Bill believes the nervous system is the key to the body’s healing, and bridges the gap between what we currently know and the infinite possibilities of what we don’t know the body is capable of. Coupled with comfort, this combination creates the shortest distance between a life riddled with pain to a physical life fully mobile and self expressed.

“You can’t think your way out of pain. Pain is not rational and doesn’t care what you think. You must feel your way out of pain through comfort. Through the weeks, months and years of injury and compensation patterns built up in your body limiting your movement and making you feel older than you are.”

His unique ability of identifying the blocks that keep people stuck in pain and skillfully removing them allows for lasting change, and a new reality for his clients…

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I have a very Swollen Knee, its been like this for almost 20 years and its only now it hurts me so bad and now lately i can barely put full weight down on it , could you tell me what this could be and the possible treatment!