Knee Pain With Nigel

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to write to share with you a little about a client that I have been working with over the past few weeks and some of the great successes we have had in that period of time.

Nigel, came to me about 3 weeks ago with lots of knee pain. He injured one of his knees about 25years or so ago in a fall and then injured the other one a couple of years later. The big complaint Nigel had was how he did not feel confident walking and how he wasn’t sure if his knees were going to be there to hold him up. His knees swelled and hurt on a daily basis.

After the first session, Nigel felt a significant amount of relief in his knees. The pain was still there however, in some way it was different. We used a lot of comfortable body positioning (Ortho-Bionomy) which helped Nigel’s body let go of the pain, tension, and discomfort he was feeling with his knee pain.

The second week Nigel came back, he said his knee pain felt the same except for one big exception. Nigel likes to dance and wanted to do the “James Brown Slide.” Nigel told me that even though his knee pain felt relatively the same, he was confident enough in his legs that he had done the James Brown Slide a number of times over the previous weekend.

After the second session, Nigel said he felt “light” and only felt his knee pain a little bit.

The next week, Nigel did lots of physical labor and said there was a couple of times he did not feel the need to wear any ace bandages for his knee pain. This was a huge step!

The third session, Nigel got up off the table and said he did not get that sense that anything was wrong with his knees. I thought that was very cool.

Nigel will be on vacation this next week so I am eager to see how his knee pain is after a couple of weeks.

Talk to you soon,


(The Knee Pain Guru)

P.S. – Here are the exercises that I have given Nigel to work on at home: “Stop Your Knee Pain Now!”

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Ana Maria Bassani

what if you don’t have any ligaments in one of the knees? I’m an Lmt, some 30 years ago I was hit by a car that ran a light while I was crossing the street. My right knee had a compound fracture at the tibia plateau….the docs were more concerned about saving my leg from amputation than fixing the small fracture. the knee healed with the fracture never properly positioned….I was able to regain walking etc ( I also had a complete fracture on the left femur) after a year of intense physical therapy. I recently strained my right knee… Read more »

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