My Knee Pain…How Can You Possibly Help Me?

Beliefs are the biggest destroyer of dreams to eliminate chronic knee pain. Start working to deconstruct the beliefs that are keeping you in knee pain is the highest leverage thing you can do to eliminate your chronic knee pain forever…

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My Story And A Turkey Meat Loaf Recipe…

When I was told I needed knee replacement surgery, I was devastated. After more than a decade of serious family problems….life-threatening illness, deaths, divorce, a house fire and more…..I felt that I couldn’t deal with any more trauma, and went into a very deep depression. One evening, I Googled “knee replacement surgery alternatives” and up popped […]

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Knee Pain Live Q&A

Click on the link below to listen to the latest Q&A I did for members of my Virtual Knee Pain Clinic in March. I went over question regarding knee pain and gave them a strategy to address what’s going on with their knees. At this point moving towards a place of being completely free of […]

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The “Knee Pain Train” Podcast – Episode 35

The questions keep coming so we have this week the “Knee Pain Train” podcast…We keep on trucking answering more questions about chronic knee pain

I start off the podcast talking about a pain clinic rep I spoke with at a trade show this past weekend in Charleston, SC…That will be interesting for you! 🙂

1.) The first question is from Judy who is trying to help her 78y/o mother out of knee pain without doing total knee replacement surgery and is looking at total knee implant surgery instead:

2.)Iben asks a question about knee feeling like a bag of fat is in and around it

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