How To Ask Better Questions For Your Knees…

The key to understanding exactly what to do to eliminate your knee pain is as easy as asking questions differently to get better answers so you are now better informed…

When you are looking for an answer for the pain you are feeling in your knees…

What question do you ask?

Does it sound something like this?

“My knees hurt…What exercise should I do to get rid of my knee pain?”

Well there’s a good chance you are asking the wrong question!

Check out the following video to see what I’m talking about…

You see the quality of your answer is directly related to the quality of your question!

Ask better questions…Get better answer…

This translates to you getting rid of your knee pain…

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Mike Warner Pratt

My friend had a knee replacement to the right knee, everything seemed to be going well in recovery however after 4 weeks since the operation she has had to be rushed in to icu because the pain in the knee is unbearable literally screaming until it has been drained,,, then back home 3 days later pain come back icu again etc this has happened 4times in the last 3 weeks it can’t go on, as you mentioned in your video there is a kink in the hosepipe is all I can think, so how do you remove that kink,,, Thank… Read more »

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