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  1. Hi Bill,
    This morning, I woke up with my right knee playing up. I have a sharp pain and I’m unable to walk long without dragging my leg. I forgot my knee cap but hoped that since I walk a lot, this should ease the pain. It is now over four (4) hours since the pain started. I have rubbed some ointment on it to ease the pain, but once I get up and start walking, the pain returns sharply. I am unable to walk down the stairs and neither can I walk up the steps without putting the best foot forward and dragging the right one behind it….heeeelp!

  2. I am 77 -in good health.
    Had a knee cap removed when I was 30. Pity!
    Have always walked, also lead a very busy life still!
    Now both knees give a bit of trouble going down steps etc.
    I prefer hard copy May I read a small portion of your book, then decide to buy?
    I intend to live to 93 – hopefully still mobile!
    I don’t think you will think I am a lost cause!

  3. I just watched your video on breathing and as I was getting up from the chair, I did check my breathing. I was gasping and taking very laboured breaths until I reached a standing position and the pain subsided. Going up and down the stairs is also very painful and again my breathing is very laboured. I never noticed this before and have probably been doing this for so long that it has become quite normal. The very worst pain I have and this has happened quite recently is to get up and down from the toilet. Sounds crude I know, but I absolutely procrastinate when it comes to using the washroom facilities.

  4. Thanks for this video. It sounds a lot like Erik Franklin’s philosophy which is why I probably was attracted to your videos on youtube. I think I may have torn my mcl. It started in March because of sacral and Illial issues I have had since the birth of my daughter who is now 9. Long story short I saw many doctors and chiropractors and finally received prolo therapy on my sacrum. Still in discomfort and now with my knee in pain I went to the Franklin Method teacher training. I learned so much and had no pain in my pelvis and much less pain in my knee.!!! I am a massage therapist a dancer and choreographer am certified in Pilates and Yoga I teach anatomy and none of the above helped me. My lively hood is based on my being able to demonstrate movement and am very interested in what you have to offer. Thank you for reminding me of the power of the mind in healing and the idea on focusing on what I want not on the pain. I am looking forward to learning more.


  5. I think you are trustworthy. You realize there is a lot of bad info on web. Your videos I have tried at home, have been beneficial. That is impressive. I have tried SO MUCH and still study nutrients, etc. looking for benefits. Giving up sweets, not in my plans, would be great. An active friend just got stem cell treatment at a clinic in Vail, Colorado. Her son is an orthopedic dr. in NYC, but she refuses surgery. I haven’t seen her yet at gym. …Doing inversion helps a little with my bulging back discs. Now, are you saying to use mind control for pain? hmmm… To keep going I politely ignore pain.Do you like US11 supplements, knee shots w/o cortisone, calcium from algae ?

  6. Dear Bill,you are indeed marvelous.I SINCERELY believe that the day isn’t far of for me to be back on golf course!!Please keep up the noble cause.Jaswant

  7. I have no pain, but my right knee has moved and is touching my left one. I dont feel it when im walking but i cant put my feet together because my knees touching each other. Sometimes i think that is why I’m falling down more than I should. Any ideas or excersie I can do
    I have 2 meniscus tear from 2 car accident, one in 1991 and one in 1995. No pain afterward. I had a cold machine that kept the pain under control.

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