All Sea Salt is NOT Created Equal

Not all Sea Salt is created equal and most people have an inherent fear of adding salt into their diet due to a fear to their health. This podcast was inspired by a previous article I wrote about “The Original Gator-aid”

Selina Delangre
Selina Delangre

Listen to this podcast on salt and learn the difference and benefit (or not) of the different types of sea salt.

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Notes from the Podcast:

-> This call today started around a conversation about my blog post about “The Original Gator-aid”

Today we have Selina Delangre is President and CEO of Selina Naturally®, owner of Celtic Sea Salt® Brand and other

quality natural products from around the world. She is also Publisher & Editorial Director of A Grain of Salt®, a quarterly publication

that focuses on the foundational principals of health & wellness through practitioners, tools and products.

Selina Naturally® is the exclusive distributor of Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Salt. Founded in 1976, Celtic Sea Salt® Brand has developed

a reputation representing the finest salts in the world. 

Our mission: “To seek out hand-crafted sustainable artisan products from around the world that inspire the individual towards optimal


-> Who is Selina and how did you get involved in the salt business?

Jacque Delangre – “Seasalts Hidden Powers”

-> My doctor says to stay away from salt because of my blood pressure

-> How does your salt compare with other types of salt/distinctions of different types of salt?

Here’s a link to more information on 

1.) Morton Salt

2.) Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

3.) Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Sea Salt

-> What does someone look for in a high quality sea salt?

-> Let’s talk about why the salt is wet?

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I’d like to especially thank Selina Delangre for being open and willing to do this interview. I had a lot of fun! 🙂

the knee pain guru
the knee pain guru

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Selina’s message is very straight forward and very informative which is something I find refreshing. I’ve used the Celtic Sea Salt for over a year now and discovered it quite by accident. Was doing research on how to alleviate my daughter’s depression and help with sleeping better. I love the product and it does work with both sleep & lowering the symptoms of depression–the bonus is it keeps us hydrated, tastes amazing and also is a great conversation starter. Thank you Selina for being so dedicated to a product that sincerely is represented from your heart. Connie


great post! Love Selina and her Celtic Sea Salt!

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