How To Deal With A Knee Sprain

The following is a question I received from Jeffrey…

Good day Bill!

Just wanna ask on how can i recover immediately from my knee sprain? Its been 3 weeks since i sprained my knee but i can still feel some pains on it, please advice me on how long will i take a rest before i can play basketball again? I’ve got my x-ray and my bones are fine so please help me to know what to do.

Thanks a lot and god bless…



Thanks for your question.

Dealing with a knee sprain can be challenging especially when you want to get back to playing basketball right away! It is important to take it slowly coming back because you don’t want to re-injure your knee and make it worse. With that being said, I can suggest a program I developed that gets you out of pain and back in the game.

The new program called, Say No To Knee Replacement, is especially useful for sports injuries and knee sprains because it is a progressive system that is based on your level of pain on a daily basis.

I have created a series of 70 videos that start where you are with a pain level of 6 to 10. And then move you into more strength building when your pain level is reduced. It is a unique approach that will get you out of pain quickly.

You can look it over here >>> Say No To Knee Replacement.

What I would add in addition to the R.I.C.E. therapy is a homeopathic called Traumeel. It comes in both a sub lingual tablet and a gel/cream. I have used both simultaneously with my injuries with a tremendous amount of success. That is something I believe will speed up your recovery time.

Now this next piece I want to share with you is VERY VERY important, so pay extra close attention. Even though you got the x-ray back and there was nothing wrong with the bones in your knee there still may be issues with “soft tissue,” meaning tendons, ligaments, or cartilage that an x-ray is not necessarily going to pick up on.

So as you are walking you will want to watch for your knee “locking” or “giving out.” This is a sure sign that you are having problems with the attachments in the joint. It is definitely best to go see an orthopaedic doctor to check the knee out further to be safe.

If your knee continues to have issues with pain then let’s for a moment look at what pain is from a fundamental level.

Pain just means the nerves in your knee are being irritated somehow sending a signal to your brain that you have pain. I know this seems pretty basic however very important none the less. Many times when you suffer a knee sprain. Your knee is holding onto a tension pattern that is protecting it from getting injured further. This works for the injury, but not for the recovery.

So, it is important to take the pressure off of these nerves in your knee by moving your leg to a position of comfort. Of course, comfort is relative and going to be very different depending on the person and will continue to change depending on many factors such as diet, stress level, exercise, sleep, etc. The key is to find the position of comfort for your knee at this exact moment in time.

I go over the specifics of releasing tension and exactly what to eat and drink to best support recovery in my new program, Say No To Knee Replacement.

You can look it over here >>> Say No To Knee Replacement

Relieve the tension and take your knee to a position of comfort and the body knows what to do from there. You also must create the conditions to make your knee sprain heal as well. Think of the “shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”

Eating a proper diet, drinking the proper amount of water, incorporating the proper stretching, the right exercise, proper breathing, and sleep are all crucial to you getting over your knee sprain in the shortest time possible.

The more you setup the correct conditions the faster you will be able to get back on the basketball court…

Keep me posted as to how it goes!


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