How To Deal With A Knee Sprain

The following is a question I received from Jeffrey…

Good day Bill!

Just wanna ask on how can i recover immediately from my knee sprain?

Its been 3 weeks since i sprained my knee but i can still feel some pains on it, please advice me on how long will i take a rest before i can play basketball again? I’ve got my x-ray and my bones are fine so please help me to know what to do.

Thanks a lot and god bless…



Thanks for your question.

Dealing with a knee sprain can be challenging especially when you want to get back to playing basketball right away! It is important to take it slowly coming back because you don’t want to re-injure your knee and make it worse. With that being said, I can suggest a program I developed that gets you out of pain and back in the game.

The new program called, Say No To Knee Replacement, is especially useful for sports injuries and knee sprains because it is a progressive system that is based on your level of pain on a daily basis.

I have created a series of 70 videos that start where you are with a pain level of 6 to 10. And then move you into more strength building when your pain level is reduced. It is a unique approach that will get you out of pain quickly.

You can look it over here >>> Say No To Knee Replacement.

What I would add in addition to the R.I.C.E. therapy is a homeopathic called Traumeel. It comes in both a sub lingual tablet and a gel/cream. I have used both simultaneously with my injuries with a tremendous amount of success. That is something I believe will speed up your recovery time.

Now this next piece I want to share with you is VERY VERY important, so pay extra close attention. Even though you got the x-ray back and there was nothing wrong with the bones in your knee there still may be issues with “soft tissue,” meaning tendons, ligaments, or cartilage that an x-ray is not necessarily going to pick up on.

So as you are walking you will want to watch for your knee “locking” or “giving out.” This is a sure sign that you are having problems with the attachments in the joint. It is definitely best to go see an orthopaedic doctor to check the knee out further to be safe.

If your knee continues to have issues with pain then let’s for a moment look at what pain is from a fundamental level.

Pain just means the nerves in your knee are being irritated somehow sending a signal to your brain that you have pain. I know this seems pretty basic however very important none the less. Many times when you suffer a knee sprain. Your knee is holding onto a tension pattern that is protecting it from getting injured further. This works for the injury, but not for the recovery.

So, it is important to take the pressure off of these nerves in your knee by moving your leg to a position of comfort. Of course, comfort is relative and going to be very different depending on the person and will continue to change depending on many factors such as diet, stress level, exercise, sleep, etc. The key is to find the position of comfort for your knee at this exact moment in time.

I go over the specifics of releasing tension and exactly what to eat and drink to best support recovery in my new program, Say No To Knee Replacement.

You can look it over here >>> Say No To Knee Replacement

Relieve the tension and take your knee to a position of comfort and the body knows what to do from there. You also must create the conditions to make your knee sprain heal as well. Think of the “shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”

Eating a proper diet, drinking the proper amount of water, incorporating the proper stretching, the right exercise, proper breathing, and sleep are all crucial to you getting over your knee sprain in the shortest time possible.

The more you setup the correct conditions the faster you will be able to get back on the basketball court…

Keep me posted as to how it goes!


P.S. If you haven’t already done so take my Knee Pain Assessment and watch the video for your situation and learn how to reduce your knee pain.

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  1. I sprained my knee while making a sliding tackle in a soccer game. The injury seemed really painful the night of the injury. I took some medication upon advice (specifically Naproxen) which helped reduced the pain substantially after the course of the dosage. I visited the doctor and he gave me some anti-inflammatory drugs and a gel/cream, and asked me to come back for an x-ray if the pain does not go away totally.

    It’s been 4 weeks after the injury and there’s still niggling pain on the side of my knee (the part close to the other knee when I put my legs together). However, I do not feel any pain doing the bends on my knee. I go to the gym and ride the stationary bike, squat my normal weight and run without problems. But the pain lingers when I twist my ankle at certain angles.

    The pain has been reducing by the day nonetheless. Looks to me like a sprain and I will be very happy to get advice from you.


      • Hi, I got an accidental kick on my knee at soccer a few days ago. I had a lot of pain running just below the kneecap, also felt like a bruise-like feeling as well (feels to the touch like something that links the knee and the shin) I stopped running and the pain went, so I played on for 20 minutes without any pain or discomfort. However when I got home, it really hurt, and it now hurts bending, going up and down the stairs, sitting for a few minutes and using the brake pedal in my car. Any idea what it could be?

        Sprain? grade 1 or 2 torn lignament?
        Also, i did play other games after that happened and i ended up in one of the games, kicking the ball at the same time as another player causing my knee to twist a little and i fell on it weirdly, which made more pain.
        Theres also a kind of a red-like bruise behind my knee on the left side. and also vien-like going from mid-claf to mid thigh.

        • Hi Sam,

          Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m sorry to hear about what you are experiencing. Have you gone to the doctor to see what’s going on with your knee? If not,definitely go and see someone to obtain a diagnosis then we will get you in touch with Bill or provide you with some program suggestions to help you through your pain. If you have seen a doctor, please reach out to us at with the information to received and we will be happy to help you further.

          Kind regards,

          Customer support

    • Today I was jumping on my trampoline, and I got off to help my mom with something, and when I tried jumping back on, I didn’t jump high enough to get onto it, and I hit my knee on it really hard. I thought it was just feel like a bruise. It’s been about an hour and a half, and my knee it’s still swollen and hurts a little to walk on. It hurts to the touch as well. My mom said she can’t do anything about it! And in July, I was at my friends house and we had a couple of people over. I got bounced really high and I landed on my right knee(the knee I just hurt is my left knee) and it popped and gave way and it hurt really bad. I couldn’t walk/apply pressure on it for 1-2 weeks. It STILL hurts to run/jump sometimes. Any suggestions as to what has happened with my knees?! PLEASE REPLY ASAP! Thank you!

      • Hi Hannah,

        Thank you for reaching out to us. I can definitely understand what you are experiencing. Did you see a doctor at anytime? If not, definitely get that checked out and then reach out to us at and we will be happy to get you in touch with Bill or provide a great program for your diagnosis!


        Customer Support

  2. i sprained my knee by falling down the stairs and this was like 3weeks ago and there is still pain and when i walk it feels like my vain or something is going to pop and my mom is telling me that i need to walk on it and is that true.?
    and she is making me dance and lift weights with it but it feels like its only geting worse
    what do i do.?

  3. last week i was doing gymnastics and my legs were up in the air, they came down really fast and i hit my my knee on the corner of a wooden table. it felt tingly and had a lot of sharp pains. now its just a dull ache but when i bend or sit with my foot pointing inward it hurts. when i stand aand then bend and stand back up again a makes this popping noise but. it is bruised kinda swollen and red but only a little.i havnt went to the docters yet because my parents say ill be fine but do u think its sprained?

    • In april i sprained my knee playing soccer i went through some threapy it helped alot 3 months later i play again and i twisted again i think my knee got worrts i got and mri and flund out i mcl and acl i have more instablity in my right leg but i migjt meed
      Surgery in my circumstances i cant have
      Surgey right now i went to see a doctor tht my pysical theeapies tecomdened and he denied my consulation he did not want to see me and my insurances covers it

  4. i had twisted my knee 5 months ago whilst playing football, i got my leg caught in the ground and twisted on it 🙁 since then i have been to a physio and she said to carry on doing exercise and playing football. i have been doing all this including stretches that she shown me too. but still i get the odd pain in my knee, and it also ‘locks’ and ‘collapses’ the occasional time too. what should i do? i been to the doctor as he sent me to the physio.

  5. My knees are worn down from running. I now use heat wraps. You can quality wraps for cheap on I prefer them over the heating pad, although that’s another option.

  6. I twisted my knee in May playing volley ball,it cracked a lot,but still not better.I got it massaged a few times pain was gone for awhile,then it comes back again,any advice what should i do?

  7. Hi,
    I sprained my knee a week ago it doesnt hurt but when i bend my leg it hurts on the right side on my knee and when i bend my leg u can see this lil ball on my right side on my kneew thnx

  8. Charlie, having range of motion pain is usually caused by swelling. Acute injury can be relieved through rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Even if it doesn’t hurt all the time, it might be a good idea to do this course of action. However, if you’ve damaged your knee you should see a doctor to make sure nothing it broken/torn.
    There are some exercises I can refer you to, but you need to tell me more about your knee pain. If you can find time filling out a short questionnaire through this link:

    This way I can better understand the history of your knee and its present condition.

  9. Hie!
    I hope you can help….i hurt my knee couple of weeks ago, im in chia and i was trying to use the toilet, the chinese way, which is by squatting, but i had high heels, so i think i strched my knee a bit…the following day, it started paining when i tried to straighten it, and i started limping.3days later i went to the doctor did xray and mri…Since the doc couldnt speak english well, he just told me the results are not that bad, just a little injury. so they put m on a brace, a very long one from mid-hip to toe…….and he said no weight bearing for 4-6weeks……theres no pain when im resting on it…only when i try to use it, to go to the toilet and other….Now its been 3weeks…and it hasnt gotten any better…theres still a bit of pain when i put a bit of pressure…im going for xmas hollidays on the 20th, and iam afraid this will make my holliday hell…………could anyone suggest any exercie, or anything i could do to speed up the recovery????

  10. Hi! Figured I’d ask your advice.
    I’ve had knee issues since I was 11 (I’m nearly 30 now). They sent me for tests and to every doctor under the sun when I was growing up and was always either told that it was growing pains, or just “in my head”. I was a very active kid and was involved in a lot of sports. I’ve had my share of minor pulled muscles over the years. A few years ago I saw a rheumatologist who says that I’ve got patella-femoral chondromalacia and that really there’s no treatment for it other than to try not to do impact-heavy sports etc. Sometimes it’s good for months, other times it hurts and locks up.

    So just over a week ago I slipped on my way to work and twisted my knee laterally. There was a bit of a clunky feeling and some pain but nothing enormous. I figured I pulled a muscle and it would hurt for a couple of days and then be fine. Here we are 10 days later and it hurts more now than it did when I hurt it. It’s better in the mornings and gets progressively worse throughout the day, especially if I’m working because I’m on my feet walking all day long. By bedtime I’m noticeably limping. There’s no swelling, no redness, no pain to touch. It’s locking and clicking occasionally but that’s not new for me. It hurts more when I bend it but also hurts to straighten. Putting full weight on it is very painful by the end of the day.

    The thing that concerns me is that it hurts in a different spot than any other time in the past. Usually when it’s my normal knee pain it hurts inside the knee sort of behind the knee cap. Right now it’s hurting the most on the outside of my knee when I bend and it radiates pain up into the top outside of my knee cap right at the femur. Occasionally I get pain on the inner side of my knee as well, but not steadily.
    Should I be concerned?

    • Michelle – If your knee is causing you to limp and be in pain, I would imagine in your shoes I would be concerned. Just to be on the safe side I’d go get it checked out by the doctor and then let me know what they say…Bill

  11. I want to play football on saturday i’ve got a massive game and i need to play, but I sprained my knee about 10 days ago and i would like to know if i can play or not?


  12. I’m not sure what happened to my knee, but here’s the brief rundown. About a month ago I started doing the Insanity workout program – lots of jumping, running in place, etc. Super intense. Then I came down with a cold and stopped exercising for about a week before I went to the gym and did a light 30 minutes on the elliptical, and a few plyometric core exercises. The next day, there was increasing pain in the back of my right knee, centered just below it, on the inside part of the upper calf. It got worse and worse, to the point where I’ve been limping for the last week, and there’s pain everytime I put pressure on it. There is stiffness as well. Nothing popped, nothing happened where I had sudden pain, it all happened gradually. So I went to a walk in clinic yesterday and they ruled out a blood clot, and said my knee seems to be pretty solid in place, took xrays, which of course showed nothing, and they basically couldn’t tell me anything. They said maybe a bad sprain, or a torn meniscus, but that I’d need to get an MRI to be sure.

    Its definitely better than it was last week, but not even close to being ok. Would you have any insight as to what this might be? Am i being impatient?

    Any info would be great. Thanks!


    • Jen
      Hang in there…Get the MRI and find out for sure what it is and then we can go from there. Without the MRI everyone including me and you are just guessing as to what could be wrong. I might suggest my book, “The Comfort Zone” as a way to get your knee more comfortable until the MRI takes place. Thanks for your question. Bill

    • Jen…Hang in there…Get the MRI and then we’ll know what we are looking at. Until then you may want to check out my e-book, “The Comfort Zone” which will help the knee start to feel better in the meantime. Drink plenty of water, breathe and know everything will be just fine…Keep me posted as to how it goes…Bill

  13. Hi
    i think i sprained my knee from deadlifting without proper warm up. Now that was in oct 2012. i did not feel anything on that day. Next day i woke up with pain in left knee pes anserinus and mcl area. it was not much i could walk etc. then it progressed slowly. i went on aleve. didnot help. Went to doctor after 3 days said it might be sprain as nothing else looked worng. Day after started getting same burning itchy feeling in ther knee as well. eventually both knee got same pain started pain in both knees around knee cap. Went to doc mri was normal. no damage was seen. Then inflamtion was not going down lot itchy sometimes burning and ain was there. went through iontophoresis to get rid of inflamation after 8 treatments there was little benifit with PT. finally after 2 months i put hot water massaged then felt better inflamation was in control. walking is painful. esp below and above knee cap. mostly knee and quad tendonitis symptoms. Doctors said since got little better wait for another month. but not feeling better. still even walking hurts. standing hurts even more than walking. Not sure what to do. Read some articles that say sprains never get better. What do you think i should do ? I never had history before that of any sort of joint pain.

  14. Today i exrcised doing 4 sets of legcurls, split squats and leg presses, I never in my life exercised and it was a first for me, i did not stretch. I ate a yogurt and slept for 2 hours the nght before. I have knocked knees. After the workout i felt good but an hour later in class i stood up to walk and as i bent my knees (a normal bend not exersice) i fell to the floor knees first i feelt no pain only when i try to walk by bending my kness. Does my condition have a name? and how can i make it rehabilitate? thank you so much.

  15. Hey, Bill. I have injured myself stated as exactly as you’ve described. I was playing basketball during that time; I had gone up for a layup and landed improperly on my right knee. A week after, I went to see a doctor. He said, “It’s just a really bad sprain; you’re going to have to use crutches and take Naproxen. It’ll take around 4-6 weeks to heal.” So I’ve been doing that for about that amount of time and I was able to bend my leg no less than at a 60 degree angle and straighten my leg with just about a few inches bent/swollen. I went to get an x-ray during that 6 week period and my mother had warned me they’d amputate my leg off if I had played any more (I assumed she was just trying to scare me so I would stop playing.) 2 weeks after the period (8 weeks total) I went for another appointment only to find that I had gone to see a different doctor in the same clinic. He told me, “You just have a really bad sprain.” I don’t understand what’s in “bad” of a sprain. I asked him for my x-ray documents. He handed it to me and the paper read, “Articular surfaces are smooth. Patella and patellofemoral joint are normal. SOFT TISSUE is normal.” I was relieved that I had nothing torn, however, when I’m at home, the “pop” sounds come and go at times when I put pressure at a certain angle like when I try to take my shoe off with one foot or when I land after a squat jump. I go limp and feel a flaming sensation for approximately 20-30 seconds. It’ll heal a bit after a few hours of care (icing, pills, etc). I’m very cautious to where I step and how I walk so that pressure does not come contact with my knee, but it’s seriously unavoidable. Bill, what is it that causes my knee to pop when my bones and tissues are fine?

  16. Hi Bill,

    I sprained my knee my knee Christmas eve. I slipped on a piece of paper my kids left on the stairs. I was sore, but not debilitating. It was getting better, albeit with very minor tightness and soreness on occasion. I have been able to walk on the treadmill and lift weights with very light weights in an attempt to rehab. I haven’t done anything strenuous or even walked in a week and the pain today is pretty intense. Can the healing process cause pain after six weeks of minimal pain/symptoms?

    • Brian – Yes, recovery from a knee injury, strain, sprain can take a very long time depending on the conditions that are setup in your life to optimize your body’s ability to heal your knee…Bill

  17. Hi Bill,

    I have a quick question about a knee injury that happened 4 weeks ago. Playing basketball, I stepped laterally to avoid a defender and planted my right knee with a lot of force onto the court. It stung, but nothing too painful, no pop, no immediate inflammation etc. I could walk on it afterwards (albeit gingerly) and have been doing so since the injury. There has been no inflammation at any point- just a diffuse, dull, aching pain on the front of the knee, right around the knee cap. I have done RICE consistently since the injury, but the pain has only decreased slightly. There is significant crepitus upon extension and the leg just feels generally weak. I can climb stairs slowly without pain but thats about it for physical activity. I plan to make a docs appointment next week. What do you think is going on? Because there was no inflammation, can we rule out a meniscus injury? Lastly, how long until the pain starts to significantly go down?


    • Tyler – I’ll let the doctor make that call on what it is however when my knee popped and there was little inflammation I had torn the ligament in my left knee. If that’s the case then it’s going to be a while depending on what you decide to do…

  18. Hello sir,
    I suffering by knee pain problem. Few advicing it maybe knee sprain. How to find that. I have to take x-ray or ct scan??? please reply soon. i cant control my pain. i cant to walk properly. i am an engineer so have to walk up 85m and down 85m. like this so many time want to walk in a day.

  19. Hi Bill,
    My knee started clicking last monday and was getting very painful on sunday so my mum to me to my chiropractor to get it looked at on monday. He said i have sprained it but i have sprained other parts of my body before and the pain hasn’t been this bad I am on crutches but it is very hard too get around school and when i try and walk my knee gets very painful and sometimes my leg turns like jelly and i fall. Im taking medication but it doesn’t seem to be working. What should do because it is now wednesday and getting worse. Please help what should it do???

  20. Hi Bill,
    My knee started clicking last monday and was getting very painful on sunday so my mum to me to my chiropractor to get it looked at on monday. He said i have sprained it but i have sprained other parts of my body before and the pain hasn’t been this bad I am on crutches but it is very hard too get around school and when i try and walk my knee gets very painful and sometimes my leg turns like jelly and i fall. Im taking medication but it doesn’t seem to be working. What
    should i do??

  21. Hello,
    Hi I was playing basketball and I as was running I turned and my knee popped out and came back in but I didn’t fall on it so I went to the doctor the following day and got an x ray and there was nothing wrong with the bones so my doctor said I had sprained it and gave me an immobilizer…it’s been a little over 2 weeks and I’ve been walking on it without any pain but the inside of my knee is still swollen and I can’t bend it fully I wanted to know if I’m on the road to recovery because I have to start work soon please reply soon and thank you *i also stopped using my immobilizer after about 11 days because I had to go back to school but after school I would elevate and ice it*

    • Hey Tyrell 🙂 I can relate far to well to knees popping out of place – that exact same thing was a main issue for me (they kept popping out of place) and it’s no walk in the park!! I can help – thanks for the post and information. I would really like to get you working in an effective way with your knees. I want to send you to my “Comfort Zone” program to get you started in a powerful way:

      Also, here’s a link to further information regarding knee pain:

      If this information does not help significantly within a couple of weeks – let’s go ahead and touch base again at that point.

      Just go to my web site and schedule a free 30 minute session – I’m here for you every step of the way! Wishing you health – Bill

  22. Hey, Bill! It’s K. It’s been 3 months since I last posted and I would like to say that I have been better! Last month I went to get acupunctures done and boy do I feel great. With care and rest, I’m able to straighten and bend my right leg like with my left; however, I do still feel pain when I walk or jog for a while, even when I squat. When I usually squat, my heels are planted and I can feel my butt bone touch my left Achilles Tendon; however that doesn’t happen with my right. I’m guessing the healing process hasn’t completed yet. Bill, how long after should I expect my knee to fully recover? Are there any precautions I need to be aware of? Any further care?

  23. Bill, I’m not sure if I have sprained my Knee or not. I have recently started working out, and the other day after doing legs and cardio I was very sore, and a few hours later the bottom of my right Knee swell up, and now it hurts whenever I bend it or walk on it. Any ideas what happened?

    • TNicolle – This would be something to check with your doctor first and get a diagnosis. At that point let me know what your doctor says and we can go from there. Bill

  24. I hurt my knee badly two weeks ago dancing, I have a history of knee injuries and have had surgery but still have had problems over the years with it. However, this is the longest time I’ve gone without being able to walk. I have full mobility with my knee (fully extend and bend) but cannot put any weight on it. I’ve been taking Motrin, supplements (for joint health), doing physical therapy (on my own) and am waiting patiently for a Ortho to call me back. I’ve had xrays and everything is in the right place and not broken. I do Wedding photography and have a Wedding in three weeks, i’m totally freaked out, I should be walking by now. What are the possibilities for my knee injury? Is there anything else I can do to help my knee?

  25. I was hurt my knee playing soccer 3 weeks ago. I slid for the ball and my knee didn’t move but my body kept going my knee went in a hole and bend inward. I still have the pain and its still swollen, I cant bend it, and its hard to walk. what should I do?

    • Mario
      Thanks for your question. Based on the info you’re sharing with me, I would get your knee checked out by your doctor first and have them give you a diagnosis. Then I can really give you help as to what you should do…Bill

  26. I went quad riding today and halfway fell off and sort of twisted as I fell. I have had ice on it. No bruising but a little swelling. My knee feels like it will give out sometimes but it’s not EVERY time I walk. It hurts deep in my knee right under the knee cap. What should I do? I don’t want to go to the doctor if it’s not needed.

    • Hi Brittany,

      Thanks for your question. First I would advise you just check with your doctor so that we know what type of Injury you have. We can then advise you accordingly.

      Adam on Behalf of Bill

  27. I played football last night and felt a twinge around the side/back of my knee. Got up this morning and i’m hobbling a bit also finding it pain full to fully extend my leg.

    There is no swelling and no pain when i am sat down, any advice would be great.

    • Hi Christian,

      Thanks for the note. Have you seen any doctor yet? If not than please consult the doctor about it and let me know so that I can assist you with the required advise and appropriate exercises

      Adam on Behalf of Bill

  28. Greetings, I am a 62 yo male, last year I have had very little excerise. Also running about 30 lbs overweight. I had done some work in funny positions for only about 20 minutes. The next day I felt my muscles all around my knee and leg, proximal and distal were really tight. I tried stretching, a fairly long bike ride and the next morning I was hash! The pain is ab 8 or 9. Medial. For the last 10 days I have stayed off of the knee and take 2400mg Ibu, Ice,.Today I will start with warm wet heat (water bottle). My pain is just as bad as the first day. Last night, no sleep, knee throbing, it’s making me a little bananas. I live in Berlin and have no insurance.Of course I can’t expect a DX over the net but my biggest question is” How long might it take to get well? 2 weeks, or? I will also try the Homeo you mentioned. Thank You

  29. Hello,

    About 2-3 weeks ago (on June 10), I was dancing and while transitioning from a turn to what’s called an illusion (kind of like a cartwheel on one leg where you plant one foot down, do a sort of cartwheel move and your free leg goes up and you pivot around the leg you’re standing on), I planted my right leg and my knee moved laterally I think and I collapsed on the floor. I had no swelling, I was able to recover quickly enough to stand up and move out of the way to ice it, and I was able to walk on it with some limping.

    I went to see an orthopedic I think 2 days afterwards and she got an x-ray and did some rotation checks and told me it was fine and that I should be able to dance in my recital the week and a half after that. I actually was fine for my dance recital as long as I warmed it up with a pad although my leg did feel weak.

    I’ve been going to a physical therapist for a dislocated shoulder I got in March so she’s been giving me some exercises for my knee and yesterday was the first time she really gave my leg a workout. Later in the evening, I was in so much horrible pain that I was tearing up and could not put ANY weight on it whatsoever while I walked.

    Although it’s almost been 3 weeks, I’m worried that it may be worse than it actually is (I may be a bit of a hypochondriac (sp?) sometimes unfortunately) after the pain I suffered after doing leg lifts with a weight on my ankle during my therapy session. It’s been a day after and my leg just continues to feel weak when I try to walk normally and I sometimes have pain.

    I apologize if this is getting a bit long, but I wanted to be as detailed as I can. My physical therapist told me that if it does not feel better after 4 weeks, I should have it checked again. With all that I’ve mentioned, what is your opinion on my knee from what you can infer?


  30. Hello Bill,

    A month ago, I sprained my right knee from dancing. It was only a minor sprain and it got better within a couple of weeks. However, even though I have my strength and everything, something just feels “off”, it’s a little like, itchy from the inside, it just is very uncomfortable. I am scared to put a lot of weight on it, because it doesn’t feel as secure as my normal left knee. I’ve been icing/ heating/ taking IB/stretching, i don’t know what else to do. when i relax, the right knee just feels weird, like sore and weird.

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for the note. Have you seen any doctor yet? If not than please consult the doctor about it and let me know so that I can assist you with the required advise and appropriate exercises

      Adam on Behalf of Bill

  31. On May31,2013, I fell while walking and roll all over the ground. When I fell, i heard a popping noise coming from my patella. The next morning, my knee was swelling. I felt pain and I was unable to put any weight onto my right knee. While in bed, in order for my right leg to move, I had to use my left leg and move the right leg. I was also limping while walking. I went to the ER and was told there were no fracture according to the x-ray and it was just a sprain and they wrapped my knee up with an elastic wrap. They told me to use the R.I.C.E therapy to help with the healing. With the R.I.C.E therapy, I felt better but I went go see a doctor 2 weeks after going to the E.R. I was told that I had alot of soft tissue injury but he believe I just need to rest more to fully heal. Is been four weeks since I injured my knee. I have to say I can bend more know. The knee feel stable enough for me to walk. However,there are time I still feel some pain in the kne. The knee is still a litle stiff at the moment. I feel like if I try to run,I may injured the knee even more. Shoud I still keep on doing what I been doing at this moment or shoud I go see thedoctor again?

  32. Also, after 3 weeks from the injury, It seem like I was able to bend my knee more. However, when I was walking around the house, I had so much pain in the knee that i used crutches. The pain seem to last about 20 minutes and it disappear at night. The following morning, I was getting ready to go to mass and the pain came up. And last for the one hour time frame when I was walking around.

  33. Four weeks ago, I slip on lower concrete while walking at night. I went to the doctor and was told that I sprain my knee. All the symptom I had are the following: knee swelling, tenderness surrounding the knee, knee pain, wasn’t able to bend the knee, knee pain, limbing , and was was unable to put weight on it. I was instructed to do R.I.C.E. therapy. As of right now my symtom are stiffness and sometime pain. But the pain usually occur when I walk. Is there anything for me to do to get rid of the pain and stiffness?

  34. Hi – I was on a pontoon boat on Saturday and I was stepping off to the pier when a wave pushed the boat from the pier. Well, I went right in between the boat and pier. It wasn’t very deep and when I landed – my knees were injured. Doc says he doesn’t see anything broken or jammed. Never said anything baout ripped or stretched anything. The 1st few nights I could barely sleep. Walking was really hard due to the pain. Now, I am walking better but after I sit for awhile – I get really stiff. Once I’m moving around and it stretches – it seems to do better. Do you think this will subside in time? Does the knee take a long time to heal?

  35. I guess I should have added that the pain is on the inside of both knees. It is slightly swollen too. I am wrapping them, icing them, I use china gel cream and this all helps but I am curious if a knee injury takes a long time to heal.

  36. Hi, I was playing basketball about 2 weeks ago and I shifted into a different direction. My knee popped and There was little pain. I had to stop playing but I could walk. About 2-4 days after, I done the RICE treatment. My knee feels completely normal but I am wondering if I should be concerned of anything? Thanks

  37. I step out my back door my feet went out from under ( I have a wooden deck I fell on ) my left knee bent under me my step daughter said she never saw any one leg bend back like mine did I did this same thing 4 years ago but to the right knee much less pain In a instant my knee swelled up I had more burning and little pain I was able to walk some on it no weight bearing just limping I decided since it was late I would wait and go to the ER first thing in the morning .I went on to bed I got up the next morning I could not walk ,I went on to the ER they did a Xray said I did not break anything ,the ER doctor said he did not no what I did he put one of them leg braces that go up to your butt to your ankle and if I wanted to find me orthopedic to go to the diagnose the sent me home with said I dislocated my knee cap I ask told the nurse that is not what I was told she said oh that is the only thing close to your injury we could find on the computer that’s why I waited to go the ER .they don’t no what they are doing there I always said I believe they diagnose people from the computer. I waited 2 weeks stayed off of it to see if it gets better because I did the same thing a couple years back its now I have to wait till next week to see my orthopedic doctor here is what is still going on the side of my left knee the right side of it it feels like a rubber band not wanting to stretch and very painful pain in my knee and pain behind my knee cap pain shooting down into my foot my whole legs hurts when I am up walking on it and pain on the left side of my knee cap can you tell me by my information if I tore my acl

  38. I’m 14 and about 2 weeks ago I was playing basketball and landed on my knee that night we went to the er and they had to wheel me into the x ray room they said nothing was broken and sent me to the orthopedic surgeon they said that it was cartilage more than likely and I needed an MRI but that’s 2000 dollars so its out of the question on this day I can easily walk and run but the pain is still there when I run it doesn’t even hurt that bad it’s just It’s really uncomfortable I’m here asking if anyone knows what it is the pain is on my left knee on the inward side there is still swelling please respond I need to be in football by this Monday

  39. Okay, so about a year ago I was in a soccer game and a player from the other team hit the outside of my knee and it made like a popping noise and my knee swelled up. I iced it and rested it and stayed off of it for a week, but I felt better so I went to play again for a school game. During the match I made a quick turn and it popped again. A medic checked it straight away and said that I had sprained my acl. It’s gotten a bit better but the inside of my knee is hurting. It feels as if the bone is hurting. What should I do?

  40. Last week I was playing soccer and made a tackle. The other girls foot and my foot both hit the ball at the same time but my knee twisted. It hurt at first but i was able to finish playing the game, thinking it was just an impact shock. It hurt that night, but only slightly when I put pressure on it. nothing major. The next day, i took Advil before the game, and that seemed to help. I could hardly feel the pain. But over the next few days, the pain grew more excessive, and Advil couldn’t block it out. I can’t run with out alot of pain, especially in soccer cleats that arent very supportive. At practice it’s hard to maneuver. Ive sat out after trying to play on it because the pain is excessive. This pain usually varies but has worsen over the last week. It hurts when i walk too, and there is little swelling but nothing major. It also hurts when i press a certain spot on the inner knee, a spot that seems to be between bones if not on the bone. I’m almost positive it’s a sprain and I have been icing and elevating but even when I lie down and there is no pressure, my knee just feels achy. It has gotten progressively worse over the last week. I can usually walk with limp, but sometimes I do, especially when i try to run.. i would like to know what grade of sprain it sounds like…if it is a sprain……and what recovery would be like an how long I’ll be out of the game. Thank you!

  41. My boyfriend sprain his knee playing soccer his knee dislocates every other day. Could he still see a doctor if hes undocumented?

  42. I’ve been skiing for the last couple of days and today I had a fall and both knees hurt while I was lying in the snow. I probably shouldn’t have hit the slopes again but I did. It doesn’t hurt when I’m standing or walking or kneeling or sitting (or skiing) but it does when I try to stand up or go down stairs. Up stairs isn’t as bad. No swelling that I can see or feel and nothing tender upon touch except the inside of the left knee. Lying down, they feel weird. But not painful. Just… I can really feel the presence of my knees. This may just be psychological but I feel flexing and extending the knee is requiring more effort; the muscles feel weak. But I can still get my socks on and kick doors open. I’m also heading back to the hometown via airplane in a few days. What should I do???? What’s wrong with my knees???

  43. I sprained my left knee while dancing and this was like 1.5 mnths ago. I went to a homeopathic doctor and got an x-ray nd thr was nthng wrong with the bones. I had swelling. I cant climb stairs. When i put some weight on my knee it pains a lot. What should i do?

  44. Hi, I sprained my knee about 3 weeks ago playing soccer. I was covering the ball and as i made a turn to the left somehow my foot got stuck in the grass and i heard my knee cracked. I remember i had a shooting pain and it went away. I was able to get up and walk normally, but the day after it got swollen and it hurted. Now the swolling has gone done, but the out side of my left knee kinda hurts i would say from 1-10 a 4 or 5. I dont know what could it be, but when i run it feels stiff. What could it be?

  45. KneePainGuru – I notice for most replies you say ‘go ask your doctor’. But what about for people who can’t afford to see a doctor for a while? I have a sharp pain on the inside of my left knee (the part that touches the other knee when closing my legs) whenever I twist my leg a certain way or whenever I lay on my side with my legs and knees together. I sometimes will feel almost a sharp or bruised kind of pain, and when it was real bad it would refer an increasing deep aching/burning pain in the opposite side of my calf, the longer I rested my knee on the other one. As soon as I took it off it basically stopped. I exercised pretty hard 2 days before symptoms came and did jump squats as well as running and jogging and high impact movements along with normal squats that night. The next day I cleaned my house all day — no issues yet, but I remember moving a piece of furniture and used the inside of my left knee to help push it for a moment. At that time nothing hurt, but the very next morning I noticed the painful local sensation when putting pressure there, and then I had a bit of a weird stiff feeling in my knee when extending and random bits of pain when walking or twisting a certain way, not constant.

    • Josh – I believe those who are truly committed to solving what is going on with there knee pain will find a way to do what it takes to make the doctor visit happen and get a diagnosis so they know how to proceed. If someone can’t see a doctor for a while then they will need to hold tight until they can. My perspective on knees is all based on someone going to a doctor first. Regards, Bill

  46. Last night i had on silk pj pants and the bottom of them was under my heel, so i slipped (Din’t fall down) but my knee bent backwards and make a loud popping noise Now, This morning i cant put ANY pressure on it, and its SEVERELY bruised and its continuously throbbing and also swelling pretty bad. what should i do. im not sure if i should wrap it or not. I have done the ice thing and all that does is makes it ache on top of throbbing, so please tell me what i should do. im in so much pain and i have 2 children to take care of. please help me. I’m begging you!

  47. Hi Bill
    October 5th I randomly started feeling pain in my knee. Went to orthepedic he gave me a xray and mri. Nothing was broken or damaged just a lot of fluid showed in my mri. He drained out 75cc of fluid and gave me 4wks off work with physical therapy. I go back to see him today but I’m feeling the same amount of pain and my knee is swelled up just like it was before I got it drained. Its hard to go up stairs or bend knee. Pain is coming from the inside of my knee. He said is was a knee sprain. Its been 2months what’s going on…?

    • Erica,

      Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to what your experiencing. To better assist you, I have contacted you via email.You may also contact us at 828-585-7275 and someone would gladly assist you.

      Kind regards,

      Mimi |Customer Support

  48. Okay, It’s been 3 months since I sprained my knee squatting. I have been resting, by that I mean I haven’t been doing any running or any exercise.

    I am really tired of just sitting on my ass every day. My knee has reduced it’s pain but I wouldn’t say its in perfect conditions. It still hurts a little bit when I twist my ankle or bend my knee.

    I really want to star playing soccer, I actually played like a week ago and it seemed fine, I didn’t feel any pain but the next day my knee was really swollen.

    Do you think I can start playing now? I hate my knee!

    • Ricardo,

      Thank you for reaching out to us about your knee. I’m glad to hear that your knee is feeling better! To better assist you with your questions and concerns, I have contacted you via email. Please feel free to contact us for further questions or concerns at 828-585-7275.

      Kind regards,

      Mimi|Customer Support

  49. it is going to be a year since I got my knee twisted while playing basketball. At that time doctor gave some pain killers and gel. It took a month to reduce swelling but not pain. Now most of the time I have difficulty in walking and I can’t bend my knees for long time. Even after sitting on a chair for a long time the pain starts. Now I can’t even run and if I try to run I feel like I may fall down. But sometimes I feel no pain while walking.

    So, please give me some advice

    • Hello Charlie,

      Thank you for contacting us about your discomfort. To better assist you I have contacted you via email. We appreciate your interest and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Kind regards,


  50. In January 14,2013 i was playing soccer and Im the goalie.In a corner kick I came to punch the ball and out of a sudden I fell a pain.After the pain i threw my self to the floor and couldn’t keep playing . I went to the ER to get x ray done and they told me I had a knee sprain. I got a knee brace wear it for five moths.As I soon I fell better I started playing soccer but my knee is still swollen and I get pains. Plus I can really have my knee bend it start to hurt and if I have it bended I get a hotness feeling.

  51. Im in gymnastics, I’m a 16 year old girl and we do over splits, it where you put your leg on a high level mat and push to a over split. i think i might have over extended it a bit(thats what my doctor said about half a month ago) but all he did was move it to the side and tug on it, he said it was a bit loose though. i didn’t get a x-ray because I’m guessing its something to do with a ligament or something. It hurts behind my left knee to the left of my acl, about where your leg bends. im not completely sure if it was the over splitting that hurt it completely because looking back i can remember tumbling (doing back flips) on beam (its almost like tumbling on hard ground) and my leg just got a super sharp pain in it that made me collapse like it was tightening or something like a cramp when i moved it a certain way.(the pain wasn’t there after that day though) it started months ago and i think the ever splitting just set it off. and that happen maybe a few weeks after the first time my knee started to hurt. Anyways when i get up from sitting down i can’t walk on my leg at first, its stiff an hurts really bad to move. i can walk on it after a little while though and I’m fine. also if i stand on it with just my left leg it starts to hurt to. Just the other day i tried tumbling on it again and my leg just started giving out and it would hurt from the spot i described earlier to around my leg to along my knee cap and back around to the other side of my leg. and it hurts worse than it did when it originally started to to be in pain. i have comp in 20 days and I’m not sure what to tell my coach. should i get an x-ray? or do something else?

    please excuse my grammar errors, its super late.
    thank you if you can help.

  52. Yes, I fell down the stairs and dislocated my knee (left),it’s been about 5 wks since then. I have 3 children and am 6 months pregnant,and I stay at home. So I am so ready to get back to normal.
    I have lost most all my muscle mass in my upper leg, is there an exercise to help get that back fast? and when I try to put weight on it shakes like jello. At the emergency room the doctor said it was sprained I have a follow up in a couple days . It also hurts on the inside of my leg/knee when i walk.

    trying to get a third diagnosis, Jessica

    • Hello Jessica,

      Thank you for reaching out to us! After you get your third diagnosis, I suggest booking a free 30 min consultation/knee evaluation with Bill to discuss what your experiencing. Bill will be able to provide great advice and recommendations/solutions for whats going on. If your interested, please click on the link below to complete the consultation form and schedule a date and time that is best for you. Feel free to reach out to me for further assistance.

      Kind regards,

      Mimi | Customer Service

  53. Hi! I was practicing dance and while making a turn my knee twisted and i fell on the floor. I had severe pain and knee started swelling within 30 minutes. I went to see a physician in Urgent Care and he asked me do do some moves and checked everything as asked me to rest. If my pain doesn’t go away I was supposed to do MRI. I don’t have a pain but my swell is still there and is reducing very slow. It’s been 20 days that I sprained my knee. I did Ice compress in the beginning and now I’m using a hot pad instead. Do you have any suggestions to eliminate my swell and should i walk? I also bought a KT Tape for my knee, I’m not sure if that’s a good idea to use it. I haven’t used it yet. Please let me know. Thank you

    • Hello Century Shah!

      Thank you for reaching out to us! I suggest booking a free 30 min consultation/knee evaluation with Bill to discuss what your experiencing. Bill will be able to provide great advice and recommendations/solutions for whats going on. If your interested, please click on the link below to complete the consultation form and schedule a date and time that is best for you. Feel free to reach out to me for further assistance.

      Kind regards,

      Mimi | Customer Service

  54. i’m a football player age 20 …last yr i got head injury while playing n doctor adviced never to play football again bt em going mad at it as it was my oly company i tried playing bt my parents n friends r restricting me from playing i dont wana hurt them n play stubornly so how em i supposed to comfort myself …please help me sir

    • Hi there Sono,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. I have contacted you directly via email to better assist you with your questions.

      Kind regards,

      Customer Support

  55. Hi!! I was running suddenly stopped and fell on my Knee. Was hurting badly but now its been 3 weeks. Pain has reduced gradually but my knee is not strong enough to run again. still it pains when i tried to run. Can any one please help me.


    • Hi there Vish!

      Thank you for reaching out to us. I can definitely understand how your eager for answers. Have you seen a doctor to get your knee checked out? If you haven’t please have a doctor look at it and we’d be happy to help you out. If you have seen a doctor please feel free to contact us immediately at with your diagnosis and we’d be happy to get you set up with a free consultation to speak with Bill about what your experiencing.

      Kind regards,

      Customer Support

  56. Hieeee,
    Today I sprained my knee during jiditsu, but I sprained my knee several times in the past. Also this time it didn’t hurt as badly as the time I sprained it in the past. It’s just that I’m nervous that I have a weak knee and I’m not quite sure what I should do. Also when I sometimes swim I feel a little bit of tension in my knee. I would appreciate any advice, thanks:)

    • Hello Katrin,

      Thank you for reaching out to us! I suggest booking a free 30 min consultation/knee evaluation with Bill to discuss what your experiencing. Bill will be able to provide great advice and recommendations/solutions for whats going on. If your interested, please click on the link below to complete the consultation form and schedule a date and time that is best for you. Feel free to reach out to me for further assistance.

      Kind regards,

      Mimi | Customer Service

  57. My left knee kind of popped out then back in landing on a trampoline. Doctor said no break but to see an orthopedic if I cannot walk by today. It’s today and I can’t walk on it without my knee brace. No pain unless I try bending my knee…. I have no insurance so I can’t do MRI, will this heal naturally?

    • Hi Danny,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. I have contacted you via email to discuss your situation further.

      Kind regards,

      Customer Support

  58. I was playing football and I stepped the wrong way, my knee popped but I got up right away with help. It felt really weak and fragile, wasn’t able to play for the rest of the game. I got home and my knee was swallowed and is very stiff. Any pressure on my left knee brings pain. What’s wrong? Any advise on how long the stiffness and the swallow will go away?

    • Hi there Chria,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. I can completely understand your frustration and concern. I suggest going to the doctor first to receive a diagnosis and then contact us at with your diagnosis and we will help you find the right program to help your knee recovery.

      Kind regards,

      Customer Support

  59. I think hurt my knee while I was playing basketball at a camp but I’m not sure it just started hurting. My knee is really stiff and it hurts. I went to the doctor and my doctor said that it may just be stiff because I haven’t exercised a lot this summer so she said that when my dance starts up again I should see if I hurts anymore but a couple hours later, my knee hurt extremely bad from walking on it all day but I didn’t know if I should go back to the doctor or wait like she said and see if the stiffness goes away. What should I do?

    • Hello Annie,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m sorry to hear that your still experiencing pain. Have you tried The Comfort Zone Stretches yet? These are really good exercises to break up scar tissue and will help you create comfort in the knee joint (only the knee) by systematically working with the tiny movements in the knee that squeeze on the nerves the width of an eyelash letting you know you have knee pain. It’s a great place to start to get a feel for the program.

      Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance

      Customer Support

    • Hi Preston,

      Thank you for reaching out to us and I’m sorry to hear how much pain you are experiencing and I definitely want to help you out! Have you seen a doctor since you got hit at the soccer game? If not, we recommend seeing a doctor to get a diagnosis and once you receive the results, please email us and I’ll be happy to help you out. If you already seen the doctor and have all of the necessary information, please email us immediately and we will help you get in touch with Bill!

      Kind regards,

      Customer Support

  60. Hi there,

    About a week ago I got taken down while playing soccer and when I landed I hyper-flexed my knee. Soon after I felt some pain in the back of my knee, but now I feel like I can’t exactly pin point where the pain is (if its in the back, on the inside…). I have no pain when I walk or straighten my knee, I mostly feel the pain when I bend my knee (it feels like stiffness).

    If you have any idea what I did and what I should do to recover, that would be a huge help! Thanks!

  61. I visited the doctors and i was told i had sprained my knee , it was from getting tackled while playing soccer . They told me i had to stop playing for at least 2 weeks and its already been 7 weeks . I been icing it , stretching and resting it like i was told to do so but i still feel some unordinary pain at times and im not sure if i should start playing again .

  62. 4 weeks ago I twisted my knee playing basketball. I was able to walk off but it swelled and got stiff when I got home after rest and icing I feel a lot better but I still have a dull pain and if I plant my leg quickly it still gives out with my full weight. I walk and use the stairs fine. I also have 95% range of motion but there is still a little more fluid in there. Could this still be a sprain or could i have torn a ligament?

    • Hi Tom,

      Thank you for your comment. We appreciate you reaching out to Bill and I can definitely understand what you are going through. We recommend that you speak with your Doctor first to get a diagnosis and then contact us at so we can get you in touch with Bill or provide you with the best program to get you started on your Pain-Free Knee Journey.

      Kind regards,

      Mimi|Customer Support

  63. I was diagnosed last week with Patella-Femoral knee pain after being in pain for a year. I have to get physiotherapy for this. Yesterday i went over on my right ankle and think I twisted my knee a bit as it’s been very painful ever since. Today it really hurts to put weigh on it. Should I see my doctor again or will pain ease on it’s own? I also have Fibromyalgia so I am concerned that this will cause a flare up.

  64. Hi, I am seriously confused! I injured my knee ligaments in march 2014 playing football, usual stuff: tackle,foot dug in knee bent inwards. Initially it stopped me walking and I applied the PRICE protocol then I got back to walking and even running by May, I had physio for 6 weeks which didn’t do a great deal and although improving still painfull in the angle it got injured in, it was sore to straighten aswell at times but this eventually went.
    By July I still had an aching pain around the area of medial lig (right knee) but it was manageable, as it lingered though I was referred for an MRI which the results showed nothing wrong!
    I still get this pain but can run, Jump and even play football etc but it initially feels sore upon playing then eases and I carry on fine, after it is sore but quickly returns to the level before playing each time! Why can this be the case and how can this pain be there when the scan shows no problem with either ligament or cartilage?
    The pain is localised to the inside right of right knee just below the fleshy bit above the kneecap, almost at the base of the bone that comes down from thigh and is round at base.
    Please help as Its worrying me as I can play football but worried its never going to be back to normal and its now September nearly from injuring in march!

  65. Hello, I have injured my knee by performing a back pedaling motion, playing basketball. It has been 3 months since the injury. I normally feel the pain in the patella and the only time it gives me difficulty when I’m performing a one legged squat. As a Therapist Trainee, myself how would you recommend I treat this injury.

  66. I fell on my knee in a football game and it hurt as soon as it happend then went away and when I got home I couldent and still can’t 1day later bend my knee to far orit will give me sharp pains.if I straight in it out it won’t hurt

  67. Hello yesterday while playing soccer I got pushed while I was trying to get the ball. Forced me to take a step that seemed like my knee popped in and out. It was the worst pain… I can walk on it now. Hurts when I bend it. I heard no pop or crack just felt like my leg was going to break. How long will this take to get better?

  68. Hi.. I have twisted my knee a couple of times over the years.. I would feel the knee cap come off and go back into place. It would be very hard to walk after for weeks. It happened recently again and I am unable to bend or walk properly without the msucles tightening and feeling like it would pop out again. I did an mri and the result was that there was a near complete tear of medial patello-femoral retinaculum at femoral attachment. The doc recommended surgery aftet three months of physio. Any suggestions to make the tension in muscle go away

    • Hi Nora,

      I’m sorry about what you are experiencing and I want to help!

      I have submitted your question to Bill and will follow up with you via email as soon as I hear back from him. Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance at


      Customer Support

  69. Hi Sir,
    I’m 66 years old, five months ago I injured my right knee whilst playing badminton. During the game there was a cracking or popping sound at the back of my knee. In consequent my knee was swollen, stiffed and I limped. I went to see an orthopedics surgeon and he ordered an Xray be done on my knee. The latter revealed I have osteroarthritis . As the X-Ray was unable to detect any torn ligaments or meniscus he sent me to do MRI, and he result came back as follows:
    – Reduced joint space with prominent marginal osteophytes
    – Moderate effusion noted in joint space and lateral recess. Thick plicate noted. No internal sediment or loose bodies.
    – ACL: thin fibres in the insertion area.
    – PCL: Fibre intact.
    – Popliteus tendon: intact
    – LCL: Heterogenous signal with no intact fibres.
    – MCL: Fibres intact.
    – Lateral meniscus: High signal defect noted at posterior meniscus-capsular area.
    – Bone: Tibial plateau subchondral oedema. No subchondral cyst or Osterochondritis Dissecan
    – Cartilage: Multifocal irregular cartilage surface. No area of full thickness defect
    – a Patella tendon: intact
    – Quadriceps tendon: intact.


    – Moderate Osteoarthritic Right knee
    – Old major ACL and LCL tear.
    – Subacute posterior horn Lateral meniscus

    I am not able to straighten my right leg fully and it’s bow-legged.

    With the conditions of my knee (as above), can my knee be straighten by a cyropractor ?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Ken,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      I’m sorry to hear what you are experiencing and I definitely want to help you. I think at this point, the best thing for you would be to set up an appointment with Bill to discuss your knees. Please fill out the form below as much as possible for Bill.

      If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at anytime [].


      Customer Support

      • Hi Mimi,

        Thank you for the reply. I appreciate you wanting to help me. Just to let you know I am from Malaysia and therefore will not be able to meet with Bill in person to discuss about my knee. I would be grateful you let me know if my knee can be fixed and connect me to one cyropractor in my country.


        Ken Wee

  70. Hello! I was walking out of school 2 days ago and I stepped in a crack in the sidewalk and twisted my knee. I thought I was fine. Then yesterday I got a pain on the side of my knee that kept growing worse. Last night I could barely get up and down the stairs. Today I can’t put weight on it while bending it (which makes walking really hard and painful). I can’t bend it entirely. I’ve followed the RICE method but it hasn’t helped my walking. Also, if I go to the doctor they’re going to take x-rays, say its not broken and tell me to walk it off (this happened before with an ankle sprain). My mom is also saying I’m fine. I’m afraid that if I ask to go to the doctor she’ll think I’m faking it. And I already mentioned what happened last time at the doctor.
    So I can’t walk without a heavy limp and stairs are pretty much an impossibility… what should I do? I really need some advice!

    • Hi Lacey J,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      Please see a doctor and let us know what he diagnosed you with. If you under the age of 18, please let your guardians know that you have contacted us for advice and have them reach out to us at for further assistance.


      Customer Support

  71. I had a direct knee fall on concert tile floor alttle over a month ago.. I just went to dr and xray showed a fracture and the mri didn’t show anything tore.. It really stings and is getting stiff.. The dr didn’t do anything for me but tell me to rest it.. What is the next step? I go back to the dr in a week but with the mri not showing anything I am afraid he won’t be able to do anything to help me… Please tell me I’m not crazy but my body is telling me there is still something more than a fracture going on.. Thanks!

  72. I was in my PE class today, and she made the class do line dancing. Well, i was doing one of my moves and my knee twisted. My parents and friends dont believe me so I cant go to the doc and idk what exactly did to it, but it just sends random sharp pains from my knee spreading to my ankle and up my thigh. I want it to heal fast bc no one believes me. All i have is a ace brace (little wrap-around bandage). Can u please tell me what it is and how long it will take to heal and how long i need to wear the brace.

  73. A year ago I went to pick up my kids from a after school program at 5:00 and it was dark by that time well I was in the school while I was walking I slipped and I spraind my knee . Well now to this day my knee hurts bad but I can still walk also when I walk my knee makes a cracking sound . So yeah thats all do you recommend anything to make my knee feel better .

  74. Hi
    It was about 4weeks ago I had impact my knee I soften it and the other player won me in strength and my knee twisted nothing pop no type of swelling. I went to doctor they had recommended rest ice and elevate my knee. I feel so much better until I sidekick a ball it hurted so badly like if it wants to crack or something.
    Any recommendations? Do I need to strength it ??

  75. Hello i was playing soccer about a week ago and i made a quick turn but when i did it my knee like gave up and i heard a pop. It has been exactly a week and 1 day now and i cannot walk like normal but i can put pressure on it. The thing is that it’s still swollen and i cannot bend it all the way.i feel the pain on the inside of my right knee.(mcl maybe?) Please help me i really want to get back to playing as soon as possible.

    • Omar – Get your knee checked out by your doctor and let me know what the diagnosis is. We have to understand what we are dealing with before I’d be able to help you or at the very least point you in a direction.

  76. Hi, two days ago, i went to bend down and noticed a bit of pain in what seems to be behind my knee cap but more to the side. By the end of the day, I was in a fair amount of pain and had a hard time sleeping. Today my knee seems stiff and I can’t fully straighten it without extreme pain but I also can’t bend it fully without extreme pain.. somewhere in the middle seems ok. What is wrong with it? Please help…

  77. 2 Days ago I got up from the bed with little bit pain around the left kneecap. After doing the normal walking stuff I found swelling around knee cap and difficulty in bending my knee aft keeping in same position for some time. I strongly believe that I might slept in bed by keeping knee bend and leg in a wrong angle. I’m 27yrs old.I’m presently sailing on a ship.

    Kindly advice me what to be done via email as well.

  78. Hi,

    My knee has been killing me lately I hurt it in basketball about a year ago and I saw a doctor but he said there is nothing wrong with it. Well I think he is wrong because there is pain but the only time it swelled was when the accident happened and it was a bigger girl and she ran into me from the side and and her knee went into mine. I have tried all kind of knee braces and my mom wont take me to a knee doctor again so I need your help.

  79. Hi my name is Tina dartez,i was on my job takin care of a disabled lady that was in a wheelchair i was still on clock,i went into her room to talk to her and i had my phone in my hand i went to turn around and my right knee popped out then popped back in then i fell to the bed,i noticed a lot of pain and swellin i went to the hospital they took ex-rays and nothing’s wrong with my bones the hospital told me to go see a orthopedic surgeon so i did they scheduled me to go get an mri taken so i done that i went back to the orthopedic surgeon for test results and accordin to the dr there is nothin wrong with my knee but i stay in a lot of pain and my knee stays swollen when i walk on it I’m a very concerned person wat should i do bout this

  80. About 5 days ago I was skateboarding over a large gap. I kicked out and landed on my feet but when I did my left knee bent awkwardly to the outside of my body. I herd it pop to the side and pop back. I felt immediate pain and don’t move it much. Two days ago I went to the doctor and he said it was a sprain and I can walk on it now but I cant bend past a 45 degree angle with out it hurting. I was wondering if this could a hidden problem or if it is just my knee in the healing progress

  81. Hi i was playing soccer but when i try to kick the ball as hard as i could i miss twice now my knee hurts any ideas in how to make it better

  82. my knee hurts when i kick the soccer ball standing still but when i kick the ball while moving with it, it dont hurt my knee whys that? My doctor said it was just a knee sprain but it’s been 1 month now since the injury. (The injury is on the right side of my left knee and I’m a left footed player.)

    • Joshua
      There’s a different tension pattern in your body when you are moving than when you’re standing still. The key is to relax the tension pattern in your knee while standing still to get the pressure off of the nerves and create the space your knee joint requires for your knee to be comfortable…

  83. I recently spent the weekend in chicago and did allot of walking… The next day the muscle along my shins were really sore and then what felt like joint pain around my knee? It would feel fine if i kept my leg totally straight and walked which isnt how you should walk im sure but i noticed the pain wasnt really there when leg was straight but when walking normal bad sharp pain…. Once i gave it a rest n went easy on it for the next week the pain went down allot and i could funcion pretty normal… Well thinking its pretty much gone i go ahead n start using it again lifting things and raking leaves putting pressure on it…. It flared back up and this time it got really bad to the point i couldnt move my leg in bed even with out it hirting super bad… By morning it went down some and each day i guess a little but has been a week since and is definetly still there… Definetly feels like joint pain or bone if i had to guess … Never had a injury like this and im not sure where it cane from didnt think walking would do it but i guess it did… Just wondering if there is somwthing i could do to speed along the recovery and/or should i have it looked at im not sure if it sound serious or something i can take care of on my own. Thanks

  84. Hello my name is Abby and I sprained my knee about a week ago and every time i walk on it, it shoots pain through my knee what can i do to help that.

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