Natural Solutions for Knee Swelling

Natural solutions for knee swelling is important to look at in today’s world for eliminating knee inflammation and pain for a number of reasons. Over the counter and prescription drugs are hard on the organs of the body especially the liver. When your knees hurt and are swollen there are two types of inflammation that […]

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Holistic Treatment for Baker’s Cysts

If you have a Baker’s Cyst, you may not know how or why it decided to present itself in your body. The answer is that there could be a whole host of reasons. Basically, Baker’s Cysts are the result of anything that causes joint swelling, whether that is arthritis, a torn meniscus, or an alignment […]

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“How To” Deal With Arthritis

Learn the secret to address arthritis in your achy swollen painful knees… Below are the links I talk about in the video… Click on the following link to access the Virtual Knee Pain Clinic, now included with the Quit Your Quack Program: Click on the following link to setup a 25 Minute Knee Freedom […]

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The “Knee Pain Train” Podcast – Episode 35

The questions keep coming so we have this week the “Knee Pain Train” podcast…We keep on trucking answering more questions about chronic knee pain

I start off the podcast talking about a pain clinic rep I spoke with at a trade show this past weekend in Charleston, SC…That will be interesting for you! 🙂

1.) The first question is from Judy who is trying to help her 78y/o mother out of knee pain without doing total knee replacement surgery and is looking at total knee implant surgery instead:

2.)Iben asks a question about knee feeling like a bag of fat is in and around it

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