“How To” Deal With Arthritis

Learn the secret to address arthritis in your achy swollen painful knees…

Below are the links I talk about in the video…

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10 comments on ““How To” Deal With Arthritis

  1. Thanks. Exercise, prescribed by my physio is helping me, as I have thigh muscle pain as well, but I can understand the idea of loosing the space in the knee joint, so I am interested in hearing more!

    • Garn – Paypal does not have the ability to take the recurring charges from the Virtual Knee Clinic…Just uncheck the free month in the Virtual Knee Clinic and you should be good to go…Thanks, Bill

  2. About a month ago I had two partial knees put in. My left leg is coming along fine. The right one was the worse one and the pain at night it either keeps me awake or wakes me up because there is no position to put it to make it comfortable. I have been walking on the treadmill about 1/4 mile a day or so(this varies). And moving around as much as I feel it to keep on it to make it stronger. I cannot cross my right leg and hold it there with my leg muscles. I have also put it in a CPM machine for about 1-2 hours daily.

    You got any advice for me here? Different exercises or things I should or shouldn’t be doing? New to your site.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Duane

      I would focus on creating comfort in your knees at this point. The highest leverage would be to work with the “Passive Stretching” videos in the Stretching Lounge of my Virtual Knee Pain Clinic. Pay special attention to the videos that correspond with the specific areas of your knees that you are feeling pain, tension, and/or discomfort in. Keep me posted as to how it goes…Bill

  3. Hi there, I’m scheduled for a partial (right) knee replacement on June 8th. Someone told me about the wonders of lazer treatment. I have had 13 treatments now (on both knees cause the left one is starting to go too). I haven’t felt a lot of difference but have experienced some change so I’m afraid to stop going. They said it could take up to 30 treatments. Have you heard anything about lazer treatments?

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