The “Knee Pain Train” Podcast – Episode 35

The questions keep coming so we have this week the “Knee Pain Train” podcast…We keep on trucking answering more questions about chronic knee pain

I start off the podcast talking about a pain clinic rep I spoke with at a trade show this past weekend in Charleston, SC…That will be interesting for you! 🙂

1.) The first question is from Judy who is trying to help her 78y/o mother out of knee pain without doing total knee replacement surgery and is looking at total knee implant surgery instead:

2.)Iben asks a question about knee feeling like a bag of fat is in and around it

3.) Deepa has some great questions about how diet and water have an effect on chronic knee pain″ target=”_blank”

4.) Jeremiah has knee swelling only when he plays basketball and is wondering how to address it…

5.) Becky has been diagnosed with a “complex regional pain syndrome” and wants to run a marathon and it needing a direction to start because surgeries, physical therapy, prescription drugs, and shots have not worked…

6.) Sarah asks a general question as to how to get out of knee pain when the drugs aren’t doing the job…


7.) Lucia wants to know what to do when the cartilige has only worn out on one side of her knee and is wondering why it is doing that…

Bill Parravano (The Knee Pain Guru)

Bill Parravano is “The Knee Pain Guru” and has been called, “the best in the world at eliminating knee pain without drugs, shots or surgery.”

He brings over 26 years of martial art and bodywork experience understanding movement and tensions patterns that lead to physical pain.

Bill believes the nervous system is the key to the body’s healing, and bridges the gap between what we currently know and the infinite possibilities of what we don’t know the body is capable of. Coupled with comfort, this combination creates the shortest distance between a life riddled with pain to a physical life fully mobile and self expressed.

“You can’t think your way out of pain. Pain is not rational and doesn’t care what you think. You must feel your way out of pain through comfort. Through the weeks, months and years of injury and compensation patterns built up in your body limiting your movement and making you feel older than you are.”

His unique ability of identifying the blocks that keep people stuck in pain and skillfully removing them allows for lasting change, and a new reality for his clients…

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Mary Jetha

Bill, my progress is very slow but I think My pain is tolerable. I am trying to drink fair amount of liquid. I am still having so much problem kneeling and I am also trying to squat between the chairs but it is very painful. The good thing is my knees feel better after the squatt. I am trying to even get out of the squat as you are mentioning as of to going on the floor. Getting off the floor is also a problem but it is getting slightly better. Hope one day it will be pain free. I… Read more »

Jessica okello

My discouragement is, I’m far away in Africa how will l ever be helped with my knee pain. Since many of the people you have helped you seem to have met physically.