The Top 5 Knee Strengthening Exercises

The Top 5 Knee Strengthening Exercises might just surprise you or it might not. If the goal is to strengthen the knee joint to get the knee out of pain then we must look at the knee in context of the structures which must be strengthened to get it out of pain. Conventional physical therapy […]

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Why You Should Train Your Knees Like An Olympic Gymnast

Why you should train like an olympic gymnast could be the key for you eliminating your knee pain. Tim Ferriss Podcast with Coach Christopher Sommer This podcast is AWESOME! Coach Sommer covers so much and Tim Ferriss asks great questions In this episode they cover great subjects including: The 3-5 exercises everyone should be doing (you’ve never […]

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Knee Pain Case Study w/ Zach…Another Knee Success Story!

Zach is out of knee pain…

That is correct! After only 3 weeks and 4 sessions he says he doesn’t even think about his knee anymore! This news is very exciting and brings lots of hope for lots of knee pain sufferers. You see Zach has had 4 knee surgeries over the past 4 years…

If Zach has been able to get out of knee pain then just about anyone should be able to too!

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