Knee Treatment 101

What happens though if after a couple of weeks or a month that you have followed this knee treatment to the letter and you still have issues like pain, swelling, and inflammation?

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Episode 21 – One on One with John

Professional Surfer Suffers Possible Career Ending Knee Injury: You know how truly devastating knee pain can be. It doesn’t stop just at the physical pain, there is the mental anguish & fatigue, not to mention all off life’s activities you have to quit because you aren’t sure if your knee is going to be there […]

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Knee Pain Case Study – Zach After Week #2

Huge Improvement since last week…

Zach has been doing his part to get his knees better…Proper water, proper food, the little tips and tricks that I have been showing him and in only a weeks period of time his knee is greatly improved. He is even able to do a full squat now without pain!

Check out the video and see the results!

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Episode 15 – Knee Pain Weekly Podcast

In Episode 15 of my teleseminar series I answer your knee pain questions.  In this episode I will cover topics like: – My Knee Pain Has Made My Pelvis Tight! Are There Any Exercises To Help Losen the Pelvis? – Had MCL Tear And Didn’t See Much Results with My Physiotherapist…Can You Help? – What […]

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