Episode 21 – One on One with John

Professional Surfer Suffers Possible Career Ending Knee Injury: You know how truly devastating knee pain can be. It doesn’t stop just at the physical pain, there is the mental anguish & fatigue, not to mention all off life’s activities you have to quit because you aren’t sure if your knee is going to be there […]

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Knee Pain Case Study – Zach After Week #2

Huge Improvement since last week…

Zach has been doing his part to get his knees better…Proper water, proper food, the little tips and tricks that I have been showing him and in only a weeks period of time his knee is greatly improved. He is even able to do a full squat now without pain!

Check out the video and see the results!

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Episode 15 – Knee Pain Weekly Podcast

In Episode 15 of my teleseminar series I answer your knee pain questions.  In this episode I will cover topics like: – My Knee Pain Has Made My Pelvis Tight! Are There Any Exercises To Help Losen the Pelvis? – Had MCL Tear And Didn’t See Much Results with My Physiotherapist…Can You Help? – What […]

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The 5 Pillars Of Knee Pain Recovery – Part 5 (Breathing)

This article goes into depth on the importance of breathing for complete knee pain recovery. It talks about how to actively ‘override’ the tension in your nervous system through breathing to relax the tension in your knees as well as the rest of your body. The end result allows you to control the amount of pain, tension, and discomfort in your knees to deal with chronic knee pain…

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