Pain When Kneeling

Pain in knee when kneeling

Whether you are tying your shoe or doing a lunge at the gym, everyday activities can trigger this pain. There are three possible reasons why it hurts when you kneel. There could be a problem in the kneecap, in the center of the knee, or in the back of the knee. Depending on which region hurts, it signifies a different situation.

Pain in knee when kneeling
Pain in knee when kneeling

If the pain is in the kneecap, or patella, then it is most likely because a tension pattern has arisen to protect the knee from potential injury. This tension is creating pressure on the nerves in your kneecap sending a pain message to your brain, even though there is nothing mechanically wrong.

The first step in stopping this patella pain is to relax the tension and take your knee to a place of comfort. There are different positions and stretches that you can perform to relax and calm the nerves in the kneecap so you create space in the joint and relieve the pain when kneeling.

If the pain seems to be more centrally located or in back of the knee, this could be some sort of rotational issue or maybe there’s something amiss with the alignment of the upper and lower legs. Both of these issues will create pressure on the meniscus, which squeezes the nerves and results in pain.

If you have had pain in knee when kneeling for a long period of time, however, it would be a good idea to go to a doctor and have the knee evaluated. If you get an X-ray, CT scan or MRI and nothing is broken or torn, then you can easily resolve this chronic condition using relaxation stretches like the ones I demonstrate in “Knee Club.” A relaxed knee resets the nerves so the knee can heal the pain.

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Francine Underhill

My knee hurts when walking or lifting it but can take my full weight if just standing with no pain


I was injured a few years ago by tripping on some carpet that a negligent company left on a sidewalk(currently in a lawsuit) I have seen two doctors, one said I need surgery and it was a torn meniscus, second doctor said possible nerve damage. I have to see a third doctor and I do not want surgery as I am terrified of that outcome and I do not want to be misdiagnosed. My pain is only when I put pressure on my knee like kneeling, there is even a discolored spot on my knee, the only other time I… Read more »


Out of nowhere with no injury or overuse, my right knee began to hurt when I kneel. The pain has nothing to do with joint function or bearing weight, but instead it’s the pressure applied to the knee by the body weight against the floor. It only hurts where the knee is touching the floor. The same pain exists if I kneel on soft surfaces (like even a mattress or pillow). Any ideas? I have zero pain in legs/knees otherwise.

Michael Flynn

I have this exact same issue. When I kneel down without thinking there is a sharp knee pain and I have to put something soft under it to do any exercises like that. It started happening a few weeks after I got a MRI on my knee which the doctor said looked fine even though I’ve been having knee issues. This however is much different and looking straight at the left knee, the top right of the knee feels numb and I know this because I have nerve damage spots in my right leg from having a rod put in.

Sherry Galvan

I have this same problem. When I kneel, right knee, I get a severe pain. No matter the surface.

Sherry Galvan

Seventeen years ago I underwent microscopic knee surgery for a torn meniscus. No problem there.
About 8 years ago I began having severe pain when I would kneel down. The pain comes and goes. When it is acting up I can also feel the pain if I run my fingers up the front of my knee. When doing that, I feel a sensation on the outside of the kneecap.


About 15 years ago I was tripped up and landed directly on my left knee on concrete. I was in a brace etc for a month. The doctor said I had a degenerative patella. I was also told if I lost weight and strengthen it, it would be better. Well I lost 30kg and was strengthening it and it got worst. So I’ve learned to live with it, but I’m back at the gym now and I’ve lost 30kg again. I can’t run, kneel and doing lunges and squats hurts that I have to find alternatives. I wanna run and… Read more »


I’m a college Pole Vaulter with knee pain for the past 5 years. I can barely jump on off of it and would change my life if I could for my last season next year. was diagnosed with patellar tendinitis and a partially torn tendon that I had surgery on in August of 2019. I’ve tried everything from pt to PRP injections and surgery but it still bothers me.

Sura Simpson

i have had what i thought to be nerve damage to my right knee for many years (fell hard on my knee drunk quite a few yrs ago) in the past 2-3 months it has migrated toward my outside of lower thigh (the numb feeling) and now when I am getting into bed and lean on my knee i have excruciating pain. but no where else or when engaged in any other activity. what could it be?

Customer Service

Hi Sura,

Have you gotten this looked at by your doctor? Once diagnosed, we can begin to help get you onto your journey to finding a place of comfort!


Sura Simpson

I have not. I was hoping to not really have to go to the doctor. But I suppose I should. Thank you.

2 J

I have this exact same issue, I hoped to get some direction from these QandAs but confess I’m very disheartening, every question is answered with “have your doctor look at it”

Carolyn Barnes

I have a sharp shooting pain when I kneel on my left knee. It hurts so bad it makes the outside of my knee and leg go numb during two second i am barely on it. When I sit down and feel around my knee cap I cannot reproduce the pain until I feel this nerve or vein running across my patella. The vein or nerve seems inflamed and the shooting pain is unbearable when I apply pressure to it. It only hurts when I apply pressure whether kneeling or just pressing down on the nerve/vein. What could it be?… Read more »

Michael Flynn

I have same exact issue.

Lindsay Blincoe

About 15 years ago, I crashed my car. Badly smashed my right ankle, #C1, C2 vertebra, ribs resulting in being flat on my back for a long time. After about 1 year, tried. to kneel!! Could not rise quickly enough, severe pain!! I can walk, stand, run….no pain, have had 4 X-Rays with no explanation of causes of pain. If I press on a spot on my kneecap……PAIN ! Doctor said I have arthritis……but there is no sign/pain in ANY limb or body part. I am now 76. healthly and moderately active and so frustrated that I am unable to… Read more »


I have a sharp twinge on lower outside of kneecap when kneeling. Twinge is not near pressure with ground, rather outside on side of kneecap area.


I tore my right mcl around 3.5yrs ago, it is fine now and I feel it is stable but sometimes when I wake up my injured knee is very painful again until I stretch it out and move around. This only happens around 25% of the time but I’d prefer not to experience this extreme pain, I’d also like to know your opinion of why this happens randomly. Thank you


This isn’t Jeopardy. You can comment on something, offer your opinion or give advice without people having to frame it as a question. “For 50 points: What is could be causing the above mentioned condition?” Unbelievable. I have read your responses to everyone. You sir are useless…


I have no pain in my knee while walking, standing, twisting my knee. I only have pain when I put pressure on my right knee if I kneel on a chair or try to get on my knees. The pain is a very sharp intense pain on the outside of my knee. It stops as soon as I stop kneeling or get off my knee.


That wasn’t nice. She was looking for help. I have the same thing. Pain in knee only when kneeling on something. It’s gotten better but not much. I used to could not even kneel on the bed when going to sleep. That doesn’t bother me any more but it still hurts to kneel on the ground.

Sandee Sorensen

I have the same problem as Judy. What would cause this?

Michael Flynn

I have same exact issue.

alex muller

i have a torn pcl and meniscus tear, when i kneel i have pain in the back of knee, do u think its due to meniscus or pcl? do u think i should be kneeling at all? i can walk normally but can’t really run at this point.

LeAnn Hagler

WHen kneeling only, in left kneethere is a sharp pain and kind of burns. Feels like there is a sharp pebble under the knee but I check and nothing there. Get off knee and no pain at all. What can this be? I was told possible nerve but would think it would get better. Has been happening for 3 weeks now.


I have the same! Did u get any answers what it could b? When I kneel down and my knees hit the ground I could just scream it hurts so bad. But on a regular basis walking I would never know there’s any problem. Only one my knees hit the ground even lightly kneeling down it sends me into orbit. Tuff tying a child shoes when you can’t bend. LOL

Customer Service

Hi Howezy!

I see you’re asking LeeAnn a question…if you need any help or support, let us know!


Ashley CW

@Howezy – did you ever figure out what this acute pain was? I’m experiencing the same issue!

Ashley CW

I don’t see an answer to this and have the exact same issue in my left knee the last week or two. Were there ever any helpful insights provided?

Michael Chittester

When I kneel down on my right knee, I get a pain towards the outside of the knee to where it feels like the skin is sliding? As long as I don’t kneel on it, no pain?


Nice web page. I’m looking at your 20 Minute Consult. Mine is interesting. I can walk. I can run. I feel no pain unless I kneel down on my left need. I have had not accidents. The knee does not look deformed. I did go to a doctor about a year ago for x-rays, etc. He found nothing and said, “we are all getting older” The pain has become more severe, i.e. a year ago, I would kneel, it would hurt and I would be over it. Today, I kneel and it is VERY painful.

Antoinette Rosati-Hanley

I cannot kneel on my knees at all they do not hurt when I walk when I dance etc. I believe it is all in the head to tell you the truth. I think with some stretching in time it will get better.

Andrew Frederick Wilks

Here we are in 2017 yet the medical industry and politicians in USA here do not do enough to heal damaged joints and source of the pain profiting off of chronic pain. Articles such as these prolong the notion to accept and live with chronic pain which is FUCKING BULLSHIT!!! There are treatments here in USA such as prolotherapy, stem cell therapies and so on that heal and strengthen damaged joints. However insurances do not cover those treatments. Not even medicaid and medicare cover such treatments as well. There needs to be single payer universal healthcare in this country like… Read more »


I have a combination of right knee issues that have gotten worse as I have gotten older, coming up on 50. I would consider myself a weekend warrior, so expect most these issues due to poor stretching and trying to keep up with kids activities….volleyball, basketball, running, skiing, etc… Issue 1: Pain when kneeling. Always there. I cannot kneel on hard surface and when kneel for more than a few minutes on soft surface, pain too great. . Issue 2: Front of knee pain, mostly after sports/workout. Painful to bend, mostly in front of knee below knee cap. When doing… Read more »


hello, hopping you can help me ! i had a fall at work over six months ago, slipped over on a moped floor anyway I landed on both knees and full palms, my left knee took most of the brunt and over time I had an ultrasound but they only checked the left side of my left knee and towards the back of the knee and with that have been diagnosed with housemaid knee but still today when my partner rubs my knee on it’s right side and puts a bit of pressure to it OMG the burning and sharp… Read more »


Hi, I had a heavy bang to my right knee in a swimming pool 6 months ago no swelling or bruising at the time, since then when i kneel i get an intense sharp pain on the top of my kneecap. it is now 6 months after the impact and its just as painful as the day i banged it. After several visits to Dr I have had an x-ray and ultrasound with no issues reported other than a hairline crack which has now healed, Dr seems to think it could be a fatty ball? I am not convinced as… Read more »

tredegar sloane

Nearly 2years ago – i had a horrendous fall on my deck outside – i broke my lower right leg – bone pierced by skin – tore through my pants and stuck out about 6 inches – i was sent to hospital and had surgery that day – i now have a titanium rod from my knee to my ankle and lots of bolts/screws and plates – both bones in the lower leg were broken – apparently during this surgery they push the knee cap off to one side to hammer the rod down the inside of my bone –… Read more »


I worked out and stretched for about an hour today (like I do everyday) and I was fine until about 30 minutes later when I went to sit on the couch that I suddenly felt pain in front of my left knee cap. Could this be that tension pattern you were talking about? What can I do?


Thank you so much for making the video..

Actually, the pain went away the very same day when I convinced myself that there was nothing wrong with my knee, and that it was all in my head. I’d had a very stressful week and I think that was the reason.
But, yesterday I felt it again when I was running down some stairs. It made me really worried this time, so I’m going to see a doctor on Wednesday.

I’ll let you as soon as I get home.


Hi, a few months ago I was at work and I was working on a new project display and had to do a lot of kneeling down. It took a couple of hours to get the project done. There wasnt anything wrong afterwards or that night. It wasn’t until the next day that I noticed that my right knee was swollen,stiff and had a little pain in it. I couldn’t kneel down to save my life for a few days after. Fast forward to a few months later,I notice that my knee hurts while walking upstairs and now after my… Read more »


Someone pushed me at school today when we were line ing up, and I fell on concrete on my back, the pain went down my back then down my thigh, then my knee, and know it is in my calf. What should I do


I have pain in both knees. It comes and goes but can last for long periods of time. It has been so severe lately that I can’t kneel at all…not even on a soft surface. Walking or other activities don’t seem to effect the pain, just kneeling. The pain feels like being stabbed in the knee. It is located just to theat outside of each kneecap.


That explains my knees to a “T”. What do you do to fix it? Thank you

keto lee

i broke my femural bone close to my kneel the bone is healing but i can’t bend my kneel as i used to bend the other kneel it get stuck whenever i want to bend it why?


That’s a cunning answer to a chinnelgalg question

Patty Cronheim

I have patella femoral syndrome.
I have a knee that “locks up” occasionally if I put any pressure on when kneeling. Sometimes with ice and elevation it goes back to normal. But sometimes, it takes a whole day to be able to stand on it again.
I’ve had MRI’s and have done PT.
How do I help get it back to ‘normal’ as quickly as possible?
-Day off ruined in NJ

Kristen Bush

I cannot kneel on my right knee. It hurts severely and almost “cramps” up for lack of better description. Then after even less than a minute of kneeling, even on a soft surface like a bed or couch, it seems sort of frozen in place with excruciating pain until it “loosens” back up. I had surgery on this knee one year ago, they cleaned up a torn meniscus and did some patella realignment. But I’m still no better thank before the surgery. Any thoughts? It’s the kneeling that really puzzles me. Otherwise I walk without pain

Liz Simma

Cannot kneel on R knee. Started months ago with mild discomfort. It has graduated to a feeling of spontaneous combustion when I kneel. Pn located lateral to R patella along the IT band. Does not travel. Burning, ripping type pain. if i forget and kneel down the pain will stay for a few hrs. Now, if i graze it, i get this pain, clothing touching area – the same. I’m hoping it is a pinched nerve. there is no swelling or red area – just the feeling of my knee on fire. It is starting to become 24/7 now and… Read more »


I have been only having pain in my left knee and only when I kneel on it, whether a hard surface or soft. It is not swollen and I can walk on the treadmill, do the ellipitical machine or other workouts and nothing bothers it. It looks the same as my right knee. What could this be?


My right knee is ok until I kneel then the pain is excruciating! The pain is a burning sensation that feels like my leg is on fire, on the outside upper calf down my leg. I went to a neurologist he did an emg/ncv test and said it was normal, did an mri, tumor on fibula went to ortho he said that is not causing the problem, also saw a spine doctor (as i have sciatica issues) no pinched nerves found to be causing the problem. It hurts to walk, and I sleep on my side and that is very… Read more »


I have the same problem. Did you ever find out what it was?


I slid down a few steps yesterday morning and initially thought everything was fine. About an hour later my knee began to hurt on the back side and felt sore & stiff. Today it feels the same and when I knelt down to put my son’s shoe on, the pain was magnified by 100. Do you think this is a sprained knee or something more serious?


My left knee is fine, until I put any weight on it while kneeling like giving my son a bath, and the pain is so severe it’s hard not to scream. It hurts mostly around the lower portion of the knee/knee cap. There is no swelling, lumps, or anything, but prolonged kneeling causes continuous pain but I can walk run and everything fine, just cant put weight on it while kneeling…. Is there a simple fix?

Cheryle H


I have severe pain in the front of my left knee when I kneel. I’ve had no injuries, or bumps, I can put pressure on the area when standing or sitting, but the moment I kneel on it the pain is excruciating. There also appears to be a slight spongy lump where the pain is located :0/
Any tips please ??

Knee Pain Support Team

Hi there,

Have you been to the doctor yet about what your experiencing? If not, we suggest reaching out your doctor for a diagnosis and then send us the information:

Customer Support


Hi, a couple of weeks ago I twisted my ankle and fell hard with all weight on my right knee on to the concrete. Both ankle and knee were extremely painful at the time now with ache rather than acute after two weeks. However, I have noticed my knee seems to have a dent and although generally just a dull ache, kneeling is very painful. Is this likely to be just a bruise?

Knee Pain Support Team

Hi Marlon!

Thank you for reaching out to us. I would definitely get that checked out by a doctor and get a diagnosis. Once you receive the diagnosis, contact us at and we will be happy to assist you further.

Kind regards,

Mimi|Customer Support


Hi, I would like to know one thing, if you find out that your MRI results and it’s says Medially patella facet, does it mean that my VMO is pulling patella medially ? please explain with details.

Knee Pain Support Team

Hi there Boshk,

Thank you for writing. That’s an awesome question and I will submit this for the next live call with Bill! Please ensure that you subscribe to his mailing list so that you don’t miss the date/time of the call. Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance!

Customer Support


I’ve been having pain while kneeling and after my leg has been in the same position for a while. It’s been happening slightly below my kneecap and then at the top as well. It’s been happening for a couple months and does not hurt at all when exercising. In fact that’s when it feels the best. I feel like it’s something with my kneecap but I’m not sure. Thoughts?

Knee Pain Support Team

Hi Nathan,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Have you seen the doctor about your knee pain at all? If not, please see your doctor first to obtain a diagnosis and then email us the results at If you have see the doctor, please contact us with the information that you received at the same email address.


Customer Support


I had had a bad tibial plateau fracture about 3 years after an motorbike accident. Ligaments torn, ACL had been removed by my OS and patellar ligament torn and repaired. But I think I have damage in my LCL too. Grinding noise is a usual issue but not so painful though. Much problem with range of motion not more than 90-100 degrees. I would like to have my knee as much normal as it was before, but I know it is impossible. My knee is stable though, I think because of scar tissue and my quads strength. But my knee… Read more »

Knee Pain Support Team

Hi Stergios,

Thank you for reaching out to us! Your a great candidate for one-on-one coaching with Bill. I highly recommend scheduling a date/time to speak with bill about our coaching program and discuss what your experiencing. To set up time to connect with Bill, please complete a free 30 minute knee evaluation survey by clicking on the link below.

Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance at or 828-585-7275. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Mimi |Customer Support


Several weeks ago, I hurt myself while kneeling down scrubbing the tub. Ever since then, kneeling brings on shooting pains around both knees, and pain that will continue for several hours afterwards. I have never been injured in this area; I do not run or jump. I am 55 years old.


I have a bone on bone (no cartilage left) condition, preventing me from enjoying all of the activities that I used to do. Will an injectable knee lubricant make any difference?? I am too young (58) for knee replacement, and I’m afraid that too many moguls and 10K’s have exacted their toll. What can I do now? Bicycle for strength? What is my best option for the pain and constant swollen condition???? I’m too active for a wheelchair, but it hurts.


No injuries at all


Do anybody know how to get rid of Patellafemoral pain syndrome, it’s been a year, I did stretchings and strenthening, I did a lot, nathing is helping, Everyday went to Physiotherapy, I am 26 years, I am in shape, A year ago I had strongest knees, but slowly pain got my both knees, no matter what I do isn’t helping me, Is there any help on PTS?????


I have suddenly found that I cannot kneel down because my left knee is so painful. I can walk, jog, do anything at all, except comfortably kneel down. I have to sort of stick my leg out to one side. It feels as though there is some kind of swelling or conjestion behind my knee. Although there doesn’t seem anything to feel when pressing, it feels like a swelling from the inside.


I have the exact same situation. Same knee and all. I think that it is some sort of inflammation because it can go away for long periods [6 mos. to a year] then it re-appears.

Christian King

I was playing basketball at 24 hour fitness and my knee started hurting and i just kept playing, I have basketball period at school and i play during that too, but i cant do any quick cuts run full speed or squat.. I dont know what to do

elizabeth Gallo

On April 25th while crossing a Northern Blvd, my knee buckled! The pain was terrible, lucky for me, I had my daughter with me, so I took of my shoes and she helped me cross the Blvd.-the next morning I made an appointment with a rheumatologist; he inserted a kneedle and drew waater-in-the-knee-he also gave me a cortisone injection and said I should go for an MRI within a month…my daughter did not want to wait so i had the MRI and I found out I had a torn cartledge….the doctor suggested I see an orthopedist specialist, which I did…3… Read more »

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