Trying to help “Mom” Suffering from Knee Pain

When I receive knee pain emails like the following, my heart goes out to all those who are trying to help “mom” with knee pain.

I know first hand. Mom’s currently suffering from knee pain right now and dad had a knee replacement.

Believe me, it wasn’t from a lack of trying to help them look at their situation differently and the doctors don’t have all the answers.

I’ve found, each person suffering from knee pain ultimately has to be self-motivated and participate in their own healing process.

Unfortunately, most people, including my parents are not…


With this being said, I’d like you now to read Kasia’s email:

Subject: My Mom
Message Body:Message Category: “Knee Pain Questions”

Message: “I’m trying to help my 78 years old Mom with her knee pain…😢 She lives in the Nursing home in Europe. She had 2 injections in the past 4 months ( cortisone) with not much of the improvement……Unfortunately PT in her home is very limited and it’s a constant straggle for me as a daughter to get the personnel to do something about it……Please help us. I bought her countless creams, oils…etc. unfortunately we can’t see too much of the improvement. She broke her left hip 2 years ago and is using a walker now.Ps)I live in the US……so unfortunately the distance it’s not on our side either 😔If you can give me ANY advice how to help my Mom with her knee pain,I’ll be great-full forever! 

Thank you. 



It’s important to understand in the context of horrible knee pain…

A couple of cortisone shots, oils, and creams to relieve pain are equivalent to pouring a cup of water on a raging forest first…

This is why most people “try really hard” to get rid of knee pain and frustrate the hell out themselves in the process. In the end, they are back in the same place before the shot, cream or oil.

In the case where we are trying to help a parent or loved one to get out of pain.

First and foremost, you both have to be on the same page with the same strategy, otherwise, it’s about as effective as “ a dog you have to carry to go hunt”…What’s the point?

Many people my parents and Kasia’s generation believe the doctor’s word to be “gospel” and they are happy to charge accordingly…

It’s a difficult situation to be in…

I personally practice an incredible amount of non-judgment and un-attachment when speaking to my parents asking them more questions about how everything is going for them only offering advice when asked.

This approach I’ve found works best for all of us.

There fore, they don’t feel judged and I only need to deal with the emotions that come up around things I can’t control anyhow.

Big stuff here!

If you or someone you love are ready to put together that comprehensive strategy to get a knee out of pain…

Click the link to schedule our first “Knee Club – Onramp” call:

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