Inner knee pain

Inner knee pain can mean knee pain slightly above, slightly below or right where the knee joint bends. Before we delve deeper into inner knee pain we first we have to define what “inner” actually means so we both are on the same page.

Making these distinctions are very important in order to zero in on the exact spot that is creating your inner knee pain and allowing us to determine a solution.

Let me digress for a moment.

Inner knee pain slightly below the joint is going to be in an area where the tendons of the lower part of the leg attaches to the bone. This is going to be a similar point of the inner part of the knee above the knee joint. With both of these places we are looking at inner knee pain where the nerves in the tendons are being irritated causing inner knee pain.

If we look at inner knee pain right at the joint where the knee bends, most of the time what hurts is the meniscus. Picture a piece of bubble gum (the meniscus) between two bricks (bones in the upper and lower leg). The bubble gum gets squeezed out the side as the pressure of the bricks increases When the leg experiences unbalanced tension the bones squeeze down on the meniscus and pushes the meniscus out the side of the leg and in this case causes inner knee pain. I’ve experienced this myself and it feels very sharp when you push on it sort of like someone is sticking a hot knife on the inside of your knee.

If the inner knee pain being talked about is pain on the inside or middle of the knee many times there’s a dysfunctional pattern that exists in the relationship between the bone in the upper leg (femur) and the bones in the lower leg (tibia & fibula). As we begin working with the relationship of these bones and get them more in harmony the pain immediately begins to dissipate and the inner knee pain begins to go away.

As you can see being specific and making distinctions crucially important to zero in on exactly what part of the inner knee is being affected so an appropriate solution can be found.

If this makes sense and you want to take the next step to completely eliminating your inner knee pain then you’ll want to take our Complimentary 1 Minute Knee Pain Assessment to get rid of your knee pain once and for all.

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  1. My left knee, has been very painful for the last 2 weeks, the pain is coming from softer left side of the knee., I work in the security industry for many years meaning l am on my feet a lot during the day. I am limping quite badly at most times. I ha ve ysed very strong painkillers, even tramadole. It is not taking the pain away at all. 1 am a 63 year old male. To try and relieve the pain I have used a support bandage, but it is not helping. Please can you help.

    • Bruce
      Of course, I can help.

      Have you had your knee diagnosed by a doctor?

      I want to make sure what we’re dealing with first before developing a strategy for you…


  2. I went to the knee doctor and had a mri the results were good but went back today and if I’m not sure he gave me a steroid shot and said he thinks it’s palca I think I spelled it right can you tell me what is palca it’s very sore on inside of knee like soft tissue

    • Karen

      I googled “Plica” and this was the definition that came up:

      A plica is a fold of synovial membrane most commonly in the anteromedial aspect of the knee. A plica is present in about 50% of the population and are thought to be the remnants of embryonic connective tissue that failed to fully resorb during your foetal development. Luckily, most plicae are asymptomatic.

      Regardless of what the diagnosis is if your knee is in pain and nothing is broken or torn, which sounds like it isn’t. My program can get you out of pain if you want.


  3. I had knee surgery on left knee 2 years ago, a Acl tear and meniscus. I sprained my knee several weeks ago and then I RICE it then, I work out and I do a back lunge or step ups and I come down and it feel like my bone pivot or something, or it feels like a bone want to come through my inner knee where the meniscus is located, but closer to the middle of the side. I can walk but it is sharp pain. No problem bending or straightening but that pain, and of course I can’t do those exercises… What do you think is wrong?

  4. I’m a 50 year old women and have a replacement hip joint. I’ve recently started to have pain on the inside of my knee, it starts with a tightening feeling above the knee then a sharp pain. If I touch the area it stings but after a few seconds stops. I’ve a few other signs that the femoral component might be loosening as it’s been in for 16yrs and the socket was revised 9 yrs ago. Could this be causing my knee problem.

  5. I have a personal training client who experiences medial pain on her right knee. More so when she walks then when she runs. Could you explain why?

  6. I had a part of the meniscus removed a year ago but the knee never got better. I went this week to the doctor. He says the meniscus is out but does not feel it needs to operated on. He told me I have arthritis in the knee. I am getting stabbing pain when my knee twists. The pain is intense at times. He has put lifts in my shoes to help with my gate. That seems to work some. I am on my feet all day since I am a 2nd grade teacher. I have to find something that will help! Would your program work for me?

    • Kim
      The short answer is yes as you learn to feel how to get the pressure off the nerves in the knee causing pain.

      The more you do this the better your knee is going to feel.


  7. My right knee hurt right underneath my knee cap but hurts on the inside and not the out. I limp all the time and when ever I put pressure on ot or do something with it I hurts really bad

  8. My husband and I wer horsing around recently and we fell to the floor. When I went to get up there was excruciating pain and I was instantly not able to Ben or fully extend my leg. Foolishly I attempted to just “walk it off” for a few days. I could walk with fairly little discomfort as long as I didn’t put too much pressure or try to bend the knee at all. Swelling however got so bad that it caused pain in my entire leg and was cutting off circulation in my knee all the way down to my toes. My right leg grew to be at least 2-3 inches larger than my left.

    5 days post-injury, I decided to go to the emergency because the pain and swelling was unbearable. I still cannot sit in a chair without losing circulation in my lower leg. They took X-rays of my knee and the dr checked my knee through my jeans in a chair the by the nursing station. She didn’t have a room where I could remove my pants so that she could actually see my knee. She diagnosed me with a sprained knee and handed me an ace bandage and told me to give it a week.

    Well, exactly one week later, pain behind and on the inside of my knee has intensified, especially with use of the ace bandage. Swelling has stayed moderate, only going down if my leg is nearly vertical. My knee still feels very unstable and it is causing cramps and stiffness in my leg muscles both above and below my knee. There’s no possible way to put weight on it without pain and loss of balance. I only have about a good 30 minutes of standing or sitting before the swelling and pain begins to intensify.

    I’ve tried ice and elevation and the ace bandage she gave but it seems things are not progressing. It’s even keeping me from driving and doing household chores.

    Should I go back to the hospital for a second opinion? I don’t want to ruin my knee because of an incomplete/rushed exam.

    • Jessica
      You’ve got a couple options with a sprained knee diagnosis…
      1.) Get an MRI to know for sure if something is mechanically wrong (broken or torn) in the knee causing the pain.
      2.) Take my 7-Day Knee Pain Reduction Challenge and see if that changes how the knee feels and go from there.
      Here’s the link:
      That’s my take on your knee…

  9. I have inner knee pain that first presented with a slight soreness then hit with ferociousness after about 10 days. It hurts when I stand and particularly when stepping up or down. I have been to the orthopedic doctor who took x-rays. Said I did not need surgery. My knee cap was slightly off center and prescribed exercises and OTC Aleve. The diagnosis is are related (I’m 71) osteoarthritis. After two days I complained that I need more help and he gave me an injection. It has been 3 more days and the injection has not been discernible in relieving my pain. I have been on the couch for 10 days. Can you help?

  10. I have a new sudden onset of pain behind my right knee when I stand ONLY after sitting for a while. I fractured both in a car accident when I was 10. I’m now 37 and a nurse, working 12 hours with no issues unless I go to stand. Stretching and using heat as of now. I will try your video and see ! Nurses are really .. the worst patients …. if I do not see improvements then a MRI it is! Can’t wait to see how your video helps!

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