Arthritis & Bone on Bone Knee Pain Solutions

It starts with degenerative changes, then arthritis, and ultimately bone on bone knee pain. Next thing you know you’re having that conversation with your doctor about being a “perfect candidate for a knee replacement surgery.” This is how the story goes as baby boomers get older, these are the conversations happening by the thousands on a daily basis. What the doctors don’t tell you is that once you have a knee replacement surgery you still have lots of work to do, now it just with the bones in your legs cut off and replaced with plastic and metal. The good thing is there are other better solutions to be had. A natural holistic solutions that doesn’t involve drugs, shots or surgery. A solution that is much easier that you could ever imagine in some ways and more difficult than you could ever imagine in others.

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  1. Good afternoon!
    Im 55 year old woman with two 100 year old knees. 🙂
    I’m suppose to have the first of two knee surgeries in the next couple of months. I just can’t get myself to make the final decision without trying something else . I’m currently using essential oils which helps tons w the pain but still leaves me with the stiffness. Open to ideas! 🙂


  2. I have bone on bone on both knees from Rheumatoid Arthritis and am in constant pain when walking . I use a cane to help me walk. I was considering a double knee replacement when I came across your site. I have always believed the body could heal itself, but didn’t think that included something like this. I would like to know more about your program. thanks, Nancy

  3. My daughter bought your book Your Guide To Get Out Of Pain Now. I just can’t wait to start trying the different exercises and pray that I will heal. I refuse to have knee replacement. I have bone on bone. Thank you for your inspiring words.

  4. I’m 40 now but have had arthritis since 24. 3 scoped done on both knees. Chronic knee pain in both and its bone on bone. Specialist I have said lose the weight but don’t exercise so I’m on a diet plan now. I can feel my knee pull apart plus I have no immune system. I have an uploader brace but that makes things worse. I have had more than 10 accidents to where my knees were injured. I just don’t know what to do anymore.
    Any help is appreciated.
    Holly Gray

  5. Several years ago I was diagnosed with patella femoral syndrome.. Another physician added arthritis to the problem. Last year I fell and injured my knee. The MRI shows a torn meniscus and degenerative arthritis.. The doctor wants to perform arthoscopic surgery to repair the meniscus and clean as much of the arthritis as possible. He stated that the surgery would be simple, but I feel there must be a better way. I do not want any kind of surgery if possible. Do you have any suggestions?

    • I would say, “Don’t do it.” I am 63 years old. I went to Thailand in Feb. 2015 and walked around a lot with not very good shoes on (but I didn’t know I had the beginnings of Plantar Fasciitis either.) When I got home my right heel was killing me. I was found to have Plantar Fasciitis. It went on for 3 months and was horribly painful. During this time I could feel my knee getting weak. Sure enough, I whipped around to grab the gate so my dogs couldn’t escape and tore my meniscus. I also have arthritis.
      First of all the radiologist told my orthopedic surgeon nothing was wrong. I said, “Well, I can’t walk.” So, I took the CD to my doctor, and he said, “Yes, you have a significant meniscal tear.” He said, “You aren’t a candidate for a knee replacement, but we can scope it.” Well, I got it scoped 5 1/2 months ago, and the pain has gotten worse and worse and worse. I kept asking him what was going on as physical therapy and any exercise was killing me. He said, “It takes time to heal.” So, just last month I decided to try Euflexxa shots even though my insurance wouldn’t cover it. Got those; they didn’t work either. I finally went to another ortho for a second opinion. He was shocked my dr hadn’t even bothered to do any x-rays due to my pain. He did 6 x-rays and said, “You are bone-on-bone, and the only thing that will fix it is a total knee replacement.” I am furious. How do I go from not being a candidate to 5 months later needing a TKR because I have not cartilage. The first dr. told me he cleaned out a bunch of arthritis. Well, he cleaned out everything apparently. I had him sent the xrays and am waiting to see what his excuse is now.
      If I were you, I would go online and search “Knee pain after arthroscopy for torn meniscus.” I’ve learned it is not uncommon to have worse pain afterwards, and apparently the meniscus can heal itself. Supposedly, even if your knee didn’t hurt before the meniscus was torn, that after a scoping to fix it, the arthritis can flare up and hurt like heck. Mine did, and many of the others I’ve seen in forums on the web have had the same results. I’m sorry for you. Hope you can find something that works.

  6. Hello. I am writing to you in an effort to get some advice on what I am up against with my right knee. After opting to have meniscus arthroscopy, I now am in a bone on bone situation with pain worse than ever. I neglected to hear a shoulder replacement surgeon advise against these procedures. His advice : don’t do it. Well, I did it and now here I am in agony The doc’s soft voice and gentle bedside manor won me over. Now comes the knee replacement spiel. X-rays,MRI’s reveal bone on bone on inner side. Don’t want to do knee replacement and need to hear your argument against it with alternatives. I’m ready to listen and learn. I am a 61 yo caucasion female, maybe 20 lb overweight, with rods&screws in back from surgery/fusions to add extra difficulties to this situation. How may you help me to help myself ?

  7. Hello my name is Anne. I am 43 years old and have bilateral knee osteoarthritis. After serving in the Army and injuring both knees things just progressively got worse. My right knee has recently begin to lock (no cartilage per MRI) and is really painful. Due to my inability to workout as I would like I am now over 200 lbs and I am sure this is not helping. At the present time I refuse to have surgery as I believe there is something nature that can be done to correct this, in addition, I do not do well with anesthesia.

  8. hi have osteoarthritus in both knees ,,right knee worse,,had prp injections bout 3 weeks ago,,not much improvement yet,ortho doc says i will need two knee replacements in future,not interested in that,,but very interested in what you have to say,,any help would be appreciated..j hujus

  9. Hello, I had meniscus surgery last February 2016 to help relieve the pain in my lower knee but almost year after surgery I still have pain – now they say it is bone against bone and arthritis and I would be looking a knee replacement down the road. I am on all kinds of pain medication but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions as to how to get my knee bones healthy again.

  10. hi,,just saw your video on bone on bone,,arhtritic knees..very interesting,,we talked before and iam at beging of third month prp,,,knees getting better but sometimes there are set backs..what what you recommend to help speed and heal process correctly…thanks j hujus

  11. Hello. I’ve just watched your video re rotating the knee. However my problem is different. I am told it is bone on bone and I’m on a waiting list for surgery – which I have now put off because (a) I don’t have any permanent pain in my knee and (b) I have full movement, can dance, do yoga, kneel. BUT I have an increasingly pronounced limp when walking on hard pavements. As I was a keen walker for health and well being this pisses me off. The left knee obviously doesn’t want to take my full weight when walking although I can balance on it for short periods. the most pain I ever feel in it is a twinge, like a sprain if I twist it while gardening on my steep block. ”So…while doing your exercise my knee rotates in both directions without any pain or stiffness yet I am limping more and more and walking less and less. So where would I fit in?
    Thank you for your video

    • Robyn
      Of course your problem is different, as is everyone’s…

      Your current level of awareness and experience with “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” leaves you believing that your knee rotates in both directions equally. I have over 200 “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” in my members area where I work with clients to custom tailor a program so they can walk normal and get their life back…

      Where you fit in depends on what you want.

      If you want a solution, I can help you with that…

      Here’s a link to my online calendar to setup a time for us to speak:


  12. At 62 years old, I’ve been a marathon runner for the last 16 years and have run over 80 marathons and ultra marathons but now have bone on bone arthritis on the inside of my right knee which is reducing my running to fewer and fewer miles on an almost weekly basis. Could these exercises allow me to at least run without knee pain?

    • Bill
      Initially your focus is NOT going to be on exercise(s). First you want to focus on creating “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” in the knee on a consistent and regular basis. This allows the knee to relax and get the pressure off of the nerves being irritated causing the pain in the knee allowing the body to begin healing the knee.

      This would be a good place for you to start:

      Work with those for the next several weeks and note the changes you begin to experience in the knee and we can go from there.


  13. I am ready to sign up for the 6 week program. Can I do this without the 4 mo. follow up? I am hesitant of signing up for a programs where there are recurring charges. Help me understand the details. Is there a cancellation clause:

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