“How To” Deal With Painful Stiff Swollen Knees

Knee pain is one thing, but what if your knees are swollen, sore, stiff, and painful too?

The following links provide some strategies for you to take advantage of so you can control your chronic knee pain when your knee joint is swollen, stiff and painful…

Below are the links I talk about in the video…

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Episode 9 – Knee Pain Question and Answer

In Episode 9 of my teleseminar series I answer your knee pain questions.  In this episode I cover topics like:  use of ice/heat packs for knee pain; Water/swelling of the knee; Creaking Knees; Place of comfort in the knees; Knee injuries.

Episode 6 – The Ins & Outs of Inflammation

Dealing with swelling and inflammation in regards to knee pain can be very challenging and quite often difficult. Swelling can be so persistent that there are even times when doctors will have to “drain” the knee to get the inflammation down. In this episode we are going cover why swelling/inflammation happens so you can begin understanding what you may be happening that is contributing to your chronic knee pain and what you can begin to do about it…