Will I End Up Having Knee Replacement Surgery?

Will I End Up Having a Knee Replacement Surgery? This is a common question people who are suffering from bone-on-bone arthritis ask themselves on a frequent basis.

What I’ve found over the past 15 years of working with clients online, is their tendency to self-sabotage their own knee healing efforts to relieve their knee pain BEFORE they ever start!

Here’s a perfect example of an email that came in this morning from Kory…



“I’m bone on bone 61 don’t want knee replacement yet…

Is nano knee a good option”


Hi Kory
I did a quick search on “Nano Knee” and it may be good for a short-term strategy for pain relief.

What will you be doing for a long-term strategy to avoid knee replacement surgery?

Unless of course, you’ve accepted that is the outcome for your knee…




I was extremely active growing up water skiing, snow skiing, raced motocross for years blew my knee out trying out for ski patrol never had surgery, and lots of hiking which I still love but can’t go as long cause of knee pain range of motion still good, stairs and ladders are the worst
Thank you for your time


Here’s why so many people like Kory continue to suffer from knee pain and end up with knee replacement surgery…

There are layers to unpack so hang in there with me!

For instance, I’m offering a few examples of layers to work with below…


Kory has already resigned that a knee replacement is inevitable and he’s just biding time until that happens…

The challenge with this thinking is it has NOTHING to do with his knee!

It’s a belief system that comes from being told no other options exist AND Knee replacements are just what happens when you’re “old enough” to get one and you can’t handle the pain anymore…

It’s a very limited and short-sighted way of thinking that makes Kory look for a “bandaid” like a  “Nano Knee” (aka well-marketed knee brace) as a short-term solution to avoid the inevitable…


You’ll notice in Kory’s reply there’s no course of action…

He talks about the past and how much fun he had been extremely active when he was younger…

But there’s no belief that level of activity is possible moving forward…

Without a clear course of action, Kory just feels HELPLESS and HOPELESS to do anything to change his future

Kory thanks me for my time and will place an order for “Nano Knee” later today NEVER realizing his solution is closer than he could ever possibly imagine but his mind is keeping him stuck with no solutions…

As a result, this is why I created “Knee Club” to help people like Kory and others who are able to suspend their preconceived notions about how their body is able to heal their knees.

You’ll see for yourself shortly after signing up and beginning to work with the “Knee Club Quick Start Guide”

Click the link to learn more:

Bill Parravano
(The Knee Pain Guru)
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