Ligament Tears and Treatment Options

We’ve all heard of athletes leaving the game after a dramatic fall or tackle that left them with a torn ACL. While an ACL tear is the most common ligament tear and one of the most common sports injuries, there are three other ligaments in the knee that can be torn, the MCL, PCL, and […]

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Torn ACL, Surgery Options

The ACL or the anterior cruciate ligament is the ligament that runs from the femur in your upper leg, crisscrosses over your knee, and connects to the bones in your lower leg. When this is torn, it…

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The “I Ain’t Got Time For Knee Pain” Podcast – Episode 38

Knee Pain Questions that I cover in this podcast:
1.) Gertie is dealing with a Baker’s Cyst, No Cartilidge, and Osteoarthritis…What should she do?

2.) Vivian has a question how to help her husband who is having pain in his knee cap…

3.) Bruce has a torn meniscus, loose cartilidge, and a cyst on the ligament in his knee looking at surgery. We go over his strategy for knee pain elimination…

4.) Barbara is looking at a situation with Rheumatoid Arthritis getting coritzone shots and her knee drained every 6 months…

5.) In the last question covers what to do with a spinal stemosis that is causing pain in the right knee radiating down from the lower back…

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Knee Pain Nightmare – 4 Knee Surgeries!

I wanted to introduce you to Zach, who tore the PCL ligament in his knee. It is now four years and four surgeries later and he is still have trouble with his right knee. Zach agreed to do a case study with me and we are going to track his progress week to week.

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