The “Knee Pain Train” Podcast – Episode 35

The questions keep coming so we have this week the “Knee Pain Train” podcast…We keep on trucking answering more questions about chronic knee pain

I start off the podcast talking about a pain clinic rep I spoke with at a trade show this past weekend in Charleston, SC…That will be interesting for you! 🙂

1.) The first question is from Judy who is trying to help her 78y/o mother out of knee pain without doing total knee replacement surgery and is looking at total knee implant surgery instead:

2.)Iben asks a question about knee feeling like a bag of fat is in and around it

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Torn Meniscus + Basketball + Muscle Imbalance = Knee Surgery?

First of all, it is important to understand how badly torn your meniscus is. Depending on the grade of tear in the meniscus can be a determining factor for whether it is appropriate to go forward with the knee surgery.

If the tear is small there is a chance your body can heal it on its own. If the tear is large then surgery

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Basketball Knee Fun

This time Frank asks a question about doing one of the exercises in my e-book, “Stop Your Knee Pain Now!” How to work his knees better with……

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