Recipe for Rebuilding Joints

The Perfect Recipe For Rebuilding Knee Joints

It is widely known and accepted as truth that the joint cannot heal once arthritis, joint degeneration or bone on bone has been diagnosed in the knee. There are a series of steps we are taking everyday that gives us the end result of the joint wearing away.

If we begin to look at the body as a system, then is arthritis, joint degeneration and bone on bone really the “obvious” inevitable outcome?

What if we started regularly and abundantly giving the body (our system) the resources it needs in the form of nutrition that it didn’t have before.

Do you think there might be a different outcome in how your knees both feel and move?

Here’s a recipe that I believe can provide the body with the resources it needs in the form of nutrition that is the perfect recipe for rebuilding joints.

Chicken Broth
What you’ll need:
– *Mason Jars (Large Glass Containers)
Turkey Baster

Recipe for rebuilding knee joints
Recipe for rebuilding knee joints

– Scraps from the kitchen
1 Tablespoon of peppercorns
2 Bay Leaves
**Fresh Clean Water

*I prefer glass containers as plastic ones will leach chemicals into the broth. Larger the better as long as they fit in your refrigerator

**There are lots of reasons to go with fresh clean water coming out of the ground but I’ll leave that out for now. Try to stay away from water that contains fluoride and chlorine in it.

Step 1: Collect Kitchen Scraps

I discovered several years ago there was lots of nutrition I normally throw away in the garbage or the compost pile. Many of these items I was throwing out could have been used to help heal my body and feel better.

Bone broth to rebuild cartilage
Kitchen Scraps

What to collect:

  • Egg Shells
  • Chicken or Beef Bones
  • Vegetable Scraps (from onions, broccoli, potatoes)

I keep a 1 Gallon plastic bag in the freezer that I fill with these items collected when I cook and prepare meals. I throw them in the plastic bag and put them in the freezer to sit until the bag is completely filled or when I’m ready to make more broth.

Using a crock pot allows me to set the broth to cook so I can “forget” and go about my day without having to keep an eye on it all day.

When the bag is filled, I’m ready to make some broth!


  1. I’ll dump the contents of the bag from the freezer into the crock pot and then fill it with water.
  2. Add in 1 tablespoon of black peppercorns and the 2 bay leaves.
  3. Fill the crock pot to the rim with fresh water and set the crock pot to cook on high
Cooking Crockpot
Cooking Crockpot

Every 24 hours I drain off all the broth and refill the crock pot with water to sit and cook for another 24 hours.

Because the crock pot is filled with lots of “stuff.” I found it challenging to ladle off the broth without fighting the contents of the crockpot ending up in the ladle. I also found because the crockpot it so hot and holds heat so well, it was difficult to get the broth out.

I settled on using a turkey baster and even though it may take a bit to get the broth out of the crock pot. It was infinitely easier to deal with the turkey baster than running the risk of burning myself pouring the mixture and filtering it through a funnel.

The first few days the broth will be a dark rich color and will get lighter as you siphon off each batch of broth until all the nutrition has been boiled into the liquid. I’ve heard you can keep repeating this process for up to a week however I usually stop after 4 days. The broth looks too much like water and the bones will crumble underneath finger tip pressure.

I’ve gotten pictures of each batch so you get an idea of what I’m talking about and what to look for…

First Day:

Bone Broth: First Batch
Bone Broth: First Batch

Second Day:

Bone Broth: Second Batch
Bone Broth: Second Batch

Third Day:

Bone Broth: Third Batch
Bone Broth: Third Batch

Fourth Day:


Fifth Day:

You can see the each day the broth gets a little lighter and slightly more cloudy as all of the nutrition is pulled out of the kitchen scraps and into the water. This liquid is the awesome stuff that is going to give your body what it needs to help heal your joints.

I stop making broth when two things happen:

  1. The broth is really light. This means there isn’t as much nutritional benefit from the broth.
  2. The bones and eggs shells crumble pretty easily. Bones are made up of calcium and collagen. Calcium gives the bone strength while collagen gives the bones flexibility. The process of making the broth is drawing the collagen out of the bones and egg shells making it available for your body to utilize for rebuilding your joints.

When you have arthritis, torn cartilage and meniscus, joint degeneration, bone on bone. This is what I’d include in my diet everyday!

Extra Credit!

Here’s what makes the bone broth taste like absolute heaven and give you even more great nutrition for your joints. 

Selena Naturally - Celtic Sea Salt
Selena Naturally – Celtic Sea Salt

I tear the seaweed sheets up into small pieces and throw them in the broth when it’s hot. Then I put in approximately a 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of Selena Naturally – Celtic Sea Salt per quart of broth…

Drink while hot/warm and enjoy!

While going through this process I’ll use the broth to drink straight from the crock pot. If there is any left over, I’ll store it in the fridge to use for soups and stews. Depending on what’s going on with your knees you’ll have to tinker and experiment with how much bone broth will work for you.

Good luck and let me know how it’s going below!

If going through all this process to help hydrate your joints seems like too much trouble then you’ll want to check out my simple recipe on “The Original Gatorade.”

About the Author:

Bill Parravano is “The Knee Pain Guru” and “The Best in the World at Eliminating Knee Pain without Drugs, Shots or Surgery.”

He has over 26 years of martial art and body work experience understanding movement and tensions patterns that lead to physical pain.

Bill’s believes the nervous system is the key to the body’s healing and the bridges the gap between what we currently know and the infinite possibilities of what we don’t know the body is capable of. Coupled with comfort this combination creates the shortest distance between a life riddled with pain to a physical life fully mobile and self expressed.

“You can’t think your way out of pain. Pain is not rational and doesn’t care what you think. You must feel your way out of pain through comfort. Through the weeks, months and years of injury and compensation patterns built up in your body limiting your movement and making you feel older than you are.”

His unique ability of identifying the blocks that keep people stuck in pain and skillfully removing them allows for lasting change and a new reality for his clients…

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  1. I am 61 yrs old and just saw x-rays of bone on bone in each knee…arthritis and bone spurs…my quality of life I now diminished as I am pretty active…I sit at my job..overweight with thus crush on my joints and now no cartelidge left…will I be walking at 70?.. had both knees torn meniscus in 1990….what to do to get better besides,weight loss…will my bones chip away?

    • Linda
      To answer your question, “Will my bones chip away?” It’s not so much a chipping but more of a wasting away as if someone poured battery acid on them. It’s a very long slow and painful process that I’ve helped many clients out of. Whether you’re walking at 70 or not is dependant on the choices you make going forward.

      Here’s a link to choose a time in my online calendar to change your path:
      Talk soon,


    Now doctors want to start replacing my Dads knees. AFTER TWO FAILED BACK OPERATIONS.

    privacy act is not right. I can not even protest the loss of life of my Mother. Now after my Dad.


    • Okay has been over night for his knee operation. In his 80’s. Doctors said his health was okay and able to proceed with the operation.
      Have not heard a word.
      In January when my mom passed from complications of hip replacement. She felt weak 3 days before her operation so they put her in the hospital to rest up for operation. After operation she died in hospital. Was that a good idea?
      Thank you

    • OK Broth questions! YAY! the bones..? not raw, correct? organic beef or poultry?, The egg shells should be washed before using the egg, so its clean when collecting them in the bag?

      I get bone Broth from the health food store, is there anyway to make this broth using already made bone broth?

      • Karen
        I’ve used both raw and cooked bones. You can use organic or not depends on what you prefer.

        The egg shells I throw in like they are. Everything is boiled for a long time and kills any bacteria present, so I haven’t worried about what is on the shells.

        I’ve read your last question several times and I have really no clue what you’re trying to ask…Maybe rephrase the question?


  3. Hi Bill.
    I’m 65. Three years ago, I got an ACL ligament injury from intensive dance practice. Have been using wheel chair and crutches. Physical therapy for a year at a hospital but doctors said that I would never heal. Two more years at an integrative clinic getting prolo therapy. It got better but later got worse. I think it’s because I have fibromyalgia and hardly sleep, Something like 45 minutes of sleep altogether in June. I did the exercise in your Youtube clip and it felt more stable. How much do I have to pay for consultation? I can only do lying or seated exercises and I think that your book would have those that require standing up. The cells in my knees are dead, so my integrative doctor says, Please advise.

  4. Thank you Bill. I hadn’t checked on “the solutions” prior to this. I’m on a restricted budget now. But I must thank you especially for this chicken broth recipe and method.

  5. I suddenly started having pain in my left knee a few weeks ago, so had x-rays and an MRI done Tuesday. I saw the results this morning. The doctor pointed out damage to the bone (what he called a pressure spot that could develop into a cyst or something worse), the meniscus is too thin, there is calcification of the MCL, and the tendon attached to the muscle responsible for straightening the leg is fraying, probably from rubbing against the calcified MCL. I understood the fraying tendon to be the worst part, because if it snaps, I will no longer be able to walk. I have an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor in one week. I came home and looked on line for nutritional information to help my condition, which is how I found your site. I will pick up the ingredients for the bone soup when I go out again, but is there anything else I can do to help my knee recover from what the doctor said is excessive wear?

    • Kathy
      Of course there is lots to do to get your knee to recover from excessive wear. Your body is a system so we must start looking at that system and changing the components of that system to get a different (and better) output.

      The 3 elements that look are:
      1.) Physical – create “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” on a consistent and regular basis to reverse the process of the “Pain-Tension Loop”
      2.) Diet – Reduce inflammation both locally in the knee and globally in the body to speed up your body’s ability to heal your knee
      3.) Mindset – Recognize that getting out of knee pain is not linear. There will be good and bad days which lead us to get back to the basics to shorten the duration of the bad days and keep you out of pain on the good days.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you’re needing more support and I’ll be happy to jump on a call and figure out a strategy for your specific knee situation.


  6. I just gt home from the Doctors office…my left knee is bone on bone and the right is not far behind..I am only 44 an they do not want to do a knee replacement any time soon because of my age. They want to inject a lube into it….. Is the bone broth something you drink every day, forever? I already make it once in while for gut health but only use it occasionally…if it will help with my knees I will definitely use it more often.

    • Lynn
      Hippocrates said, “Let medicine be thy food and thy food be thy medicine.” Everything that I share in my website are things that I’ve incorporated into my life since my knee injury back in ’98 and surgery in ’99. Today I have no trouble with my knees. I’m of the belief the more I get in alignment with what my body needs/wants the faster my body heals itself.
      Does this answer your question?
      P.S. – BTW if you want to avoid that knee replacement then it would be a good idea for us to have a conversation. Here’s a link to my online calendar:

  7. Hi! – My name is Brittany, and at 29 I’ve been diagnosed with osteo arthritis in both knees. A combination of 15 years of soccer playing and the past 4 years skiing (poorly) are likely contributors, along with a bad diet. Is it too late to turn this around? My knees ache constantly and crack and make loud noises when I walk stairs or squat. It’s pretty miserable, so I’m searching for natural ways to heal with nutrition. Thanks!!

  8. Hi my name is Gerald, I am 68 years old and I have bone on bone on both of my knee. The doctor said I need to have knee replacement,would your solution help me and how long would it take for me to get results.

    • Gerald
      The short answer to your question is, “Yes my solution will help you. As for how long it will take is going to depend much on your commitment to the process. With the assumption being you fully committed to the program you’ll see results within the first week.”

      Here’s a video I recorded last week that I believe has valuable information for you:


  9. Recipe Question: Do you recommend any particular bones of the chicken/beef? Also, vegetable scraps of all kinds (onion/potato skins, tomato/pepper cores, etc).
    And you keep the crockpot on HIGH for 4-5days 24/7?
    Thank you, I look forward to your reply.

      • Bill – I think she asked three questions….the first was which bones to use? I assume all and also the fat, gristle and tossed out cooked and uncooked meat? No pork? Fish? Shellfish? I’m not trying to be annoying, I’m curious on the answer as well.

        Also, I’d like to know what NOT to put into the soup from fruits & veggies that I do normally put into compost scraps pile

        Any fruits? Apple cores, banana peels,skins, melon skins & seeds, peach & cherry pits?

        What limitations on veggies? Avocado skins & pits, leafy salad stuff, mushrooms, seaweed and kimchee leftovers?

        Thanks in advance.

        • Bill
          I don’t use fish, pork or shellfish…

          Primarily vegetable scraps and NO fruits.

          I personally wouldn’t use avocado skins or pits, leafy salad stuff could work…try it and let me know. Same thing with mushrooms, seaweed and kimchee leftovers…try and let me know…


  10. What is in the vegetable scraps that help cartilage? Electricity extremely expensive here, so long hot cooking is a problem. I once saw that a little vinegar & also salt helps to extract the calcium from bones, but what about the gelatine? What do you think?

    • Julia
      I’ll use carrot peelings, potato peelings and the ends from celery however I’m not sure about vegetable scraps that help with cartilage. Do some research on that and let me know. For animal foods that would help that you’d be looking at eggs shells and chicken/beef/deer bones.

      Yes I have heard about the vinegar speeding up the breaking down and drawing out the nutritional components from the bones like the gelatin.

      Try it and keep me posted…

  11. Bill,

    What do you think of using an Instant-Pot pressure cooker. I was making bone broth on the stove, but now weekly make my broth in an Instant pot, using organic chicken bones and scraps. The result is a wonderfully gelatinous flavorful broth that I have been giving to my husband to heal his gut. I did not know it could be so helpful for my knees. It is not the dark color of your first or second day, more like the third day. What is your opinion. Do you think the broth made this way has the nutrients and compounds needed to benefit my knees?

    Kindest regards,

    • Jane
      I don’t have an opinion. I use a crock pot or a large pot on my stove. Use your pressure cooker and let me know how it goes…

      It would seem the darkness of the broth is an indication of the nutritional content…


      • Yes, it totally worked for me. I had been doing the broth for years (two years 5 days a week) pain went away and now I still drink it (and cook with it) occasionally for prevention. The pain started when I was 55, two years later gone and I am now 70.

  12. Hello, I’m 55 year’s old and I have recently have had a shot of I believe Cortisone put in my knee due to bone on bone, will that hurt me in the long run? Will the broth still work? Also should I take the medicine prescribed for swelling? Help!

  13. Shirley
    I wrote this after reading your post. This should start pointing you in the right direction:

    Subject: Who’s your KNEE GURU?

    I just [LITERALLY] got this email in from Shirley about her knees…

    Hello, I’m 55 year’s old and I have recently have had a shot of I believe Cortisone put in my knee due to bone on bone, will that hurt me in the long run? Also should I take the medicine prescribed for swelling? Help!

    Here’s why so many people still have knee pain!

    They refuse to take responsibility for the situation with their knees!

    You’ve got to own that shit!

    Picture this…

    You’re sitting there on the doctor’s examination table about to have a needle stuck in your knee, when you say, “Hey doc! before you inject me with that needle. What’s in it? Is that going to hurt my knee in the long run? What are the side effects? Do you have any literature I can look at or websites I can read up on the studies done? Should I take the medicine prescribed for swelling?”

    That’s just a start for beginning to own the process of healing your knees.

    Otherwise you’re putting your health and happiness into someone else’s hand setting yourself up for disappointment.

    Be your own “Knee Pain Guru!”

    Make sense?

    And for those like myself that don’t like prescription drugs or shots…

    Click on the link below to sign up for “The Comfort Zone.”

    (The Knee Pain Guru)

  14. Hello, I just find out that I have no cartilage in my knee and the bones are just rubbing together…will this help restore it

  15. Thank you, Bill–for this excellent, easy, cheap, drug-free way to heal joints. Excellent advice too–“healing is non-linear”–like a spiral or labyrinth journey back to wholeness–follow what nourishes you.. “pain doesn’t care what you think–feel your way to healing.” The body can heal–we do know what direction is towards healing if we allow ourselves to listen. We often mentally isolate our injuries from the rest of what our body needs. But the truth is we have to attend to our entire lifestyle because we are one being–not a series of parts to “maintain”. I want to heal my arthritis, and I will try this broth while working to heal my tension/stress cycle.

      • Thank you so much for your help. I received a video from you and though I did not yet feel a difference, I believe with patience and determination and guidance from someone like you who has succeeded in healing knee joints—I will get better.
        The only question in the survey you sent that I was unsure how to answer was whether I limp when I walk–I have gotten very good at compensating for my stiff and hurting joints. I limp when I get up from sitting, but then resume an almost normal walk. However, if I try to walk fast or run, my gait becomes more “Frankenstein’s monster style” from the stiffness and lack of range of motion in my joints. Hilarious looking, except it hurts and it’s my body deteriorating, which is not so funny to me.

        I was told by doctors that there is no help for my arthritis other than immune suppressing drugs and eventually, surgery. I do have auto-immune issues, but after much research, do not think suppressing my immune system is the way I want to go–nor do I ever want surgery. I am trying to keep hope against mainstream depressing medical diagnosis, so I rarely go to doctors at all anymore.

        I have a small farm and work hard every day that I am able to. I love the outdoors and love raising some of my own food. I’m 50 and on medicaid and a single mom–I get plenty of exercise, but maybe not the correct kind. My arthritis pain is bearable during the day, but then the pain at night can be intense. My left hip hurts worse than both knees put together–it hurts 24/7 in almost any potion. I do not take any pain killers because I don’t want to become dependent on them–or hurt myself worse because of not feeling pain. Even worse than the pain from a long term standpoint, the limited functioning is making me weaker as I do less to compensate.

        People suggest I take the drugs and get rid of my farm–but they don’t understand the side effects of the drugs can create a whole new set of health issues. Nor do they understand that homesteading is a way of life, not just a hobby. I have downsized, but feel my homestead is an asset to health and also good for my children.
        I am grateful for your videos and your advice. I am ready to learn how to heal and willing to make big changes and little changes–just point me in the right direction. Any help in improving my life will also improve the life of my children who are totally dependent on my support.

          • Thank you–I will try and earn enough to afford this–but as of right now, I have zero extra money to give. I work very hard, but it is a challenge to support my 2 kids. My son needs dental care that I am trying to save for–our vehicle needs brakes–these are not optional things but necessities. I will watch any videos and try the broth. I also pray everyday–that is free and has been very helpful in keeping me going.

  16. About the bone broth, isn’t it vital to make certain the bones used are from free range and / or grass fed animals? I’m figuring, if not, you will be ingesting all sorts of hormones and artificialities….Thanks for reading!

  17. I have been using the broth–not even every day–but it seems to be helping! I don’t care if it’s placebo or what–I’m thrilled there is improvement. I know it could be more –I still have “bad days”, but some days I no longer notice pain–wow! So now I’m going to step up on more broth and watch your videos for tips. I get regular exercise but need guidance on what kind is best. Any advice gratefully accepted. Thank you!

  18. Hi Bill,

    I have few broth questions.

    1. I assume the key ingredients here are the bones and egg shells. The veggies are just to give it a bit better flavor, correct?

    2. Is the crock pot really the best way? I mean, I’d like to do it faster. So would the results be comparable to do like several multi-hour sessions in a dutch oven in the stove or stove top?


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