Speeding Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Recovery – Edwards Testimonial

5 months after arthroscopic knee surgery Edward is completely pain free in his right knee. The key for the Knees For Life program being successful for him was to keep the mindset right and continue to get back to the basics that gets and keeps the knee out of pain.

Some of the cool things Edward has accomplished over the past 5 months. Back fully to playing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and playing in the Memorial Day father/son soccer game without thinking about his knees!

Listen to what Edward has to say about our work together…

At the time we shot this video and his knee had been out of pain for several months. It just goes to show that when you set the optimal conditions for the body to heal the knee. Your body knows what to do.

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Interview of Edward video: He seems unsure of himself and what methods were used to help him with his knees — all he keeps saying is “you-know, you know, you know??????????????? you should have interviewed himself first before putting him on video. Keep to the facts, not you-know, you-know. Lost interest in watching video.

Knee Pain Support Team

Hi Jane,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your feedback and as we are always working diligently to improve our customer’s experience, I will ensure to pass this information along to the appropriate department.

Please contact us at customerservice@thekneepainguru.com for additional questions or concerns.

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