Medical Sovereignty as Related to Knee Pain (pt 1)

“Medical Sovereignty” as related to knee pain is directly connected to the role you play in your healing process. It is one of personal responsibility. You take ownership of outcomes you experience as a direct result of the choices made along your healing journey.

Above all, “Medical Sovereignty” as related to knee pain is a much larger and deeper conversation than originally conceived. I’ll be breaking this subject up into a series of smaller articles. Moreover, I’m not sure how many will be in that series.

Being a Victim To Your Knee Pain is NOT an option!

Being a victim of your knee pain is no longer an option. Feeling like you’ve made the wrong decision or made a mistake, no longer exists.

Your “destination” to one day be completely out of knee pain transforms into a journey. At each point of that journey, you’re collecting more information to make better more informed decisions to improve your knee health.


  • stop beating yourself up for being “bad” or “wrong” and realize these are “old” stories you learned growing up from family and friends that just didn’t know any better.
  • see those outdated stories as no longer serving your journey to be completely pain-free.
  • may even come to realize you’re using your knee pain to “hook” others into feeling sorry for you to get attention or gain significance in others’ lives.
  • realize along the way even though you still may have knee pain the quality of the pain is different and changes throughout the day.
  • become aware that when the knee hurts you’re actually way more active than you were a few weeks or months ago.
  • begin to discover your intrinsic value as a human being lies on the other side of all the victimization, hurt and false reality you’ve been living for years.

Next, we are going to look at using the experiences you’ve gone through with your knee to propel you to a new life!

From Knee Pain Victim to Knee Pain Hero

In this stage of your growth process, you’ll learn to ask better and different questions to doctors, homeopaths, nutritionists, body workers, and herbalists leading you closer to the outcome you seek.

You’ll begin showing up to your health care appointments prepared with research done beforehand and questions written down.

You begin to see your medical and holistic health care professionals as partners in your healing journey bringing unique “pieces of the puzzle” to your awareness. This will immediately help you to make more sense of what is happening with your knee.

These professionals help with the overview regarding:

  • Past Injuries
  • Digestion
  • Insomnia
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Work
  • etc.

…as the relate to

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • …and Spiritual

…patterns recurring in your life.

I gained many insights into the connections my knee had with the unconscious beliefs I held at the time of my knee injury after reading Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life.”

For instance, these professionals will help you uncover clues like a detective along the way and fit your knee into a “bigger picture” of your life making sense of why your knee continues to hurt.

The knee pain is there to point you in a different direction because it brings awareness as to why the knee was injured in the first place. This is an amazing gift that’s being offered to you that many chronic knee pain sufferers miss along the way.

They are too attached to a reality of their life that has now passed. They feel child-like clingings to return to a reality that no longer works for their physical body.

Medical Sovereignty as Related to Knee Pain

My experience of 4 knee dislocations between December of 1998 and May of 1999 transformed my life in ways that are still unfolding to this day.

At that time in my life, everything I identified with revolved around my physical abilities:

  • Judo
  • Sports
  • Weightlifting
  • Running
  • Biking
  • Working

When I couldn’t do those things without worrying my knee was going to dislocate it caused me to pause and reevaluate everything about my life…

  • My job
  • Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Where I lived
  • My career
  • My interests

I’ll go in more depth in Medical Sovereignty as Related to Knee Pain (pt 2)

Finally, if you have your own experiences regarding knee pain or just pain in general. Feel free to share below in the comments section.

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