Life after ACL Surgery

Is there life after ACL Reconstruction? Most people give up after 1 knee surgery. I came across this video again buried under raving client feedback I thought you’d like to see.

His career spanned over 20 years coaching professional athletes with the Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos and L.A. Kings. He works with highly motivated individuals who choose to perform at the peak of their game.

He also had 5 knee surgeries including 1 ACL reconstruction (Just like me! 🙂

Tim and I spent a couple of hours working together and this is what he had to say…

For more information on Coach Tim Adams see:

Odds are though you’re on this site because your knees hurt and you may or may not have an ACL reconstruction surgery.  No matter! ACL Reconstruction is no joke and fully recovering from both the injury that tore the ACL and the trauma from the surgery (No matter how well it went) is NOT impossible.

Fully recovering from an ACL reconstruction takes a 3 step approach:

1.) Get the pressure off of the nerves causing the irritation in the knee sending a signal in your brain that you have knee pain.

2.) Setup the conditions in your body so it has the resources it needs to heal your knee through proper nutrition, hydration and supplementation directed towards reducing inflammation in your body.

3.) Getting out of knee pain is NOT linear. Sometimes knee pain, especially after an ACL reconstruction will make us do things we wouldn’t normally do causing the body to “back slide” and making it longer for the body to heal the knee. The proper mindset is key to keep the conditions right so when the body comes out of a place of pain it will have even more momentum and the relief will be significant and faster.

There is life after an ACL reconstruction, you just need to know the right steps to take to achieve your goal of being completely pain free living the life you want.


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Candice Sanders

I am trying it all! Thank you for all of the tips!!!

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