Knee Pain Facebook: Knee Surgery, & Tibial Plateau Fracture #KneeClub

Knee Pain Facebook: Knee Surgery, & Tibial Plateau Fracture.

These were the knee pain facebook questions submitted over the past several days on knee surgery, tibial plateau fracture as well as other topics on mindset and giving feedback to be wildly successful at eliminating knee pain…

Here are the questions answered today:

Camille Cazedessus

My daughter sent me to you. My R. n=knee burns like hot ice during most nights, and when I walk round too much. I walk very slowly, left knee is much stronger. Non steroid injections in both knees worked good for L knee but not R. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Bonnie Pettinga

Good Morning:) Aug 22 I non displaced fractured my Tibia Plateau with subsequent patella fracture October 2020 My Ortho Dr. said everything looks great in the way of healing … I’m in P.T. 3 times per week The manual bending pulling and pushing is excruciating pain!! My range of motion is 75 degree My p.t. States the scar tissue must be broke up to gain full range I’m being treated by P.T. And Ortho for a Non displaced Tibial Plateau with subsequent Patella fracture…. I have 75 and need to be at 90 range at this point my P.T. Day’s

Divine Lyles

Hello. I’ve had surgery 3 times on my left knee. Pretty much all meniscus related . The last surgery was to remove a floating particle within the knee. Several years later I am now experiencing an object floating in the knee and it locks the knee up if it floats within the joints. Please help

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