Coach Tim Adams After ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Can you imagine 27 years after having ACL reconstruction surgery still having knee pain?

Can you imagine having 5 knee surgeries to correct the pain in your knee and still having knee pain?

Sadly this is the more often the norm rather than the exception. The good news is this doesn’t have to be the case. You can have your life back and full mobility of your knee without ever having to think about your knee again. ACL reconstruction doesn’t have to lead you down the road ending in a knee replacement surgery.

The great news is that once your body is out of pain then it’s just a matter of reprogramming your nervous system to fire in the right order. Your body will know what to do, your body knows how to heal if given the chance to do so.

Coach Tim Adams and I spent a few hours on the field learning what we are both best in the world at. Me being the best in the world at eliminating chronic knee pain. Coach Tim being the best in the world at training elite professional athletes (Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Kings.)

If you want these kinds of results from the very same program that has  proven to work for professional athletes and coaches around the world. Then click on this link to setup a time to speak with The Knee Pain Guru.

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