Burning Pain on the Sides of the Knee

If you have experienced a burning on the left or right side of your knee, you know that this type of pain is excruciating. Many have compared it to sticking a dagger into the knee joint.

What is generally going on in this situation is that your knee joint is pushing down on your meniscus, which is the knee’s shock absorber, and forcing it to squeeze out the sides of the knee. Just like if you were to put bubble gum between two bricks and press down, it can ooze out the sides. If there is excess tension in your knee, the meniscus will start to do the same thing and squeeze out the sides of your knee joint, causing the intense pain to emerge.

Many times this can cause the knee to feel unstable because that shock absorber that guided and cushioned the knee’s movements is dislocated. Fortunately for you, there is a pain free solution to this burning pain.

The first thing you need to do if you have this type of knee pain is to relax. If your knee is in a comfortable position and the tension is removed, the nerves in your knee will relax as well. The key here is to create space in your knee joint so that the meniscus can go back into its normal position. Once this happens, the relief is immediate.

I have had clients with the same burning pain and after I helped them create space in the knee and relax the joint, the pain was gone very quickly. One important ingredient in this method is to drink a lot of water. If you are properly hydrated, the knee will become lubricated, making it easier on the joint as well as the meniscus.

The stretches you need for this condition are presented in my group coaching program called “Knee Club”. For info on that click here: Join Knee Club

Leave me some feedback and comments here on the page. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Steve Johnson

Well i recognize the meniscus pain but.tonite when i had my bath the left inner on the right knee felt like it was hotter than the right. I assumed it was the hot water but now im out of the bath the knee pain has subsided by the flesh feels like it is burning hot and tingly.. the left leg is fine . The leg doesnt feel hotter to the touch however and no discoloration or swelling is present


I would like to know why my knee still burns and hurts after knee arthroscopy with lateral release. Pain got worse after I had second surgery to clean out infection called knee arthrotomy. All I know when I do a lot of activity or go for long walks it really hurts and burns. Even kneeling causes me pain also. I been wearing knee brace and using ice. X-rays were taken beginning of the year and they said I was fine. I tend to hear lot of loud popping coming from it when walking or exercising not Sometimes I get pain… Read more »



Does anyone know how to treat a partial tear of the femoral collateral ligament? I was told i should not need surgery – but i have intense burning sensation around that area… which comes and goes

precious Davis

Hello Bill
I am having pain in my left knee and it is a kind of hot when i touch the left side of the knee please what should do and what is happening and when i am walking i feel pain in the knee as if it wants to pull off

precious Davis

hello bill
i went to see a doctor over here he only get me some drugs and he said it is an infection the pain stop but it start again


Have Burning pain on inside of left knee which I had scoped back in 2011. Have been recovering from foot surgery on right side for a year. During this time I believe I have put more pressure on my left knee to compensate. Knee started to have slight burning at night when sleeping but has increased now where it is very uncomfortable. Back and forth motion doesn’t bother me but any twist in knee hurts bad. Went to doctor and they took x-Rays. Said I have moderate arthritis in knee on left side. Doing Physical therapy but hasn’t provided much… Read more »


What do you suggest as alternative steps?


fell yesterday from bike and now i cant move my knee. So what to do now? I have taken the pain killer already


fell yesterday from bike and now i cant move my knee. So what to do now?


Hi Bill, I am not sure if you still check this post, but if you do, I would appreciate your help. I am a 24 year old female and suffered with knee pain for as long as I can remember. My left knee in particular. After countless doctor and hospital appointments they came to the conclusion that my knee pain was caused by an inflamed fat pad. I have have three cortisone injections in the last two years, and up until yesterday haven’t experienced knee pain for a while. However, yesterday I must have done something to tweet it and… Read more »

Jeff Glaser

Hi Bill,
I am a 57 year old male that has had double knee replacement. I still have a burning sensation behind my knee cap and along the sides of my knees. Its worse when the weather changes. I’m on pain management drugs, but would like to get off. Is there any hope? My last knee replacement was about 18 months ago.


Hi, I’ve had burning pain in the sides of my right knee for over a year…..a snapping/popping painful sensation when lying on my side in the evening taking my leg from bent to straight or visa versa. I also have pain behind my knee cap, front of the knee and the bottom….together with aching shin and burning/aching ankle. I’ve had 2 MRI which have shown nothing and an MRI on the back….also showing nothing. I’ve had physio but I’m no further forward. I’m 43yrs, healthy, good weight, active…..however, some days I can barely walk. Any advice would be very much… Read more »


Fell yesterday my knee is really swollen and hurts. When I bend it past a certain point if burns and feels like it’s ripping


I have not gone to the doctors yet was hoping you could give me somewhat of an idea of what’s going on


Can’t bend past 90 degrees should I be nervous


He said it’s nothing got X-rays told me to keep iceing. Should I refrain from sports


The x rays showed nothing but it’s been a week and it still hurts and is a little swollen and bruised

Ed Rudolph

Do you know what the problem is or not? If you know, tell me. If you don’t know stop sending me these e mails.


I too have burning pain in my left side of my left knee which only hurts when I kneel on it and only on the side. What do you think its from? It goes away immediately after I stop kneeling on it. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Bill have not gone to the doctors yet. Was thinking if I should go or not but would you suggest I go? must admit I am rather nervous to go. Thanks so much.


Hi Bill,
I made an appointment for the Monday after Thanksgiving at the Rothman Institute. I have used them before and they are wonderful. I will get back to you as soon as I get the diagnosis and will go from their. Thank’s again for all your time and help.

Ed Rudolph

Burning pain on upper outer side of knee is there only when I kneel. What can / should I do to improve this situation?

ed rudolph

OK, I’m sure that’s true, but you did’nt tell me what’s going on with my knee.

Suzanne Jolma

I have burning on the outside of my knee, just slightly to the low side. Only when I put weight, as in kneel or something solid bumps it. Can’t make it hurt by touching or pressing it myself. The pain is sharp and burning. Goes away in about a minute. Rubbing feels good.


The doctor has no idea. It happened several years ago and X-ray showed nothing. I used a topical ibuprofen right on the knee. Eventually it went away but not this time. I am going to try your relaxing stretches. and will let you know.


Hello, I am 14 years old and yesterday I was experiencing a strong burning pain in the inner side of my right knee. I am currently playing on the high school football team and was wondering if I tore my knee, or just affected the nerves.


while sleep no problem, stand, walk for few minutes knee bottom and inner side of both knees are
burning sensation and light pain….age 63… I had undergone l4,l5 spinal surgeory in 1988..pl help suitable medicine etc.

Chris demicco

I am a 33 year old male 135lbs 5’5 with no major health of knee issues to date. About 6 weeks ago when I squat real low and put all my weight on my knees, the lower lateral femur area and right side of my patella on only my right knee will suddenly generate a sudden burn type pain that is so intense I have to stumble away and walk it off immediately. doesn’t last more than 3 or 4 mins, and this is the only way I can get this pain to trigger. I’ve had no injuries, and other… Read more »


My knee doesn’t hurt but the left side of my knee is numb & every now & thn I get a burning sensation, it has some swelling & it feels like I have fluid. Can you tell me what it cld be. Thank you .


Did you ever find out what this was? I’m going thru the sane thing right now.

Michele Lynham

Please remove my email address
from future newsletters. I tried several
times to unsubscribe to no avail.
Thank you

Knee Pain Support Team

Hi there Michelle,

Thank you for your message and I’m sorry to hear that your having trouble unsubscribing from the newsletters. I have unsubscribed you successfully from further email activity. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.

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Hi Bill, I bought your Comfort Zone Book which is excellent. It has prompted me to see an ortho surgeon. I just had an MRI. I will probably need surgery on my right knee. I’ll know more at my next appt. In the meantime, my right ankle has begun burning. I know how to release the tension on my knees from your book. Any suggestions for the ankle? Thanks!


Hi Bill:
as you have explained about burning sensation , my problem is I do get in the in the side below the the knee. Also my swelling on right does not go away. when I sleep I am ok but as soon as I walk the swelling comes back and I have difficult time in walking. doctor told me it is inflamtion from arithrites and to take pain killers, that does not help. Can you Pls advice.

Beth goike

Bill, I have previously emailed you but as of yet have not received an answer. I had meniscus surgery last October and been in increasing pain since then. I got your stretches and talked to you regarding this. I changed my diet and added lots of water also. Pain was increasing so I went to the doctor and have been diagnosed with a vascular necrosis medial femoral clondyle. I am on crutches (no weight bearing) for six weeks and then needing to have surgery to get rid of dead bone and partial knee replacement. Do you know of anything else… Read more »


Hi Bill,
Any suggestions after having torn meniscus cut out Is big time arthritis the next step?

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