You Might Get a Kick out of This

You Might Get a Kick out of This!

Invariably when I speak to someone suffering with knee they tell me…

“I’m a very active person and I’ve tried ‘EVERYTHING’ to get out of pain.”

That is their first problem!

The key to getting out of knee pain is NOT how hard they work or how much they push themselves.

The solution lies in their ability to work hard learning how to rest and train their body to recover AFTER they work hard.

You see you ONLY have to put in a fraction of the effort to actually get out of pain…

Then you stop and wait until your body heals your knee…

…and you repeat this over and over until you get up one day and your knees no longer hurt.

“Getting out of knee pain is much easier than you could ever imagine and more difficult in ways that you’ve never thought of.”
~ Bill Parravano

It’s pretty simple…


…you can do this!

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