My All-Natural Get Moving Again Program
Guarantees You Will Be Able To Once Again Jog,
Play Golf, Exercise, Go Up And Down Stairs,

All It Takes Is 10 Minutes a Day. You'll Experience an Amazing Breakthrough in Weeks – ALL FOR LESS THAN WHAT YOU WOULD NORMALLY PAY FOR ONE DOCTOR VISIT!

When I started this program I said I wanted to play golf as many times a week as I wanted and play ball with my grandchildren. NOW I CAN!


Dear friend, Achy Knees, If you want to be able to kneel down, walk, go up and down stairs, and walk the aisles at the grocery store, jog, or run, and do it without knee pain, then this will be the most important letter you’ll read all year. Here’s why…

knee painIt doesn’t matter if you have injured your knee or had it operated on, the reason for the pain is the same. Clearly, you are interested in eliminating your knee pain or you wouldn’t be reading this.

As you know, talk to anyone in the medical industry about your knee pain and they will instantly ask you what drugs you are taking or what anti-inflammatories you have tried. They talk about pain management. They expect you to have pain. They don’t know how to get you out of pain – except to prescribe more medication. Later, I will share with you the secret about the source of your knee pain.

All medications have some side effects, as you know, some have more than others. On top of that, they can be very costly. The cost of all that medication adds up over time and does untold damage to your body.

Imagine for a minute getting up and going to the kitchen in the morning without having to take your pain medication first.

You can’t blame the doctors or the physiotherapist! Knee pain is not the problem they solve. The doctors fix, repair, or rebuild knees. The physiotherapist’s job is to make sure you have the proper range of motion after the surgery. Neither one’s job is to eliminate your ongoing the pain. They just manage it – and you – with drugs.

As you sit reading this, I know you’re thinking “there has to be a better and more natural way to get out of pain.” Good news! There is – and it only takes a few minutes a day.

Discover Why You Experience Knee Pain

When you experience an injury, accident, trauma, or surgery, your body naturally tenses to protect itself. This is a normal and natural reaction to protect the body from being further injured. The body takes on this protective pattern following the initial injury “squeezing” the body and reducing the space between the joints, and irritating the nerves. This is the source of your knee pain.

Have you ever experienced a pinched nerve? How does it feel? The pain in your knee is just like that. The tension reduces space, puts pressure on the nerves, in effect, pinching it and creating pain. This pain causes the body to tense further. The tension created begins to lock in the protective pattern mode. The pattern reduces space…and around and around we go. I call this process “The Tension-Pain Loop”, shown in the diagram below.

knee pain tension loop

After reading this, you now realize the need to eliminate the tension in your knees to reduce the pressure on the nerves to get you out of pain.

The Secret To Eliminating Your Knee Pain

To reduce or eliminate your knee pain you need to break “The Pain-Tension Loop”

Step 1: Perform a “Pain Pattern Interrupt”

Over the past 18 years, I’ve developed a series of very simple stretches specifically designed to create a “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” for the knees. Have you seen people stretching in the gym or in yoga? Well, these passive stretches are NOTHING like that!

Those stretches you’re most familiar with are athletic stretches. Those are great for your body and they serve a very different purpose.

The first stage in my process for eliminating knee pain involves using passive stretches to create “Pain Pattern Interrupts.” When you do these activities you will begin to experience immediate relief. Your pain will be dramatically reduced and may even be eliminated.

Pain Pattern Interrupt

The really cool thing about these stretches is that, unlike athletic stretches you see being done at the gym or in yoga, you can do these virtually anywhere.

This will not create permanent relief though.

Step 2: Create Space

In order to get permanent relief, we need to setup the conditions in the body to support the “Pain-Pattern Interrupts.”

Remember the pinched nerve concept? As long as there is limited space in the knee, the pain will return.

The second half of the program will teach you activities to keep that momentum going so the “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” are more efficient and more effective. It takes about 10 minutes, twice daily to perform these activities. The combination of the “Pain Pattern Interrupts” and creating the environment for your body to heal your knee will eliminate the knee pain.

Once you have learned how to reduce the pain and get relief, you will want to make your recovery permanent.

Step 3: Strengthen The Knee

Strengthening is key because it helps your body defend against future injury. However, you need to get out of pain first!

Otherwise you are feeding “The Tension Pain-Tension Loop.”

If you solve the pain issue first it makes strengthening the body (working out, exercising) much easier and more enjoyable.

Why Strengthening By Itself Is Not The Answer

(and may be making your knees worse!)

If you strengthen the legs first, there’s a good chance you’re actually making your knee worse. Strengthening muscles makes them shorter. When a muscle shortens guess what happens? You got it – less space between the joints. Less space = more pain.

Dysfunctional Tension Pattern

The body is already compensating for the knee pain it feels every time you take a step – essentially displaying a dysfunctional tension pattern.


The body is already not feeling safe and compensating for the pain. It’s doing a “work around” so it doesn’t have to feel the pain.


Strengthening the legs at this point reinforces the “work around” making a stronger crooked structure. The body isn’t designed to be crooked.

Stronger Pain-Tension Loop

The body is already stuck in a pain tension loop and now we just make that pain-tension loop stronger causing the joint to get further out of alignment to avoid the pain. This creates more tension and less space in the knee joint.

Tension = Squeezing

The more tension the knee joint has, the tighter it’s squeezing. This squeezing dehydrates the joint, keeping it stuck in the pain-tension loop.

Dehydrated Joint

A dehydrated joint doesn’t have enough lubrication to allow for the meniscus and the cartilage to glide easily enough and to NOT wear.

Wear and Tear

The wearing causes more pain, further dehydration, and accelerates the degeneration of the joint.

Result = Pain

Going to the doctor will most likely lead to a diagnosis of “arthritis” or osteoarthritis.

This does not mean strengthening isn’t important, it is, but at the right time and in the right order.

What if you could be rid of knee pain for 41 cents a day?

(Less than the cost of a Starbucks each week)

This program costs less than one visit to a specialist (Doctor or Physical Therapist). Even if you have insurance coverage, there still is the deductible, time to drive to their office, time off work, parking, and all of the hassle. This program is done from the comfort of your home.

Can I get the same thing covered by my insurance?
Wouldn’t that be much easier and cheaper for me?

Let me ask you this, does the government or do the insurance companies really have your best interest at heart? If you believe that, then do what they tell you to do. Remember, you still have deductibles…and don’t think for a minute that the doctor will not recommend additional procedures and other costs that are not covered. It does not take long to run up $149 in extra costs.

You can wait and see, but here is the thing – the longer your body is in pain now, the harder it will be to get out of pain when you’re older. That is a fact!

The “Pain-Tension Loop” gradually increases the pain in your knees over time. The sooner you start interrupting that pattern, the quicker you will be out of pain.

And frankly, as we get older, pain increases. Remember, if this does not work for you, your money back guarantee is still there.

What if I am already working with…

This program can be used in conjunction with any standard knee treatment program (e.g., exercise or physiotherapy protocol), as this program is focused on relieving your pain.

Strengthening of the surrounding muscles in the leg and the pain in the knee are not related, they are two different issues. If you solve the pain issue first, it makes strengthening the body (working out, exercising) much easier and more enjoyable. If you go strength first, you can actually create more pain in the knee joint, because you may increase the imbalance that already exists.

Will this work if my knees are really bad?

You’re probably hearing from all the “professionals” is that all they can do for you is more surgery or fill you up with drugs to make the pain go away. But inside you know these can’t be the only options. I am here to tell you, you’re right.

The knee maybe too far gone. If you really and truly believed that you would not be looking for a solution. The fact you are looking for a solution tells me that you want to get out of pain. The problem is that shots, drugs, and surgery are scary, risky, and have no guarantees. This program is low risk and offers you a guarantee.

My past 18 years of experience has shown that your body defaults to healing. That’s all the body is designed and wants to do. If it’s NOT healing then there’s something preventing/blocking it from doing so. All that needs to be done is remove those “blocks” and present the body with the correct conditions to heal. It will in-fact repair itself and there’s no such thing as too far gone.

I have helped people diagnosed with bone-on-bone that are “perfect candidates” for knee replacement surgery and have been told by their Doctor, “Let me know when you can’t stand the pain anymore and we’ll get your knees done.” Unfortunately, the strategy between now and then is just pain management. Even these people can be helped with this program. Because creating space where very little exists will reduce the pain in even this situation.

This won’t work for me,
I am special, unique, one of a kind…

You may be right. Your situation may be completely unique. You have a few options: you can continue to look for a solution that fits your very unique solution, you can give this program a try (remember, if it does not work I will give you your money back), or you can call me for a one-on-one consultation.

“Manage the pain” – is the term the other guys use, which means you will be in pain. They plan on you having pain for a while and managing it with medication. I recommend that you look up the long term side effects of pain medication. Remember, if “manage the pain” is the strategy you choose, you are going to be on these meds for years to come.

Some of what you will get…

The Get Moving Again Program is the only program in the world specifically designed to create relief from knee pain without any form of medication.

The Get Moving Again Program consists of a series of video exercise instructions that teach you how to perform the activities necessary to eliminate the pain from your knees, as well as hips, and the lower back. The back and the hips often play a huge role in contributing to knee pain.

8 Pain Pattern Interrupt Videos

These 8 specifically designed instructional videos create “Pain Pattern Interrupts” – rewiring your brain, body and knees to avoid pain and seek comfort. Repeating these activities 10 minutes a day for 30 days will break down your body’s current “Pain-Tension Loop” pattern and restore your knees to a pain free state.

  • Five Videos target your knees – After 18 years of working with thousands of clients all around the world, Bill has distilled his larger program down to five essential corrective activities that dramatically reduce knee pain in thirty days or less.
  • A video for your hips – Everybody’s body compensates. When your body is trying to protect your knees, your hips are affected and take on excess tension. This protection results in strain rebounding right back into your knees.
  • One for your lower back – People with knee pain tend to spend too much time sitting. That, combined with their hips compensating, creates lower back issues. This video will help relax the tension in the lower back and combat this particular side effect of your knee pain.
  • One for breathing – Pain interrupts the body’s natural breathing rhythm, causing you to hold your breath. Decreasing the oxygen levels in the body, and creating additional tension throughout the body further fueling “The Pain-Tension Loop”. This makes the body lock into that protective mode and increases knee pain. Learning how to maintain normal breathing rhythm and eliminate this additional tension will dramatically reduce the pain you feel.

These pain eliminating activities take approximately 10 minutes twice a day to complete and very little time to master. It is easy for anyone of any age to master these activities. If you can to lift and support a nickel with just one finger you’re strong enough to perform any of these “Pain Pattern Interrupts.”

“One of the biggest ‘light bulbs’ in working with Bill’s method was to find out there are things I can do to help myself and just knowing that has changed the way I think and feel about my knees.

Now my knees are much less swollen and most days I have no pain at all. Generally, I don’t feel frightened at all about my knees anymore. I had been badly frightened by therapists in the past and this had left me hesitant to try new things.

I really found the concept of creating comfort in my body to help heal my knees very beneficial and was very impressed by it.”


Included Audio Programs

These are the common pitfalls and roadblocks those starting this program run into. These audios cover each commonly asked question I’ve run into over the past 18 years and clarify those parts of the program that either slow down or halt progress in the program. The answers to these questions are designed to bring clarity and confidence that no matter what challenges are presented with your knees you will have success with the program.

Directions – Game plan – The routine – Hips and Back 10 minutes before you get out of bed, then ten minutes in the morning, afternoon, evening, or when you get into bed. Rinse, repeat. Simple and easy daily program.

FAQ & Normal Challenges – things that come up once you start using the program

This program is not for everybody. We only recommend this program to people that have had their knees medically diagnosed. If you don’t know what is wrong with your knees, go see a doctor. Remember doctors fix knees – I eliminate knee pain. So if you have knee pain or are looking to recover from a tear, then this is the right program for you.

It’s always good to make sure you know what you’re dealing with to start out…

The Knee Pain Guru

My name is Bill Parravano,
and I have spent the past 18 years studying knee pain.

After suffering a series of debilitating knee injuries (4 knee dislocations) I finally decided it was time for me to go to the doctor to get my knee looked at. One month later (June 1999) I had reconstructive surgery on the ligament in my left knee and 2 pieces of meniscus removed. After months of physical therapy and my legs equally strong I realized my journey to my legs feeling “normal” again had just begun!


There wasn’t anything further the conventional medical model had to offer me that didn’t involve prescription drugs or painkilling shots. Exploratory surgery was NOT an option for me. This experience led me down a rabbit hole of traveling around the world searching, learning, and discovering natural solutions for the nagging pain, tension, and discomfort in my knees.

The more I learned, the more I discovered a huge gap NOT addressed by the conventional medical model that left other people just like me suffering needlessly with knee pain. Having the knee “fixed” did not equate to being out of pain.

I realized my doctor did exactly what he promised: he fixed the torn ligament and cleaned up my shredded meniscus. The part I hadn’t considered was the pain I still felt in the knee after surgery.

My brain said, “when my ligament is fixed I will be out of pain.” All of my concept of pain was associated with the ligament. But the knee was still swollen, painful and my body felt awkward. I still feared any twisting movement, because I was scared that the knee would pop out of place again, and I would end up on the floor in agony all over again. I was “alright” if I just walked forward but moving like I did before my initial injury seemed like a faded dream.

What I saw in my future was knee replacement surgery. The more research and studying I did, the more horrified I became. Based on trends for knee pain, this was the beginning of the end for me. Almost all knees ending up with knee replacements started with an initial knee injury leaving the knee in pain.

If this pain was left unchecked, it was leading my body down a path that included degenerative changes/early onset arthritis and ending up being a perfect candidate for a knee replacement surgery when I was “old enough.” This was NOT how I wanted my life to look. I love being physically active and engaged in life. I couldn’t imagine living a “twilight” of a life without fully accessing my body’s potential restricted by my left knee. I ended up finding a better way. Now I want to share those discoveries with you.

KNEE Replacement – If you think cutting your bones off, pounding in two stainless steal pieces, and putting it all back together again with staples is not going to be painful, you’re dreaming. You will go from one knee to the next (if you don’t do both at once, which no one does because it is too much trauma for you to do at once). Ask your doctor he will say 1-2 years give or take.

The more I studied the real information on surgery, the more I wanted to find an alternative. At the time, I figured if I could not find an alternative, surgery was still an option. What I learned will surprise you.

The secret to getting out of knee pain has nothing to do with drugs, shots or surgery.

The solution for the vast majority of people is a combination of addressing the physical exercise, diet, and mindset.

I am so convinced that this will work for you that I’m offerings a 100% money back guarantee. What have you got to lose other than your knee pain? If this program does not work for you, you can return to the drugs, shots and surgery. If it works, you get your life back.

What price would you put on being free from knee pain?

$1,000… $2000… (believe it or not, this is what most people spend on massage, pain medication, and other things that don’t work)

If you wanted to learn this from me in person, you would have to pay me $7,500 – and trust me when I say professional athletes and other people that need to be pain free quickly pay me that much for a single day of my time.

Would you believe it if I told you The Get Moving Again Program won’t even cost you $500? Your investment in your knees – and your life – is only…




One of the common questions I get, “Is your program covered by insurance?

No, that’s why I’ve made the price so low.

You’ve probably already spent more than $149 on less than two trips to any professional that is supposed to help you with your knees even if you have insurance.

Speed-Up Your Results

But, that’s not all. I am going to include for you these two great bonuses that, when used along with my program, speed up your results:

Bonus #1 The Mind Set Reboot

A behavior modification exercise to remove mental tension and frustration from your mind associated with your knee pain. Specifically for removing the mental blocks and baggage that is keeping you locked in your sedentary lifestyle, so that you look forward to getting up and moving again.

Bonus #2 Ultimate Supplement List

You will also get The Knee Pain Guru Doctor Recommended Knee Pain Supplement List. Supplements are important for reducing inflammation and reducing pain. Not all supplements are created equal and not all help knees.

“I would do whatever I could to avoid knee replacement surgery so I decided to give your program a shot, I had nothing to lose.  I can’t say I don’t occasionally have pain when I over-do it but mostly I’m pain free.  I’m walking my dogs everyday, I’m riding my bike and I’m going up and down stairs.  I believe your program has helped me tremendously.  I don’t see a knee surgery in my future.”

Susan Reed (68)

Do you want to be free from your knee pain?

P.S. Wouldn’t you happily pay just .41 cents per day for a year to be free from pain?

P.P.S. Here are answers to the latest questions I’ve been getting:

A: You have to be honest with yourself as to whether or not what you’re doing is really helping your knee. Where do you want to allocate your time, money and energy? If you aren’t addressing the pressure on the nerves in the knee, it’s like trying to heal your finger without pulling out a splinter. The moment you pull that tiny little splinter out of your finger, you experience relief and now your finger has a chance to heal. You’ll still feel a little pain but your recovery is going to be so much faster. The same thing holds true when you’re trying to heal your knee pain without getting the pressure off of the nerves going to another doctor or practitioner. You may get some relief but it will come back because you haven’t addressed the underlying issue of the pressure on the nerves. Throwing good money after bad is not going to get you any closer to eliminating your knee pain as well as not having any money to pay for a program guaranteed to deliver you the results you want.

A: Actually the doctor has already looked at your knee and that’s all the looking that we need. As long as nothing is broken or torn then we are good to go. The work is up to you to feel how to work with the intrinsic movement in your knee joint to get the pressure off of the nerves (Pain-Pattern Interrupts). I could be there to do it for you however it will cost you a shit load of money and ultimately you’ll need to still learn how to feel how to get the pressure off of the nerves in your knee to get yourself out of pain. There is no way out, only a way through. This program is there to guide you along the way but nobody can do it for you. I’ve done the hard part, the traveling, the study, the expense and now you can reap the rewards of the past 18 years of my life…

A: To this point you’ve been relying on “professionals” to tell you what is best for your body giving you a template that is either numbing the pain or standard template that may or may not result in reduced pain in your knees. The “proof is in the pudding” when you get the pressure off of the nerves in the knee by creating a pain pattern interrupt the relief will be pretty immediate. The same is true when you remove a splinter from your finger. The finger may still be a little sore however you get a sense now that the finger is going to be able to heal as the irritation has been removed.

A: No, an x-ray, CT Scan or MRI and even a diagnosis is a “picture from the past” In order to get results today we need to know what you are doing that is causing pain today and create a Pain-Pattern Interrupt so your body can get out of the pain it is feeling today.

A: No as long as you’re going slowly and not causing pain, then you’re following the program correctly and the worst case scenario is nothing will change.